Top 10 SEO Tips

Off lately, there are many changes that took place in the world of technology. Likewise, a lot changed in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but fundamental principles remained constant. Example, targeting keywords with individual intent of enhancing organic rankings is no longer with search engines. However, keywords are essential.

It has become unfeasible to decide on which one to stick and ignore with so many SEO techniques. Both B2B and B2C marketers are inclined to generate more leads and increase the chance of conversion. However, a few questions still hang around the marketers, such as:

  1. Is building link outdated?
  2. Should one invest more time to On-page SEO?
  3. How to write a title tag to drive page rankings with search engines?
  4. How SEO and Social Media are connected?

Lead to Customer Conversion Rate

Well, here are Top 10 techniques that help to drive organic traffic to your website/blog and improve search rankings:

  1. Remove that keeps your site down
  2. Link to the blogs
  3. Write for readers, not for Search Engines
  4. Encourage backlinks to your site
  5. Keep an eye on web analytics
  6. Avoid same Meta descriptions
  7. Use readable URLs
  8. Connect with social media
  9. Right usage of keywords in images
  10. Publish unique and quality content to improve rankings

1. Remove that keeps your site down

site down

Page load speed is a critical factor for both to users and search engines. In general, potential buyers consider a slow site as an unworthy site. Make sure to maintain a good website speed, to generate targeted leads and increase revenue through SEO. This helps in creating more aware opportunities in terms of business.

Keep all the non-essential elements, like deactivate the WordPress plugins when not in use. Also, make sure to declutter the sidebar to improve the site load speed.

Page speed is a critical factor in SEO.

3. Write for readers, not for Search Engines


Do not follow old SEO method to drive search results. Make sure to create engaging and valuable content.

5. Keep an eye on web analytics

web analytics

After defining the SEO strategies to achieve desirable goals, track the activities that needs improvement. There are tools like, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other third party tools can help to track the activities.

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6. Avoid same meta descriptions

meta descriptions

Make sure you do not repeat the mistake of writing irrelevant Meta descriptions for all pages. The important part of SEO is often neglected and Meta descriptions are the first thing Google serves up the page to search users.

7. Use readable URLs

Use readable URLs

If you share the URLs that are not readable, then search engines might get confused in page ranking. You can use long URLs, which is easy to understand for both users and search engines. Try not to use the URLs that have numbers and characters.

learn more

8. Connect with social media

social media

Social media is hard to ignore for SEO strategy and search signal are significant. It’s true that Google has not included social media into the ranking algorithm factor, but it helps to catch rankings.

9. Right usage of keywords in images

keywords in images

Images are extremely important in search engine optimization and Google has dedicated one section to its search results to images.

10. Publish unique and quality content to improve rankings

quality content

Creating content is a major challenge for a majority of marketers. Research on the topics you need to focus, then writing comes automatically.

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