Shades of Pink : 129 Pink Colors With Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK Codes

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Shades of Pink Color

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Pink Colors

Shades of pink

Pink Color Hex Code #ffc0cb

Pink Hex Code

ColorColor NameHex(RGB)
Bright Pink#FC0FC0(252, 15, 192)
Ruby#E0115F(224, 17, 95)
Ultra Pink#FF6FFF(255, 111, 255)
Thulian#DE6FA1(222, 111, 161)
Magenta#FF0090(255, 0, 144)
Rose Pink#FF66CC(255, 102, 204)
Lavender#FBAED2(251, 174, 210)
Creamy Pink#FF69B4(255, 105, 180)
Fuchsia#FF00FF(255, 0, 255)
French Rose#F64A8A(246, 74, 138)
Cerise#DE3163(222, 49, 99)
Carnation#FFA6C9(255, 166, 201)
Brick#FB607F(251, 96, 127)
Amaranth#F19CBB(241, 156, 187)
Taffy#F987C5(249, 135, 197)
Bubble Gum#FE5BAC(254, 91, 172)
Hot Pink#F81894(248, 24, 148)
Punch#EC5578(236, 85, 120)
Lemonade#FDB9C8(253, 185, 200)
Flamingo#FCA3B7(252, 163, 183)

#ffc0cb Color Information


Pink Color Conversion

Hexadecimal color #ffc0cb, RGB R:255, G:192, B:203 and CMYK values of C:0, M:0.25, Y:0.2, K:0.

Hex tripletffc0cb#ffc0cb
RGB Decimal255, 192, 203rgb(255,192,203)
RGB Percent100, 75.3, 79.6rgb(100%,75.3%,79.6%)
CMYK0, 25, 20, 0
HSL349.5°, 100, 87.6hsl(349.5,100%,87.6%)
HSV (or HSB)349.5°, 24.7, 100
Web Safeffcccc#ffcccc
CIE-LAB83.586, 24.142, 3.318
XYZ70.868, 63.274, 64.977
xyY0.356, 0.318, 63.274
CIE-LCH83.586, 24.369, 7.826
CIE-LUV83.586, 38.564, 0.429
Hunter-Lab79.545, 19.827, 7.25
Binary11111111, 11000000, 11001011

pink shades colour

Pink Alternatives Colors
#ffc0db | #ffc0d6 | #ffc0d0 | #ffc0cb | #ffc0c6 | #ffc0c1 | #ffc5c0

How does color affect

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Watermelon is a warm, medium to dark pink color that accurately reflects the inside of a watermelon. This color is also known as red at times.

Watermelon Color Code

Hex #FC6C85
RGB 252, 108, 133
CMYK 0, 57, 47, 1


Coral is a warm, medium pink color that is similar to the color of some sea corals. The term is thought to have been coined in the 1500s to describe a shade of pink.

Coral Color Code

Hex #F88379
RGB 248, 131, 121
CMYK 0, 47, 51, 3


Flamingo is light to medium pink with a slightly cooler tone than salmon. This color is similar to the feathers of a flamingo.

Flamingo Color Code

RGB 252, 142, 172
CMYK 0, 44, 32, 1

Pink Pastel

Pastel pink is a very pale, cool pink frequently referred to as a “Festive color.” It has a lighter tone than light pink and baby pink.

Pastel Pink

 Hex #FFD1DC
RGB 255, 209, 220
CMYK 0, 18, 14, 0


Salmon is a light to medium pink color that resembles the flesh of a wild salmon. This pink is slightly warmer than flamingo but slightly cooler than coral.

Salmon Color Code

Hex #FF9999
RGB 255, 153, 153
CMYK 0, 40, 40, 0

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is a light pink color that resembles cherry tree blossoms. Cherry blossom is closely related to light, baby, and pastel pinks.

Cherry Blossom Color Code

Hex #FFB7C5
RGB 255, 183, 197
CMYK 0, 28, 23, 0

Light Pink

Light pink’s hex codes create a gentle, understated elegance wherever it appears.

Light Pink Color Code

Hex #FFB6C1
RGB 255, 182, 193
CMYK 0, 29, 24, 0

Baby Pink

Baby pink is a light pink tint that falls between pastel and light pink. Baby pink has historically been considered the hue most suited for little girls.

Baby Pink Color Code

Hex #F4C2C2
RGB 244, 194, 194
CMYK 0, 20, 20, 4


Bubblegum is a light pink hue, similar to conventional bubblegum. Bubblegum has a deeper, colder tone than baby pink.

Bubblegum Color Code

RGB 255, 193, 204
CMYK 0, 24, 20, 0

Bright Pink

Bright pink, a vibrant hue radiating energy.

Bright Pink Color Code

Hex #FF007F
RGB 255, 0, 127
CMYK 0, 100, 50, 0

Dark Pink Color

Dark pink is a medium to dark pink color. Dark pink, warm overtones, and chilly undertones may complement other hues in both domains.

Dark Pink Color Code

Hex #E75480
RGB 231, 84, 128
CMYK 0, 64, 45, 9

Neon Pink

Neon pink is a dark, reddish pink that mimics the dusky pinks observed at the end of a sunset.

Neon Pink Color Code

Hex #FF6EC7
RGB 255, 110, 199
CMYK 0, 57, 22, 0


Rouge is a rich, dusky reddish pink that can alternatively be called red or purple. It is comparable to a dark, blush color.


Hex #A94064
RGB 169, 64, 100
CMYK 0, 62, 41, 34


Blush is a medium, dusty pink reminiscent of the same-named pressed powder cosmetics color. It is lighter than rouge and cooler than dark pink.

Blush Color Code

Hex #DE5D83
RGB 222, 93, 131
CMYK 0, 58, 41, 13


Mauve is a faint, extremely chilly pink often classed as purple. It’s also known as a faint, dusty violet.


Hex #E0B0FF
RGB 224, 176, 255
CMYK 12, 31, 0, 0


Fuchsia is a warm-toned medium purple pink. The fuchsia flower inspired the hue.

Fuchsia Color Code

Hex #C154C1
RGB 193, 84, 193
CMYK 0, 56, 0, 24


Orchid is a medium purplish pink color that suggests the same-named pinkish purple flowers. It has a deeper tint than mauve.

Orchid Color Code

Hex #DA70D6
RGB 218, 112, 214
CMYK 0, 49, 2, 15

Hot Pink

Hot pink is a bright, warm medium pink similar to a deeper hue of bubblegum pink.

Hot Pink Color Code

Hex #FF69B4
RGB 255, 105, 180
CMYK 0, 59, 29, 0


Magenta is a deep, vibrant pink with a purple undertone. Magenta is often known as a brighter color of orchid.

Magenta Color Code

Hex #FF00FF
RGB 255, 0, 255
CMYK 0, 100, 0, 0

Pink Tulip

Tulip pink is a warm, medium pink that looks like coral or salmon. It is supposed to be the hue of a pink tulip flower.

Pink Tulip Color Code

Hex #FF8E8E
RGB 255, 142, 142
CMYK 0, 44, 44, 0


Carnation is a gentle, light to medium pink that looks like a pink carnation flower. It is similar to but darker than baby pink.

Carnation Color Code

Hex #FFA6C9
RGB 255, 166, 201
CMYK 0, 35, 21, 0

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a soft, cool pink akin to light pink or pastel pink. Cotton candy pink is similar to the hue of the sweet carnival treat of the same name.

Cotton Candy Color Code

RGB 255, 188, 217
CMYK 0, 26, 15, 0

Tea Rose

Tea rose is a light pink with a colder undertone akin to baby pink. The hue of the tea rose is similar to that of a type of wild roses with the same name.

Tea Rose Color Code

Hex #F4C2C2
RGB 244, 194, 194
CMYK 0, 20, 20, 4

French Pink

French pink is a pale to medium pink with warm, vibrant undertones. It resembles but is a lighter shade of cherry pink.

French Pink Color Code

Hex #F64A8A
RGB 246, 74, 138
CMYK 0, 70, 44, 4

Bright Rose Color

Bright Rose, vibrant and alluring, captivates with its intense hue. Radiating energy and passion, it infuses warmth and a touch of elegance, commanding attention in its vivid, lively presence.

Bright Rose Color Code

Hex #FF007F
RGB 255, 0, 127
CMYK 0%, 100%, 50%, 0%

Cameo Pink

Cameo pink is a soft, dusky pink from antique cameo jewelry’s pink backgrounds. Cameo pink is similarly similar to the inside of conch shells.

Cameo Pink Color Code

RGB 239, 187, 204
CMYK 0, 22, 15, 6


Strawberry is a pale to medium pink with red overtones. It has the hue of an underripe strawberry.

Strawberry Color Code

Hex #E8888A
RGB 232, 136, 138
CMYK 0, 41, 41, 9

Persian Pink

Persian pink is a medium, soft pink akin to orchid and French pink.

Persian Pink Color Code

Hex #F77FBE
RGB 247, 127, 190
CMYK 0, 49, 23, 3

New York Pink

New York pink is a warm, medium pink that looks like a deeper strawberry.

New York Pink Color Code

Hex #F77FBE
RGB 247, 127, 190
CMYK 0, 49, 23, 3

Indian Red

Indian red is a medium to dark yet muted pink that can also be called red. Indian red, with mauve and pink tones, goes well with warm and cold hues.

Indian Red Color Code

Hex #CD5C5C
RGB 205, 92, 92
CMYK 0, 55, 55, 20

Munsell Red

Munsell red is yet another pink in the red family. Munsell red is a rich, saturated, brilliant shade similar to a pink Gerbera flower.

Munsell Red Color Code

Hex #F2003C
RGB 242, 0, 60
CMYK 0, 100, 75, 5


Cardinal is a dark, reddish pink tint similar to dark pink or neon pink. It can also be categorized as red.

Cardinal Color Code

Hex #C41E3A
RGB 196, 30, 58
CMYK 0, 85, 70, 23

Crayola Red

Crayola red is a medium to dark pink with a rich, vivid tone. Despite its name, it is similar to brilliant pink, dark pink, or neon pink.

Crayola Red Color Code

Hex #EE204D
RGB 238, 32, 77
CMYK 0, 87, 68, 7


Although the name indicates red, this specific crimson is like a rich, saturated dark pink.

Crimson Color Code

Hex #DC143C
RGB 220, 20, 60
CMYK 0, 91, 73, 14


Ruby is a medium darkish pink tint brighter than dark pink but not as warm. As a ruby gemstone, this variant of the color ruby is pinker and less purple in tone.

Ruby Color Code

Hex #E0115F
RGB 224, 17, 95
CMYK 0, 92, 58, 12


Redwood is a deep pink with lilac undertones. Redwood is similar to a deeper, browner hue of Indian red.

Redwood Color Code

Hex #A45A52
RGB 164, 90, 82
CMYK 0, 45, 50, 36

Rusty Red

Contrary to its name, rusty red is a warm, rich pink tint. Rusty red has coral undertones and is similar to a warmer hue of dark pink.

Rusty Red Color Code

Hex #DA2C43
RGB 218, 44, 67
CMYK 0, 80, 69, 15


Amaranth is a deep pink that ranges from mild to dark. This color is comparable to dark pink but has warmer undertones.

Amaranth Color Code

Hex #E52B50
RGB 229, 43, 80
CMYK 0, 81, 65, 10

Bright Maroon

Bright maroon is a rich, reddish pink hue with warm purple undertones. Bright maroon, like dark magenta, is sometimes classed as red.

Bright Maroon Color Code

Hex #C32148
RGB 195, 33, 72
CMYK 0, 83, 63, 24

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna is frequently classed as an orange, but this rendition is more of a warm, salmon-like pink with touches of tangerine.

Burnt Sienna Color Code

Hex #E97451
RGB 233, 116, 81
CMYK 0, 50, 65, 9

Candy Pink

Candy pink is a deep pink with red undertones and purple accents. It is comparable to a gentle dark pink.

Candy Pink Color Code

Hex #E4717A
RGB 228, 113, 122
CMYK 0, 50, 46, 11

Cherry Pink

Cherry pink is a medium, vibrant pink with a reddish undertone. This hue is lighter and pinker than cherry fruit, yet it shares certain tones.

Cherry Pink Color Code

Hex #DE3163
RGB 222, 49, 99
CMYK 0, 78, 55, 13


Chestnut is a medium to dark pink with brownish undertones, warm but gloomy. This tint is far pinker than a true chestnut and is closer to a deeper, dustier variant of dark pink.

Chestnut Color Code

Hex #CD5C5C
RGB 205, 92, 92
CMYK 0, 55, 55, 20

Dark Coral

Dark coral is a pink color similar to coral but has a darker tone, as the name indicates. Dark coral is similar to a warmer variant of chestnut.

Dark Coral Color Code

Hex #CD5B45
RGB 205, 91, 69
CMYK 0, 56, 66, 20

Dark Pastel Red

Dark pastel red is a dark, orangey-red pink tint that can also be called red. The dark pastel color resembles tomato red but has noticeable dusky pink undertones.

Dark Pastel Red Color Code

Hex #C23B22
RGB 194, 59, 34
CMYK 0, 70, 82, 24

Dark Terra Cotta

Dark terra cotta is a medium, dusty pink color comparable in tone to typical terra cotta flower pots. Still, it has a more pinkish tint than the orange pots commonly associated with the word.

Dark Terra Cotta Color Code

Hex #CC4E5C
RGB 204, 78, 92
CMYK 0, 62, 55, 20

Dark Salmon

Dark salmon is a warmer peachy-pink tint than salmon. This deeper hue of salmon might also be classified as orange.

Dark Salmon Color Code

Hex #E9967A
RGB 233, 150, 122
CMYK 0, 36, 48, 9


Lemonade is a delicate, pale pink with a similar tone to pastel pink. Lemonade pink depicts the transparent light pink tint of the same-named drink.

Lemonade Color Code

Hex #F2DBE7
RGB 242, 219, 231
CMYK 0, 10, 5, 5


Peach is a gentle, light orangey pink tint that resembles the exterior of peach fruit. Peaches are categorized as either pink or orange.

Peach Color Code

RGB 250, 209, 175
CMYK 0, 16, 30, 2


Crepe is a warm, light to medium pink that resembles, but is lighter than, strawberry. Crepe is significantly pinker in color than the off-white to yellowy-tan color commonly associated with crepe pastry.

Crepe Color Code

Hex #F89883
RGB 248, 152, 131
CMYK 0, 39, 47, 3

Piggy Pink

This appropriately titled light pink is the hue of a newly washed pig. It’s understated enough to be utilized as a wall or background hue. And, as the RGB value shows, it contains enough blue to make it slightly muted.

Piggy Pink Color Code

RGB 253, 221, 230
CMYK 0, 13, 9, 1

Deep Pink

Although the name suggests a dark, peaceful pink, Deep Pink appears to be a strong near-neon. This hue stands out against black, making it a perfect choice for accents on athletic apparel, flyers, or any other application where you want to draw attention.

Deep Pink Color Code

Hex #FF1493
RGB 255, 20, 147
CMYK 0, 92, 42, 0

Dust Storm

Dust Storm is an excellent alternative if you enjoy pink but prefer subdued, “dusty” tones. This deep hue contrasts well with ivory and other mild neutrals. It will lend a touch of sophistication to stationery, apparel, and website design, making it a very flexible choice.

Dust Storm Color Code

Hex #E5CCC9
RGB 229, 204, 201
CMYK 0, 11, 12, 10

Nadeshiko Pink

The Nadeshiko plant inspired the name of this exotic-sounding hue. The plant is native to Asia and Europe, and its delicate, fringe-petaled blossoms have a gentle pink tint. Their lovely, star-shaped flowers have a nice sweet aroma. The flower’s name has also been connected to traditional female attractiveness in Japan.

Nadeshiko Pink Color Code

Hex #F6ADC6
RGB 246, 173, 198
CMYK 0, 30, 20, 4

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Color Code

Hex #AA98A9
RGB 170, 152, 169
CMYK 0, 11, 1, 33

Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry is a lively and cheery energy that can provide life to any project, although being considerably pinker than the red glow of a strawberry. It works well with bright color palettes but may also provide a splash of color to more neutral tones.

Wild Strawberry Color Code

Hex #FF43A4
RGB 255, 67, 164
CMYK 0, 74, 36, 0


This warm, magenta-rich pink can infuse life into any endeavor. It’s especially well-suited to summer-inspired designs such as a raspberry pink version. The CMYK values show that it contains more yellow and magenta than many pink colors.

Razzmatazz Color Code

Hex #E3256B
RGB 227, 37, 107
CMYK 0, 84, 53, 11

Rose Taupe

Sometimes you need a pink that functions well as a neutral. Rose Taupe, as the name implies, falls between rosy pink and sandy taupe. It looks well with other pale neutrals and forms a grand border on stationery, cards, and invitations.

Rose Taupe Color Code

Hex #905D5D
RGB 144, 93, 93
CMYK 0, 35, 35, 44

Rubine Red

The word rubine means “ruby,” and this pink color gives the appearance of a jewel. While this hue is classified as red, it is a magenta-heavy pink. It’s an excellent choice if you want a vibrant reddish pink but not fluorescent.

Rubine Red Color Code

Hex #D10056
RGB 209, 0, 86
CMYK 0, 100, 59, 18

Hollywood Cerise

This enchantingly called hue is comparable to fuchsia. Its bright, summery personality makes it an excellent choice for advertising or any other use where catching attention is critical. It has a good amount of blue and magenta, as seen by the RGB and CMYK values. This provides a good balance.

Hollywood Cerise Color Code

Hex #F400A1
RGB 244, 0, 161
CMYK 0, 100, 34, 4

Mexican Pink

This vibrant, bright hue has important cultural significance in Mexico. Citizens regard it as a sign of the country’s appeal, with taxicabs in Mexico City being painted in Mexican Pink and white. The hue is frequently used in the work of renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragan.

Mexican Pink Color Code

Hex #E4007C
RGB 228, 0, 124
CMYK 0, 100, 46, 11

Steel Pink

Steel Pink Color Code

Hex #CC3366
RGB 204, 51, 102
CMYK 0, 75, 50, 20

Rose Gold

This dusty pink is close to the hue of rose gold, which is used in jewelry. It looks very lovely next to ivory and mild grey.

Rose Gold Color Code

Hex #B76E79
RGB 183, 110, 121
CMYK 0, 40, 34, 28

Rose Bonbon

Rose Bonbon is yet another pink with a high percentage of both yellow and magenta. There’s also some blue in there, so it’s a well-balanced color that’s both soft and vibrant. It’s a traditional middle-of-the-road pink that may be used for various applications.

Rose Bonbon Color Code

Hex #F9429E
RGB 249, 66, 158
CMYK 0, 73, 37, 2

Barbie Pink

Pantone has a hue called joyful, bright magenta. Its youthful appeal makes it ideal for decorating children’s rooms or used in children’s apparel. Barbie Pink is tempered by some black, as seen by the CMYK values.

Barbie Pink Color Code

Hex #E0218A
RGB 224, 33, 138
CMYK 0, 85, 38, 12


If you’ve ever seen a mulberry bush, you’re undoubtedly aware that real mulberries are nearly black in hue. However, this hue of pink is nearly identical to how mulberry juice can stain your hands. It’s a terrific option if you want a hue that reminds you of summer without being too flashy.

Mulberry Color Code

Hex #C54B8C
RGB 197, 75, 140
CMYK 0, 62, 29, 23

Razzle Dazzle Rose

This one may evoke memories of coloring in elementary school. Razzle Dazzle Rose is another Crayola hue that will brighten up any project. This is another hue that is both pale and bright, so it may lend vitality to a color pallet without being overbearing.

Razzle Dazzle Rose Color Code

Hex #FF33CC
RGB 255, 51, 204
CMYK 0, 80, 20, 0


Fandango is a vibrant, extremely saturated pink with a slightly purple undertone. It contrasts well with its complementary color (a medium bright green) but also looks good with light yellow. Fandango is great for tasks that require a blast of joyful, carefree energy.

Fandango Color Code

Hex #B53389
RGB 181, 51, 137
CMYK 0, 72, 24, 29


This unusual color name refers to a dark reddish purple-brown. However, this color is more of a pinkish brown with a tinge of purple. It’s less brown than many of the dusty pinks on the list, giving it a nice compromise between bright pink and dusty Pink.

Puce Color Code

Hex #CC8899
RGB 204, 136, 153
CMYK 0, 33, 25, 20

Old Rose

Old Rose is one of several subdued, mauve-like pinks available. The name is especially appropriate because it resembles the hue of a wilting pink rose. Because of its old look, it is great for historically-inspired designs. It also works as an accent hue against lighter neutrals like taupe, ivory, and light grey.

Old Rose Color Code

Hex #C08081
RGB 192, 128, 129
CMYK 0, 33, 33, 25


Rosewood is highly valued as a tonewood for high-end guitars, and its gorgeous chocolaty grain and pleasant rose fragrance. However, some unpolished rosewood pieces have a tint close to this one. Rosewood has more black than many pink hues (as seen by its CMYK values); hence, it has greater depth and presence than many pinks.

Rosewood Color Code

Hex #9E4244
RGB 158, 66, 68
CMYK 0, 58, 57, 38


This beautiful, candy-inspired color is a soft pink that nevertheless manages to be lively. It works well in fanciful designs with other bright hues. It contains a high amount of yellow and a low proportion of black, making it a brilliant alternative.

Taffy Color Code

Hex #FA86C4
RGB 250, 134, 196
CMYK 0, 46, 22, 2

Turkish Rose

Many different colors of pink are classified as roses. Turkish Rose is a unique color. Despite being rather subdued, it adds a burst of excitement to any color pallet. Its unusual properties might be explained in part by its RGB value. It features red, green, and blue proportions that are quite comparable.

Turkish Rose Color Code

Hex #B57281
RGB 181, 114, 129
CMYK 0, 37, 29, 29


The high amount of red in this delicious color makes it excellent for jobs requiring a more vibrant shade of Pink. This rose hue has just enough warmth to prevent appearing aggressive, and it looks well with bright yellow.

Punch Color Code

Hex #F25278
RGB 242, 82, 120
CMYK 0, 66, 50, 5

Paradise Pink

This lushly-inspired pink color has a wonderful depth that is not frequently seen in pinks. Its complimentary hue, a vibrant and vivid turquoise, complements it very well. Its modest proportions of blue and black contribute to its eye-catching brilliance.

Paradise Pink Color Code

Hex #E63E62
RGB 230, 62, 98
CMYK 0, 73, 57, 10

Raspberry Rose

This rich, purple magenta color is well titled. It falls in between rose and raspberry pink. It has a purple hue due to the comparatively high proportions of red and blue (as seen in its RGB values).

Raspberry Rose Color Code

Hex #B3446C
RGB 179, 68, 108
CMYK 0, 62, 40, 30

Light Crimson

Crimson is a rich red hue that most people are familiar with. However, Light Crimson is essentially a diluted variant. It has a large proportion of red in its RGB value, but a minor quantity of blue helps balance it. The end effect is a very delicate but vivid pink. A timeless option for a variety of purposes.

Light Crimson Color Code

Hex #F56991
RGB 245, 105, 145
CMYK 0, 57, 41, 4

Pink Sherbet

This light pink refresher is almost exactly the color of raspberry sherbet. Though it is more saturated than a pastel, it has a pastel-like aspect that is highly pleasing to the eyes. It goes well with other bright yet soft hues, such as pale lime green and pastel orange.

Pink Sherbet Color Code

Hex #F78FA7
RGB 247, 143, 167
CMYK 0, 42, 32, 3

Tickle Me Pink

If the name of this lovely hue seems familiar, it’s because you may have read it on the side of a crayon years ago. Tickle Me Pink is a delicate petal pink that is somewhat darker than a pastel. It complements mild greens, blues, and yellows well.

Tickle Me Pink Color Code

Hex #FC89AC
RGB 252, 137, 172
CMYK 0, 46, 32, 1

Thulian Pink

Thulian Pink is a vibrant, rich pink that resembles Light Crimson. Because it is somewhat purple, it is brilliant without appearing neon. Thulian Pink is an excellent choice if you want a somewhat colder pink than others.

Thulian Pink Color Code

Hex #DE6FA1
RGB 222, 111, 161
CMYK 0, 50, 27, 13

Brilliant Rose

Brilliant Rose, as the name indicates, is a particularly vibrant pink. It’s bright but not too dark and not as vivid as hot Pink. Brilliant Rose looks especially great when paired with other bright hues inspired by the tropics.

Brilliant Rose Color Code

Hex #FF55A3
RGB 255, 85, 163
CMYK 0, 67, 36, 0


So far, several of the colors on the list have been vibrant, vivid pinks. However, this light hue with cold undertones is gentle enough to be used as a wall color. It’s roughly the same hue as delicate pink lace, as the name suggests. Lace is also an excellent choice for a soft website backdrop.

Lace Color Code

Hex #FFD8F0
RGB 255, 216, 240
CMYK 0, 15, 6, 0


This cheerful magenta color has a fitting name. It’s a touch more purple than many other pinks on the list. Its rich red, blue, and black proportions contribute to its intensity.

Smitten Color Code

Hex #C84186
RGB 200, 65, 134
CMYK 0, 68, 33, 22


This one has an unusual name, but its mild and peachy hue is guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of people. Unlike many pinks, Your contains an equal amount of magenta and yellow, which contributes to its delicate warmth. This hue has no black and is an excellent wall color if you want something warmer than eggshell.


Hex #FFC0C0
RGB 255, 192, 192
CMYK 0, 25, 25, 0


This pink appears to be a delicate, diluted mauve. It’s an excellent choice if you want a delicate pink that leans more toward purple than peach. Careys has a cold undertone that gives it an especially calming effect due to its relatively high concentration of blue and green.

Careys Color Code

Hex #D8A8A8
RGB 216, 168, 168
CMYK 0, 22, 22, 15


The hue of the interior of an oyster inspired this very light Pink. Even a brief scan of its CMYK values reveals that it is a fairly unsaturated color. It has a barely-there look because of the minimal amounts of magenta, yellow, and black, and it creates a wonderful tranquil wall or background color.

Oyster Color Code

Hex #F0D8D8
RGB 240, 216, 216
CMYK 0, 10, 10, 6

Shimmering Blush

Shimmering Blush is a lovely pink tint with a metallic sheen to it. It has a comparable tint to most powdered blushes and finds a lovely balance between rose and lavender. Shimmering Blush is nicely balanced in warmth and coolness since it contains slightly more red than blue and green.

Shimmering Blush Color Code

Hex #D98695
RGB 217, 134, 149
CMYK 0, 38, 31, 15


Sea may appear to be an unusual name for a pink tint. However, its color is similar to the inside of a seashell. Sea is a very warm, almost peachy pink with equal parts magenta and yellow. However, because it contains a lot of green and blue, it doesn’t get too hot.

Sea Color Code

Hex #F09090
RGB 240, 144, 144
CMYK 0, 40, 40, 6


This vivid medium pink is an excellent choice for projects requiring a shade of pink just a step below hot Pink. Brink has no cyan or black, as shown by the CMYK values, and its RGB values reveal that it contains significantly less green and blue than red. That explains its vibrant warmth. Brink stands out against the black and complements its matching hue, an extremely brilliant seafoam tint.

Brink Color Code

Hex #FF6090
RGB 255, 96, 144
CMYK 0, 62, 44, 0


Hippie is an outlier among the many colors of Pink. It’s too red for mauve and too purple for raspberry. It has the appearance of a watered-down maroon. This subdued color pairs nicely with blue and green jewel tones, but it would also work well with other neutrals in a soothing color scheme.

Hippie Color Code

Hex #A84860
RGB 168, 72, 96
CMYK 0, 57, 43, 34

Light Deep Pink

At first glance, the name light deep pink may appear contradictory. However, although lighter than certain pinks, this hue has amazing depth and presence. It’s excellent if you want a light pink that stands out without being as bright as a neon hue. Light Deep Pink stands out against navy blue if you’re searching for a unique contrast.

Light Deep Pink Color Code

RGB 255, 92, 205
CMYK 0, 64, 20, 0

Wild Orchid

Pink orchids have a relaxing charm because of their light brightness and subtle blue overtones. The wild orchid, in particular, has a subtle powdery flavor. It’s an excellent choice if you want a relaxing color that goes well with blues and greys.

Wild Orchid Color Code

Hex #D470A2
RGB 212, 112, 162
CMYK 0, 47, 24, 17

Cerise Pink

Cerise means “deep, vivid red,” while Cerise Pink is similarly defined as “deep, bright pink.” This is one of the most vibrant colors of pink available. It’s a terrific choice if you want something with substance while being a high-energy color because of its depth. Cerise Pink pairs beautifully with vibrant greens and blues.

Cerise Pink Color Code

Hex #EC3B83
RGB 236, 59, 131
CMYK 0, 75, 44, 7

Shocking Pink

Shocking Pink, as the name suggests, is an electrifying jolt to the eyes. Its CMYK values show that it is mostly magenta. However, as seen by its RGB values, Shocking Pink has a significant amount of blue, which adds depth. Shocking Pink looks fantastic with its complementary color, a particularly vibrant Kelly green. It also stands out against dark backdrop hues like dark hunter green or blue.

Shocking Pink Color Code

Hex #FC0FC0
RGB 252, 15, 192
CMYK 0, 94, 24, 1


Hit is another unusually called hue. It’s a peachy, coral-like pink that pairs well with a vivid sky blue. Hit includes more yellow than magenta, as seen by the CMYK values. It’s an excellent choice if you want a pink that’s warmer than others but has a softness.

Hit Color Code

Hex #FFA878
RGB 255, 168, 120
CMYK 0, 34, 53, 0


Lady is a classy hue of Pink with an antique feel to it. It’s peachy, but it has a lot more red than Hit. It’s somewhere between peach and mauve. Lady looks great with many tones of blue.

Lady Color Code

Hex #F0C0A8
RGB 240, 192, 168
CMYK 0, 20, 30, 6

Neon Fuchsia

There are several colors of bright pink marketed as fantastic neon alternatives, but sometimes you simply need a true neon shade of Pink. Neon Fuchsia comes in handy here. Fuchsia is similar to neon on its own. However, this version is more vibrant. It has a substantial degree of magenta and yellow, as shown by its CMYK values. Its brightness is moderated slightly by blue, but its significant concentration of red assures a strong presence.

Neon Fuchsia Color Code

Hex #FE4164
RGB 254, 65, 100
CMYK 0, 74, 61, 0

Ultra Pink

This is an intriguing pink with strong violet undertones. It contains equal proportions of red and blue, and its CMYK values show that it lacks cyan, yellow, and black – only magenta. Ultra Pink has a distinctively contemporary, sophisticated style that pairs well with milky white colors.

Ultra Pink Color Code

RGB 255, 111, 255
CMYK 0, 56, 0, 0

Schauss Pink

Suppose you find Schauss Pink relaxing; scientific research backs you up. This hue is named after Alexander Schauss, a scholar who studied the impact of color on emotions extensively. He did his studies at the Naval Correctional Facility in Seattle. Schauss named the hue Baker-Miller Pink after the facility’s directors, but it is also known as Schauss Pink. You may also hear it referred to as P-618 or Drunk-Tank Pink.

Schauss Pink Color Code

Hex #FF91AF
RGB 255, 145, 175
CMYK 0, 43, 31, 0

Ruddy Pink

This aptly called color is similar to a healthy amount of redness on the face. It’s also similar to the hue of several powdered blushes. Its dark appearance complements designs with chocolate browns or delicate, pastel greys.

Ruddy Pink Color Code

Hex #E18E96
RGB 225, 142, 150
CMYK 0, 37, 33, 12

Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl appears to shine, even though you can’t detect a pearlescent luster through a computer screen. It’s gentle and nearly lavender in tone and soothing color. Pink Pearl throw pillows and rugs may bring a sense of cozy serenity to any living area.

Pink Pearl Color Code

RGB 231, 172, 207
CMYK 0, 26, 10, 9

Lavender Rose

Lavender Rose is a pink color that truly lives up to its name. Its hue is between lavender and a delicate pink rose. It resembles the hue of a lilac flower. This is a wonderful choice if you enjoy a relatively vibrant wall color. If you’re making a color palette, Lavender Rose pairs well with its complementary color, seafoam green.

Lavender Rose Color Code

Hex #FBA0E3
RGB 251, 160, 227
CMYK 0, 36, 10, 2


The pink shampoo isn’t something you see all that frequently these days, but this delicate, milky tint truly captures the color. The CMYK values show that it’s mostly magenta, yet the color has a low saturation. The shampoo is a lovely soft pink that may be used as a wall color or backdrop.

Shampoo Color Code

RGB 255, 207, 241
CMYK 0, 19, 5, 0

Spanish Pink

This gentle pink tone is commonly referred to as a general shade of Pink. Its young, flowery nature makes it an excellent candidate for lipsticks, and it is occasionally used in high-end lip colors. Spanish Pink has a large amount of red, yet it is pleasingly balanced due to equal proportions of blue and green.

Spanish Pink Color Code

RGB 247, 191, 190
CMYK 0, 23, 23, 3

Valentine Pink

Valentine’s Day is often linked with vivid pink hues. This color would be a suitable choice if you’d prefer to celebrate with something a little calmer. Valentine Pink has a large amount of blue, as seen in its RGB values, and its cool undertones give it a nice and balanced feel. This hue is similar to candy hearts, which makes its name even more apt.

Valentine Pink Color Code

Hex #E6A6BE
RGB 230, 166, 190
CMYK 0, 28, 17, 10

Silvery Pink

This lovely hue is excellent if you want something between grey and Pink. Silvery Pink contains a larger proportion of black than many other shades of Pink on the list (as seen by its CMYK values), which contributes to its gloomy appearance. It also contains a lot of green and blue, making it one of the most cool-toned pinks.

Silvery Pink Color Code

Hex #DCB5B4
RGB 220, 181, 180
CMYK 0, 18, 18, 14


This light, peachy tone is softer than the color of watermelon. Melon is a cheery yet mellow color between salmon and peach. That quality may be seen in the CMYK values. Melon contains more yellow than magenta, although it also has some black. This pink goes nicely with light blue, light green, and some tones of light purple.

Melon Color Code

RGB 247, 188, 172
CMYK 0, 24, 30, 3


This sophisticated Pink falls midway between mauve and coral. It’s vibrant without being overpowering, and it’s a little redder than many other pink tints. This can be seen in the RGB values. The amount of red is more than double that of blue or green. And, as the CMYK values reveal, the high levels of magenta and yellow contribute to the warmth.

Milano Color Code

Hex #D95D67
RGB 217, 93, 103
CMYK 0, 57, 53, 15

Sweet Pink

This rosy pink color certainly lives up to its name. Sweet Pink has a blush-like appearance because of the high concentrations of magenta and yellow. It looks well with various hues of green, but it also looks good with light or dark blues. Its contrasting hue is sky blue with a tinge of turquoise.

Sweet Pink Color Code

Hex #EE918D
RGB 238, 145, 141
CMYK 0, 39, 41, 7

Knockout Pink

Knockout Pink is, without a doubt, one of the most eye-catching pink colors on the list. It has the same hue as a bright pink highlighter but with more depth. Knockout Pink is an excellent choice for commercials or projects requiring a high-energy, attention-grabbing color palette. Knockout Pink’spink’s high-energy character stems partly from its high amount of magenta and yellow, as seen by its CMYK values.

Knockout Pink Color Code

Hex #FF3EA5
RGB 255, 62, 165
CMYK 0, 76, 35, 0

Grapefruit Pink

Grapefruit is a well-known pink fruit, and this shade of Grapefruit Pink gives it credit. It has the appearance of ruby red grapefruit juice. It features a good quantity of blue and yellow, making it well-balanced. It looks fantastic with its complementary color, a vibrant blue that falls between sky blue and turquoise.

Grapefruit Pink Color Code

Hex #E0707C
RGB 224, 112, 124
CMYK 0, 50, 45, 12

Champagne Pink

Pink champagne’s luxurious aspect transfers well to the realm of color, and this clear tint would look great as a wall color. Champagne Pink has a lot of green and blue, which explains its cool undertones and delicate appearance. This is also a wonderful color to consider if you want a delicate pink that goes well with gold.

Champagne Pink Color Code

Hex #F6E1D3
RGB 246, 225, 211
CMYK 0, 9, 14, 4

Lip Pink

This unique brownish Pink is intended to look like most people’s lips. Lip Pink, while still technically a pink, is getting closer to becoming neutral, and it’s great for adding just a trace of warmth to otherwise perfectly neutral color palettes.

Lip Pink Color Code

Hex #DBAC98
RGB 219, 172, 152
CMYK 0, 21, 31, 14

Passion Pink

Passion Pink is extremely near to a vibrant light purple. This Pink has a contemporary edge, like many brighter, purple-tinged pinks. It looks great with silver but also works well with its complementary color, a medium green.

Passion Pink Color Code

Hex #CE74A7
RGB 206, 116, 167
CMYK 0, 44, 19, 19

Nude Pink

Nude Pink has to be the closest color to a genuine neutral on the list. Compared to typical pink colors, it features a comparatively high amount of black and a relatively low proportion of magenta. Furthermore, as seen by its RGB values, Nude Pink contains nearly equal proportions of red, green, and blue. It looks great with grey and quiet blue tones.

Nude Pink Color Code

Hex #DDC0B4
RGB 221, 192, 180
CMYK 0, 13, 19, 13

Rosy Pink

Rosy Pink is a beautiful tint between rose pink and hot Pink. It works well as a text color on a dark backdrop and in a bright, whirling color palette. A healthy dose of blue keeps the brightness from overbearing while providing plenty of vitality.

Rosy Pink Color Code

Hex #FF66CC
RGB 255, 102, 204
CMYK 0, 60, 20, 0

Gold Pink

Gold Pink is another pink tint on the list that is nearly neutral. The CMYK values show that it contains about the same amount of black as it has magenta. That explains its grey hue. Gold Pink is close to rose gold in hue and creates a sophisticated website backdrop or stationary background.

Gold Pink Color Code

Hex #E6C7C2
RGB 230, 199, 194
CMYK 0, 13, 16, 10

Misty Rose

Misty Rose is a soft pastel pink with a peach undertone. Misty Rose is an excellent option if you want a wall color with a bit more warmth than eggshell or other shades of off-white. It looks lovely with extremely delicate pastel blues and greens. The CMYK value shows that it contains somewhat more yellow than magenta, which explains the peachy glow.

Misty Rose Color Code

Hex #FFE4E1
RGB 255, 228, 225
CMYK 0, 11, 12, 0


This amusingly called color is a pinker variation of mauve. Mauvelous has a lot of blue, as seen by the RGB values. This contributes to the cold undertones. Mauvelous looks well with light blues.

Mauvelous Color Code

Hex #EF98AA
RGB 239, 152, 170
CMYK 0, 36, 29, 6

Light Blush

This pale Pink is similar to most light-colored powdered blushes available in practically any store. It’s also a great illustration of what most people think of when they think of pale Pink. It’s a well-balanced pink that’s a touch on the bright side, with a reasonable proportion of magenta, a good quantity of yellow, and a very little black.

Light Blush Color Code

Hex #F1ABB9
RGB 241, 171, 185
CMYK 0, 29, 23, 5

Copper Rose

Copper Rose is a fairly unique pink color. It’s best characterized as rose gold with a hint of brown. It’s also about the hue of a rose combined with the color of copper, as the name says. This reddish-metallic hue has a calm appearance, and its complementary color is dusty blue. As you can see, the significant amount of black present contributes to its muted appearance.

Copper Rose Color Code

Hex #996666
RGB 153, 102, 102
CMYK 0, 33, 33, 40

Raspberry Glace

The name of this hue appears to be correct. It does resemble a sugar-preserved raspberry. It does have a somewhat purple appearance, which is explained by the high proportion of blue to red. Raspberry Glace is a good option if you like calmer, dusty pinks but want something that looks more mulberry-like.

Raspberry Glace Color Code

Hex #915F6D
RGB 145, 95, 109
CMYK 0, 34, 25, 43

Debian Red

Many various hues are called after the corporate logos on which they are used. Debian Red is the logo color of the Debian Linux operating system, a free software system created jointly by volunteers. Despite the moniker, Debian Red is an extremely vibrant magenta. It’s a vibrant, summery color that stands out against lemon yellow.

Debian Red Color Code

Hex #D70A53
RGB 215, 10, 83
CMYK 0, 95, 61, 16


Ruber is a beautiful raspberry-like pink that pairs well with turquoise. Looking at its RGB values, you can see that it contains a lot of red but just a little blue. This combination results in a somewhat purple color. Ruber is an excellent color to use if you want a hue with a lot of presence but isn’t too bright.

Ruber Color Code

Hex #CE4676
RGB 206, 70, 118
CMYK 0, 66, 43, 19

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice is a lovely petal pink that may breathe new life into any color scheme. It looks well with delicate spring greens and pastel yellows. This hue is quite bright, yet the quantity of blue in its RGB value adds just enough coolness.

Vanilla Ice Color Code

Hex #F38FA9
RGB 243, 143, 169
CMYK 0, 41, 30, 5

Light Hot Pink

Light Hot Pink is, as the name implies, a diluted, pastel variant of hot Pink. This is probably what most people think of when they think of light Pink. There’s enough green and blue to provide a chilly undertone, but Light Hot Pink isn’t purple.

Light Hot Pink Color Code

RGB 255, 179, 222
CMYK 0, 30, 13, 0

Super Pink

This lively yet cool pink color is similar to electric purple, although it contains more magenta. It appears like a deeper lilac flower and may provide a springlike touch to any project. Super Pink is a variation from the typical pink tones, making it an excellent choice for a project that needs to stand out.

Super Pink Color Code

Hex #CF6BA9
RGB 207, 107, 169
CMYK 0, 48, 18, 19

China Rose

China Rose is a regal, somewhat purple tint with a dark undertone. One of the pinks looks great with gold, but it also looks great toned down with navy or other more modest blues. China Rose has a high amount of black, as seen by the CMYK values.

China Rose Color Code

Hex #A8516E
RGB 168, 81, 110
CMYK 0, 52, 35, 34

Deep Pruce

Deep Pruce is a deeper, more present variant of Price, which is an excellent hue if you prefer earth-toned pinks. One of the pink tints is nearly neutral but not quite. Deep Price is a nice hue to choose if you want something delicate and elegant.

Deep Pruce Color Code

Hex #A95C68
RGB 169, 92, 104
CMYK 0, 46, 38, 34

French Fuchsia

This joyful, vibrant Pink is one of the wide fuchsia varieties you’ll come across while looking for the perfect hue of Pink. It features a lot of magenta and yellow, as shown in the CMYK values, which add to its obvious presence.

French Fuchsia Color Code

Hex #FD3F92
RGB 253, 63, 146
CMYK 0, 75, 42, 1

Shades of Pink Color

As you can see, there is an infinite variety of pink tones to pick from. Whether you desire warm or cold tones or anything closer to purple or closer to red, the color pink has a tint to fit every personality and mood.

Pink Shades Name

Watermelon, coral, flamingo, pink pastel, salmon, cherry blossom, light pink, baby pink, bubblegum, bright pink, dark pink, neon pink, rouge, blush, mauve, fuchsia, orchid, hot pink, magenta, pink tulip, carnation, cotton candy, tea rose, french pink, cameo pink, strawberry, persian pink, new york pink, indian red, munsell red, cardinal, crayola red, crimson, ruby, redwood, rusty red, amaranth, bright maroon, burnt sienna, candy pink, cherry pink, chestnut, dark coral, dark pastel red, dark terra cotta, dark salmon, lemonade, peach, crepe, piggy pink, deep pink, dust storm, nadeshiko pink, rose quartz, wild strawberry, razzmatazz, rose taupe, rubine red, hollywood cerise, mexican pink, steel pink, rose gold, rose bonbon, barbie pink, mulberry, razzle dazzle rose, fandango, puce, old rose, rosewood, taffy, turkish rose, punch, paradise pink, raspberry rose, light crimson, pink sherbet, tickle me pink, thulian pink, brilliant rose, lace, smitten, your, careys, oyster, shimmering blush, sea, brink, hippie, light deep pink, wild orchid, cerise pink, shocking pink, hit, lady, neon fuchsia, ultra pink, schauss pink, ruddy pink, pink pearl, lavender rose, shampoo, spanish pink, valentine pink, silvery pink, melon, milano, sweet pink, knockout pink, grapefruit pink, champagne pink, lip pink, passion pink, nude pink, rosy pink, gold pink, misty rose, mauvelous, light blush, copper rose, raspberry glace, debian red, ruber, vanilla ice, light hot pink, super pink, china rose, deep pruce, french fuchsia.

pink shades

pink shades

Pink Colour FAQ’s

CMYK : 0 73 0 0


Light pink
Hot pink
Deep pink
Champagne pink
Pink lace
Piggy pink
Pale pink
Baby pink
Spanish pink
Cameo pink
Orchid pink
Fairy Tale
Cherry blossom pink
Light hot pink
Lavender pink
Cotton candy
Carnation pink
Baker-Miller pink
Tickle me pink
Amaranth pink
American pink
Charm pink
China pink
Mimi Pink
Misty rose
Tango pink
Congo pink
Coral pink
Pastel pink
New York pink
Solid pink
Silver pink
Queen pink
Pink lavender
Mountbatten pink
Chilean Pink
Pale Dogwood
Pink (Pantone)
Mexican pink
Barbie pink
Fandango pink
Paradise pink
Brink pink
French pink
Bright pink
Persian pink
Rose pink
Light deep pink
Ultra pink
Shocking pink
Super pink
Rose Pompadour
Steel pink
Bubblegum pink


Color NameHEXColor
Pink #FFC0CB 

Pink and green, pink and white, pink and orange, pink and grey, pink and blue, pink and black, pink and yellow, pink and red, pink and gold,

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How many shades of pink are there?

Brownish Pink
Brownish Pink
Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
Carnation Pink
Chestnut Rose
Dark Hot Pink

Pink Dark Color

The hex color code for dark pink is #c71585. This color is a shade of pink with a purple hue. It has a dark, rich tone and is commonly used for feminine designs.

pink dark color
#ff038f | #a3006b | #5e0034 | #2b0018 | #13000a

rose pink shade

rose pink shade
#FFB6B3 | #FF8BA0 | #E41F7B | #86003C | #4C0606

Pink Colour Name

Pink goes with what colour

  1. Pink and gold
  2. Pink and red
  3. Pink and yellow
  4. Pink and black
  5. Pink and blue
  6. Pink and grey
  7. Pink and orange
  8. Pink and green
  9. Pink and white
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