16 compelling Instagram color palettes ideas you should adopt

In this post, you'll learn how to make your Instagram page more attractive and capture visitors’ attention
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Instagram color palettes

Instagram color palettes

It’s difficult to know where to begin – where do you look for Instagram color palette ideas? What color scheme do you think you should go with? How do you make your postings appear as they belong together?

Instagram is now frequently someone’s first point of contact with a company, and over a good portion of its members shop on the site on a weekly basis. Come on who doesn’t want their profile to seem clean and inviting if it’s the doorway for half of your prospective sales, right?

One of the most effective methods to encourage someone to join your company’s business Instagram account or examine your posts is to take the time to establish an appealing Instagram feed style. You only get one chance to create a good first impression. So putting effort into your Instagram account is crucial.

We know you like to learn by doing, so we’ve put together a selection of amazing Instagram color palette ideas that address all of these questions.

Jootoor Designs is the greatest place to go if you’d rather leave all of the crazy template-building to somebody else so that you can concentrate on other elements of your firm.

So, what exactly is on the to-do list? In a nutshell, there are a couple of simple ways to make color schemes for Instagram for your profile:

  • Draw inspiration from your previous posts.
  • Find similar Instagram brand colors;
  • Use pre-made color schemes;
  • Use dedicated applications to build a bespoke Instagram color combination
  • Get ideas and inspiration from notable blogs

Adopt Color Inspiration from Instagram

Probably the most efficient technique to learn what you really want from your own and how it should seem is to look at other bloggers’ accounts. It has little to do with imitating someone else’s style. Rather, it allows you to observe how huge brands do things with respect to color schemes for Instagram. Then it’s up to you whether you want to follow in the footsteps of the leaders or establish your own look.

What Is the Best Way to Make Colour Schemes?

Making a pattern on your own necessitates meticulous attention to detail. When you’re modifying numerous posts a week with the same theme, you’ll get to have a design tool on hand to make the process go more smoothly. Pre-set filters, Instagram color palette app, and graphic components are just a few of the options available. However, if you have a more complex theme to manage, additional functions such as video editing and layout preview are available.

Once you’ve decided how you want your Instagram account to appear, you’ll need to choose a basic color scheme for Instagram to create the tone of your account. However, in some cases, this decision has been made by chance.

You may always make a smooth shift to a different Instagram color palette if you realize your current one isn’t working for you longer.

color palettes for instagram


Whether there’s a counterpart to earthy Instagram color palettes, then it must be pastel color schemes. They do so for a reason: the hues are inspired by popular interior design trends and appeal to a creative audience. Such accounts appear to have been sourced from Pinterest. The lovely color schemes for Instagram and candy-like colors continue to draw interest as if they were created yesterday, rather than years ago.


Artistic blogs focusing on calligraphy, contemplation, sketching, craft, botany, or personal blogs with jaw-dropping flat-lays are the greatest places to apply pastel color schemes.



One of the simplest methods to create aesthetic color scheme for your feed is to pick one color and stay with it. This may help guide your creative path while also seeming clean and consistent from afar. It’s especially enticing if you select a soothing and beautiful hue.


Consider using two colors if you want to create a very integrated feed but don’t want to keep to a single color scheme. Two colors may make your feed appear more orderly and tidy. Additionally, if you use branded colors, they can help you build continuity between your existing social media accounts and your website. For a bold effect, it is recommended using two opposing hues.


A captivating color schemes for Instagram may be created by using similar components in your images. The theme in this example employs shelves or garments in each image to visually connect the feed. Rather than having each shot seem like a distinct room, they all come together to form a seamless arrangement that inherently presents goods.


For a few years now, earthy Instagram color palette ideas haven’t left the popular lifestyle, interior, and beauty websites. Choosing this option for you will be a simple yet persuasive decision.

The most common elements are a lot of wood, natural textiles, gold, and ceramics. We’ve already seen fashion mags and entire companies effectively adapt such pleasant schemes and become a visual attraction in the Instagram feed.


To generate a sense of luxury, a polished black and white motif is a fantastic Instagram color palette idea. The lack of color focuses your attention on the photo’s main subject and shows that your company is ageless.

The infatuation with a Scandinavian design never seems to fade. It has offered an alternative perspective on simplicity and comfort, and white is now linked with warm, cozy rooms rather than clinical cleanliness. Neutral Instagram color palettes are simple to use and as adaptable as pastel and earthy palettes.


You could wish to use a Flatlay theme if your main purpose with Instagram is to promote your products. Flatlay is a simple approach to convey a story by arranging elements in a picture in a certain way. This way it makes it simpler to draw value to a product.


If you want your company’s brand to convey playfulness or enjoyment, a feed filled with bright colors is perhaps the best way to go. Children respond well to bright, cheerful colors, making them a great color scheme for Instagram and helps attracting their attention.


You can use pink and purple for your Instagram page if you’re not afraid of difficult circumstances and have a lot of bright material on hand. On the one hand, such blogs catch one’s attention right away. The requirement to keep to such intricate hues, on the other hand, may turn your blogging experience into a hunt.

As a result, you should make this option carefully, as a spur-of-the-moment desire to create a neon purple color scheme for Instagram may go nowhere. Doing so, you’ll just waste time researching and constructing an effective color palette.

Pink & Purple Color Palettes


A picture may be good enough to justify a thousand words, but how many pictures does a well-designed quotation hold? Confident Woman Co. defies Instagram’s regulations, which state that photographs must include a face in order to receive the most interaction. This is not the case with this Instagram color palette idea.

This style is appealing in both the Instagram grid structure and as a one-off post on the feed, thanks to the vivid colors and emphasized text. Even with this rigid text-only approach, a type-treated font and textured backdrop, as shown in the final image in the center row, can help to break up the monotony.

You can use pink and purple for your Instagram page if you’re not afraid of difficult circumstances and have a lot of bright material on hand. On the one hand, such blogs catch one’s attention right away. The requirement to keep to such intricate hues, on the other hand, may turn your blogging experience into a hunt.

As a result, you should make this option carefully, as a spur-of-the-moment desire to create a neon purple color scheme for Instagram may go nowhere, and you’ll just waste time researching and constructing an effective color palette.


Do you live in a colorful environment? You could attempt a bright color scheme! A colorful theme’s palette is usually blue, pink, green, red, and orange. With this color scheme for Instagram, you can’t go wrong. In the summer, you’ll be surrounded by all of the beautiful hues! Consider a tropical vacation: blue sky, blue water, pink flowers, pink sunsets, and lush greenery.


Green can be another face of comfort, and its strength in your Instagram color palette may range from vivid herbal sensations to more conservative schemes, depending on how intense it is. The second alternative is more user-friendly because it adjusts to most blog designs. However, if you’ve had enough succulents, palms, and monstera leaves, keep in mind that maintaining a green-themed account can quickly become torturous.

Green Color Palettes


Consider a minimalist approach to your feed for a more artistic look. In their simplicity, the pictures are appealing and a little whimsical, cultivating sentiments of tranquility and stability. Plus, because minimalist feeds are less distracting by nature, getting a genuine feel of the brand from the feed alone, rather than clicking on individual postings, can be simpler.


Making a puzzle out of your feed is difficult and time-consuming, but it may pay off handsomely in terms of originality and audience engagement. Consider the below image for example which makes the greatest sense when seen as a feed rather than individual posts. It’s difficult not to be fascinated and intrigued by the finished product, and posting individual puzzle piece photographs might pique your followers’ interest.

Instagram Puzzle Theme


Black Instagram color palette ideas are the least popular and certainly the most difficult option for brand palettes. If you have a black-and-white profile, it appears conceptual and elegant. But how can you strike a balance between noble black and hundreds of bleak messages, all in dark, heavy tones? When choosing black as your dominant color, it’s critical to consider how you’ll lighten the gloom. Will it be gold, orange, or white, or will you use a couple of complimentary hues to make the scheme more functional?


Do you want to create an account that exudes sunshine and warmth? The color schemes for Instagram in yellow and orange are the most apparent choice. Adding crucial aspects of the matching colors will, of course, become more difficult, but that’s how companies and content creators may distinguish out in the feed.

While the majority of articles are shot in a brown-beige-gray color scheme, brilliant yellow publications or juicy orange highlights should stand out and catch the subscriber’s attention (a wonderful option for promoted posts!).


Jootoor Designs can help you choose a colour palette for your business if you’re having trouble deciding. Call 91888 16888 for further information.


If you want a simpler approach to build up Instagram colors palette ideas or pick colors that naturally complement your blog’s content, you may always use pre-made designs. Even though they are far from ideal for everyday use, there is no better opportunity to experiment with different color schemes for Instagram. See how they fit into the overall look.

Design markets are brimming with post and story templates in a variety of designs. They also allow content writers to experiment freely with their blogs since they contain current font, geometric forms, and striking Instagram color palette ideas. You don’t have to share every item, but you may experiment with thousands of various layouts before settling on one or figuring out what your Instagram color scheme ought to be.



We understand that there are a plethora of solutions available. If you’re having difficulties deciding on a color palette for Instagram, there are a number of tools available to assist you. This list has been whittled down to our top three Instagram color palettes apps. Prepare to be inspired!

All set to building a visual library for your company that includes best Instagram colour palettes? Collaborate with Jootoor Designs on everything from company logo design to colour palette selection; our professionals can help you with it all!


Canva is a one-stop Instagram color palette apps for photo editing and graphic creation. It does, however, have a powerful color palette generation tool.

Anyone may just use a photo as inspiration! Canva will create a color scheme for Instagram depending on the photo if you upload it.

For a more personalized option, utilize Canva’s color wheel tool. Plus, you may browse dozens of palettes for free using colors, phrases, or themes.


This Instagram color palettes app is our go-to anytime we need to do some colorwork. No matter whether it’s creating unique color schemes or experimenting with complex gradients. Coolors will also work if you need to create an Instagram color palette.

You may make a color scheme out of existing photographs, use graphics from anywhere, or look for popular color schemes, all of which are given with HEX codes for your benefit. The program is accessible as an Adobe add-on, a Chrome extension, and a standalone iOS app, and it is free.


Colordot is a fun and creative method to pick an Instagram color palette ideas. Full-screen mode is available on both the PC and iOS versions. Simply capture colors using your camera.

Swipe to modify the color, brightness, and saturation of your image. This software provides you with a plethora of possibilities for finding exactly what you’re looking for


It’s a color palette extractor for Instagram profiles that can create a color theme based on your previous posts. The free version analyses the most recent 9 posts, while the subscription plan analyses the most recent 28 posts.

If you’re just starting with your site, Colorkuler isn’t for you. There’s rarely a better choice if you’ve created a few releases and want to explore where they’ll lead you artistically.


Palette is a brilliant Instagram color palette app with thousands of 5-star ratings. Any photo or online link may be used to create a palette. It also provides HEX codes that may be used on a variety of platforms.

You don’t have to be a visual artist to create visually appealing content on Instagram: 50 Instagram theme ideas, how to get them, and five tools you can use to plan out your content. You won’t find every theme suitable for every brand or business, but it’s likely that you’ll find at least one that fits your needs.

So, Which one are you most eager to try?

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