increase revenue with organic traffic

As daily thousands of websites get added to the billions of already existing websites, it is quite a tough job to get organic traffic. It is inevitable to derive better strategies to beat the ever-increasing competition.

When one thinks about the top strategies that can bring organic traffic to the website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing are at the top positions.
Which one amongst these is the best? Well, every approach has its value. Importantly, the synergy effect is the maximum when all these strategies work together.

Being a new publisher, you ought to get confused when different combinations of SEO, content marketing, and SMM to bring new visitors to your website.

This blog discusses five different ways of using these strategies to achieve a significant increase in organic traffic, and of course, revenue.

When you give a buzz to an experienced Seo company bangalore such as, you get a comprehensive strategy to increase revenue with organic traffic.

Content is still the king

There are almost two decades have passed, but the content has still not lost its relevance and importance. However, there has been a change in the perception of the content in modern times.

Today, more than quantity, SEO experts give precedence to the quality of the content.  

More is not always better; the content has to be relevant and compelling to elevate your website’s ranking. In fact, too much content may actually harm instead of help.

It is certainly tempting to share repetitive content, but one should avoid that. 

The right approach is to talk about topics that people are really interested in and provide sufficient information about in every post you publish.

It will force your readers not to leave your website to look for more information. Do you think it is easy to do that? No, it needs a lot of effort.

To do it effectively, you need a professional Content writing service bangalore so that your team is saved from the hassles and agony of creating and publishing content round the clock.

Professional content creators aim for publishing impressive, useful, and meaningful content weekly once or twice. They write good-quality content, engaging, readable, and sensible.

According to content experts, one of the better ways of formulating content is to use the current affairs and news. Relate the topics to your core business and write impressive content. Not only it creates a good impact but it also becomes a source of future data.

Once the content is ready, now it is time to add custom images, graphs, charts, and other data points. It creates a fantastic user experience and also increases dwell time.

Is this strategy applicable if the content is already available? Sometimes, the content is there but its quality is not up to the mark. 

Yes, it is very much possible. Just by adding some fresh content to it or rewriting it partially or updating can considerably improve the impact. Also, it is far less expensive than writing the whole content afresh.

The rewritten content will attract more readers. Also, it will attract existing readers to check for new information.

Gradually you build trust with the readers by providing good-quality, meaningful content to them. When they share the links with their friends, it opens new avenues for business.

Start podcasting

We know the benefits of blogging, but podcasting brings furthermore advantages. There are many people who do not have time to read but can listen to the content while commuting to the workplace. 

Your podcast builds a personal connection with the audience. Once it happens, they eagerly wait for what is coming next? 

Statistics confirm that the use of podcasting is increasing worldwide. It means, there are so many potential leads for your business. 

However, a few things are important to make a podcast authentic. You need to establish yourself as an authority in the subject. You can begin by interviewing people in the podcast.  For that, you will have to email the people who want to be guests in your podcast. 

Once you start hosting, you can publish the podcast. Remember, consistency is very much important here. Your listeners should find you easily.

The content in the podcast must have relevant links and landing pages in the transcript. It will help the listeners to navigate to the website if they wish so.

These tips will bring the listeners into the funnel. You will be able to generate enough money without running ads in the podcast.

The podcast is a highly effective way of reaching new customers and driving organic traffic to your website. To make it more effective, you can repurpose the content from your blog to podcast and podcast to the blog.

It can be done for any topic or niche. For example, a tourist blog post can be easily converted into a podcast. You can interview people who have been a particular tourist place and use the insight in your blogpost.

Thus, you do not have to prepare fresh content for the podcast and blog. You can repurpose it and make sure that the content becomes available to a large audience.

If you are not much confident about podcasting, call, a leading Digital marketing company bangalore. You will get a complete understanding of it.

It is a smart way of working indeed!

Build your links with the help of infographics

There has been a lot of gung-ho about link building. Yes, it is quite useful and effective, but you can make it further effective by using infographics with the help of a SEO company bangalore

It strengthens your authority that has been built by publishing compelling content. Strong authority means better web page ranking and subsequently more traffic.

To get inbound links from authoritative websites, you can use infographics. They add life to the information with their colors, fonts, icons, graphs, and charts. It has been proven that infographics influence viewer’s behavior more than text.

Visual learners appreciate it more than others. In general, people in the top management are the decision-makers and they like to see infographics more than textual information.

Let us understand it with an example. Suppose you want to explain about SD_WAN to the audience.

If there are CEOs and CFOs in the meeting, then they will be hardly interested in knowing the technical details described in the text. They simply want the Internet to be working and their data being secure. 

Therefore, you should explain the concept more with the help of visuals.

If there are IT people in the meeting, then they will be interested in knowing the technical details. Here, textual information will be more appreciated.

You need to do the same thing with your blog and website. Give information in the way people appreciate the most. You will get a higher ranking and backlinks.

How will you create good infographics? Here are a few points:

  • Search an authoritative website that you see as the source of inbound links
  • Select a topic that is interesting for yours and the website’s audience
  • Make attractive, easy to understand, and engaging infographic
  • Share it with the owner of the website so that it is posted on the website.
  • Ask for a link that points back to your website.

You will have to do it for other websites as well. With an increase in the domain authority, you can see an improvement in the website ranking. 

Collaboration with the best Digital marketing company bangalore will take the ranking at new heights.

Related Blogs

Using long-tail ending pages

The search pattern of viewers on the Internet indicates that when someone is ready to buy a product, he uses precise phrases. Each phrase has three-four keywords that reflect the service or product he is searching for.

If you compare between informative keywords and long-tail keywords, then the latter is not competitive. When you rank the content, it is imperative to know what keywords people are using when they search for a service or product precisely.

In case, you are not in a position to figure out exact keywords, then you can perform a website analysis and SEO audit.

It will measure the website traffic and tell you whether the keywords you use are useful or not.

When you build websites and landing pages that include relevant, precise long-tail keywords and content that reflects the need of the viewers, you will get a good conversion. You will have more people who are eager to buy the services or products offered by you.

Again, we have to understand it by an example. Suppose you are an energy providing company. To understand the fuel needs and energy to seek targets of different industries, you need to gather relevant long-tail keywords. 

Let us assume you build a data collection tool where the relevant information is collected. Based on that, you have dedicated landing pages for each unique offer. The better strategy is to have direct things with minimum distractions.

However, it is essential to remember that there should not be too many options that will confuse the viewers. When you overcomplicate the things and spend thousands in developing multiple landing pages, it loses the purpose of it. Use the same template by changing the offer or target.

It is equally essential to keep the infrastructure ready at the back end so that you can take advantage of the increased sales leads. 

Monetize your blog

blog monetization

Many people think that monetizing a blog should be done once a certain level of traffic is achieved. However, it is not correct. The only things you should consider are:

  • There is consistent traffic to the blog
  • You have a sizeable email list 

If you feel that these two things have been achieved, then you can start monetizing the blog by sending a personalized email along with your offers. 

The parameters that should be focused are open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. The more you improve on these aspects, the better results and revenue cam be expected. 

You decide the income goals first to decide the above mentioned three parameters. Talk to the Content writing service bangalore you are partnering with to finalize them.

The first thing is to decide the main drivers for you. It is no possible to drive traffic just by deciding the driving factors. You have to define result-oriented actions to achieve the goals.

Also, patience is an equally important thing. It is not possible to get massive traffic initially. It will take time. People will not trust you unless they have three or four encounters at least.

What qualities will put you distinctly in the crowd of publishers? They are your patience and consistency. There are so many people competing with you with their dream of earning big money. 

When you offer valuable content to the audience, you increase the chances of your website being recommended to others by your loyal customers. 

Keep all these things in mind. Implement one idea at a time. You will see a consistent increase in website traffic. Eventually, you will earn the loyalty and trust of the audience and new conversions.

Give a buzz to now and get ideas to give a boost to revenue and organic traffic.

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