6 Amazing Tips To Follow When Creating Your Logo

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6 Amazing Tips To Follow When Creating Your Logo

Logo Tips

Your logo is a very important part of your business. It is often the first thing people see and can help make an excellent first impression and separate your business from the competition. With how much your logo can make or break your company, you must take time with the creation process.

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Speaking of this process, it can be a long and challenging journey to land a logo you love finally. But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you make your logo yourself or put your trust in professionals, this guide will go over some helpful tips to create a wonderful logo for your business that you can be proud of.

The colors you choose for your logo can make or break its success. You want to use colors that look good together and draw attention, but you need to be thinking deeper than that.

In order to truly come up with the best logo possible, you need to utilize color psychology. This is the research surrounding how colors make people feel and behave and how different colors influence the decision-making process. Colors can impact how people feel about your company and impact what they associate you with.

If you plan on having colors in your logo, take time to learn the influence it may have over customers and what it can represent:

  • Blue is a dependable, trustworthy, and secure color.
  • Red is a passionate, powerful, and exciting color.
  • Black is a sophisticated, elegant, and confident color.
  • Orange is a warm, creative, and energetic color.
  • Green is a fresh and natural color that exudes hope.
  • Yellow is a happy, optimistic, and youthful color.

Simply choose the color that best describes what you’d like your business and brand to represent. In addition to using color psychology, consider consulting a color wheel to make sure the colors you want to use are appropriate together and won’t clash or look bad.

The Design Should be Memorable

MCDONALDS logo history

Of course, the logo you choose needs to be memorable. If you take a look at a list of the most famous logos of all time, all are very memorable and unique in their own way. You can show this list to almost anyone, and they will be able to name the company simply by the logo.

This is the ultimate goal for every business when they design a logo. You want it to be something that the public instantly connects to your brand, and can recognize on a shelf or on a screen.

If customers are able to remember your logo, every time they see it they will instantly remember what your business does and how your brand makes them feel.

There is unfortunately no perfect formula for making a memorable logo, but finding a way to have text and/or symbols, and a unique twist tying the logo to your industry can often go a long way. The logo should be simple, convey your brand message well with color or font, and be different enough from competitors in your industry.

Know Your Audience and Customers

Knowing your audience and customers goes hand-in-hand with creating a great logo. If you want to design the right logo, you first need to have a very good idea of who your ideal customer is or will be. You should know:

  • Their age.
  • Their income.
  • Their hobbies and interests.
  • Their pain points and struggles.
  • Where they live.
  • Their education levels and more.

If you are a new company and don’t have your own customers to research, consider analyzing your competitors. Through this analysis, you should get a better idea of your ideal customer and who is most likely to buy your product or service.

From there, you need to craft a logo that will stand out and be appreciated by this ideal customer you have. You should have a better understanding of the colors, the fonts, and the overall style that will provide the best results.

Make Sure the Logo Fits Your Brand and Company

Another incredibly helpful tip is to make sure that your logo fits well with your brand and company. Your brand and logo need to fit together nicely, and your logo should fit the personality and vibe that your brand gives off.

If your brand is modern, silly, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, you likely don’t want an incredibly traditional, plain, and boring logo. In order to have your logo show off what your brand is all about, you need to establish your brand identity and know what you represent.

  • What are the values of the company?
  • What sorts of goals is the company aspiring to reach?
  • Who is our ideal customer and what do they like?
  • What sort of reaction do we want people to have when they see or hear about our brand?

The responses you come up with to these questions can help you decide not only how to structure your logo, but also other elements of your brand identity. With enough research and hard work, you can certainly land on a logo that fits perfectly with the company you are building.

Check Out Your Competitors

Getting logo design inspiration is a big part of creating your logo. If you try to work on a logo without first having some source of inspiration, it can be quite challenging to get anywhere. You can find inspiration from anywhere, from social media, to nature, to sitting on a park bench.

But one of the best places to get inspiration is by checking out the logos of your competitors or those in your industry. Take a look at how their logo looks, what it represents, the things you like about it, and also what you don’t.

This also provides a great opportunity to look at how the public has received these different logos. Judging the views of the public can help you decide what to avoid and which direction you should take in regards to your logo.

Of course, you never want to outright steal or copy any design, but there is nothing wrong with getting some ideas. While this research is helpful, it can often be a good idea to set yourself apart from the competition to make sure your products aren’t simply lumped in with theirs due to a similar logo. If everyone is going one way with their logo, pivoting to go the opposite can help you stand out.

Seek Out Feedback and be Open to Criticism

Before ever making anything final, it is a good idea to seek out feedback in regards to your logo. Always ask for a second opinion from those around you, and take what they say to heart. Sometimes, it takes an outside set of eyes to point out a glaring issue or mistake with the logo.

It can be easy to overlook a variety of things when you are dead set on a logo and have been working on the intricate details for weeks. Ensure people look at it from various different angles, and consider printing off a copy, as logos will look different in-person on paper than on a screen.

There have been several examples of logos where inappropriate designs were missed, logos featured insensitive shapes, or they had a secondary meaning that designers clearly missed before taking it live.

Also, when you launch a new logo or make your very first logo, it is important to be open to criticism from the public, too. You want your logo to resonate with the public, so be sure to take the good and the bad in stride and consider using it to improve or fine-tune the logo.

However, while this feedback is important to consider, don’t immediately make changes after a couple of poor comments. Oftentimes, the initial reaction is not something that will stick and people will eventually warm up to the logo.

Asking questions can also help you get the feedback you desire on your logo. You can ask:

  • What do you like about the logo?
  • What is something you would change?
  • Do you associate this logo with our brand and products?
  • Do you feel other colors would have been better to use?

The answers to these questions and ones like them can be incredibly valuable, and you can even test the waters by releasing a few test logos to focus groups and seeing what they think before making anything official.

By keeping these amazing tips in mind, you can make sure that the logo you design turns out exactly the way you want, and can help your business succeed.


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