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Blog Technique

If you are promoting your brand you would have felt that wrapping a blog post is so fulfilling. After hours of research, creative writing, and editing it feels astonishing after the completion. The thought that people are going to love your work and your hard work is going to pay off cannot be replaced by anything. But if you feel this people have to view your blog post. If no one knows about your all your effort is sure to go in vain. Even a best-worked blog post fails terribly if there is no promising promotion for the blog. If your effort is going down the drain even after hours of hard work it means that you are doing something wrong. Let us fix it by effectively promoting your best work.

The importance of blogging

If you are promoting a blog first you have to know what it can do for you. According to research markers who prefer blogging and strikes the right strategy is 13 times more likely to receive a high and positive ROI. As mentioned this 13 percent can be achieved only if the blog gains traction of people. If no one visits the blog you will end up killing the blog. With the following strategies, you double and if you are strategic enough you can triple the traffic to your blog.

High quality and viral content is the starting point

Initially learn how to create a blog that drives traffic. For that Creating content for the sake of creating content might end up hurting your existing audience. The blog should contain useful and unique information and help people in identifying your brand. Also if the content is viral it is sure to speak for itself but many fail in doing the same. The key step in creating viral content is observing sites that produce viral content day in and day out. And if you observe keenly the first thing that you have to do is create a headline that is great and attractive.

  • The headline has to grab the attention of the readers. This is not a new fad instead it is an age-old technique that works wonders even now. Also, the content of the blog should be truthful and genuine. If the headline is enticing but the content is snake oil then it is going to ultimately reduce traffic.
  • The second tip to write a viral content is to keep the length right. The content with 2000 or three thousand words wide opens the opportunity for SEO and as a result, you are likely to get high conversion rates. Beefed up posts are good to build backlinks and organic leads. The post has to be informative and not just some blabbering story for three thousand words.
  • And the third is to have an idea that makes you stand apart from the crowd. That is totally up to your imagination. Have complete understanding about your audience and take their comments and reviews for source of inspiration. If you are not able to come up with one you can go for a topic generator.

Target the existing audience


It is a trap to target the existing audience. You might have seen lots of businesses doing this. But that won’t get you too far. For example, what you do is create a negative audience of the people who have visited your website and target the ones who have never heard about you. This way you can increase your audience circle. Though the amplification might not be on a great scale your existing audience will share your blog with others. But don’t totally rely on this because not all your audience will do the same. Start promoting your blog in various social media platforms like Instagram where you can find relevant audience for your blog.

Dominate with long-tail keywords

long-tail keywordsThe first thing that you have to do while writing content is to start with a keyword search. Instead of going for short keywords, you have to select keywords that are more precise and specific. For example, your keyword is furniture, it is popular but it is vague and many who don’t even have the intention of buying will search for it and there is no use in such traffic. Instead, the best office cushion chair will receive only a fraction of the search but the people searching will most likely buy it. Find one with low competition and be a top popper in the category.

Go for guest blogging

guest bloggingIt is one of the few effective ways to get visibility and the best part is you need not have to pay for it. It will increase your visibility significantly and help to showcase your talent and expertise. It will also boost your SEO rank by giving backlinks from another site. Choosing the right site to submit your blog and the audience of the blog plays a major role in its success.

Spruce your blog with visual media

According to researchers, 90 percent of visual content can be recalled by the brain compared to written content. Also developing original images for the blog will help it to resonate with the readers. You can construct original infographics, graphs, and other visual media so that you stick to the essence of the blog. By including funny memes and doodles you need not put much effort into its promotion as they get promoted themselves. An experiment also revealed that by including image alt text, SEO rank improves, and as a result traffic increases by 25 percent.

Render blogs to be searchable

Learn the importance of SEO and try to include those strategies in your blog. Organic search results are the best cost-effective way to increase traffic. Additional to writing content that is useful and interesting make it optimized for search engines. Employ both on-page and off-page tactics to be on the front line of SERPs. To make your blog SEO friendly incorporate the right keyword and avoid stuffing of keywords. There are thousands of tips and tricks to optimize your blog for SEO identify the one that works for you and incorporate it. 

Construct real relationships

You need not promote all your blogs online, building real relationships is also a great way to get started. The first step to do this is to construct a base of loyal and trustworthy readers. These readers will review your blog and will share it themselves. You can also do by sharing other people’s and businesses’ blogs on your social media page and emails. As a result, you will never know who is going to end up sharing yours in exchange.

Final takeaway

You can adopt any method that works wonders for you but the key is consistency. No matter even if you choose something off the list, for the strategy to pay off you have to stick to them and incorporate it in any case. Eventually, you will see that the blogs are getting traction and will reflect in your business revenue.

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