A Complete Guide to Using Instagram to Grow Your Business in 2022

Discover how Instagram can help your business and how to use Instagram features to grow your brand.

Business Instagram is an effective tool for increasing your company’s visibility and sales. Instagram has developed into a platform that is nearly tailor-made for businesses to promote their goods and services over time.

Instagram, which is expected to reach 1.2 billion users by 2023, offers enormous potential for small company owners to increase their marketing efforts, and marketers all over the world are aware of this. “Seventy-eight percent of marketers are utilizing Instagram,” according to the Social Media Examiner’s 2021 social media marketing research.

Marketers consider it to be the second most important social media platform behind Facebook, with 64% planning to boost their Instagram activity in the coming year.

Every month, more than one billion individuals use Instagram, with nearly 90% of them following at least one brand. This suggests that adopting Instagram for business in 2021 will be a no-brainer.

You’ve probably noticed business Instagram’s power. The platform offers various advantages for small businesses, from customer complaints to a product going viral, leveling the metaphorical digital playing field between small and large firms.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to utilize Instagram for your small company, from leveraging the platform’s capabilities to specific suggestions for expanding your digital presence.

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Instagram marketing benefits for businesses

You might be wondering if Instagram for business is as good for your business as everyone claims. Is it really worth your effort to learn how to utilize Instagram tools? Is it true that acquiring more Instagram followers leads to more clients for your business? All of these questions have an affirmative response, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Let’s take a look at some data that show why you should be using Instagram for business and leveraging Instagram tools.


You should have a business account to be competitive in your market. A personal page is simply that: it’s for you. Businesses utilize Instagram tools for a variety of reasons, one of which is to enhance sales and total income. Instagram is used by 83 percent of people to find new items or services, and 81 percent of people use Instagram to research specific things.

In addition, 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product they found on the platform. These figures demonstrate how effective business Instagram can be for your company.

Using an Instagram account to advertise your business is a fantastic method to get your name out there. Instagram technologies like product tags have recently made it even easier for companies to sell on the platform.

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Establishing your business on Instagram boosts the exposure of your brand. Increasing the exposure of your brand allows more people to learn about whom you are and what you do. Instagram is used by teens, millennials, and adults alike, so no matter who you’re attempting to contact, you can accomplish it with this social media network.

Instagram is undoubtedly the most efficient marketing tool, with one billion monthly users. You may make your voice heard and tailor it towards individuals who may be interested in your business by posting regularly about your brand on Instagram, resulting in more followers. Using Instagram tools to build a brand image online will yield a clear return on investment.

Posting original and high-quality material is one of the most important parts of gaining exposure and, as a result, more Instagram followers. It may sound self-evident, but given the platform’s growing popularity, this is more important than ever.

Be unique, have a brand theme, and provide material that adds value to the user to make your Instagram business account stand out.

With an Instagram business account, you can check insights to see who is seeing your post and who isn’t. What good are additional Instagram followers if they aren’t in your target demographic?

How does branding increase the value of the business?


Brands didn’t have as many options to communicate with their customers before social media as they have now. Simply increasing your Instagram followers may now lead to in-depth interactions with clients all around the world.

How does this appear on Instagram? Conversations via DMs, comments on a post, and engagements via polls or quizzes on your Instagram Stories may all help you learn more about your consumers and them learn more about you.

It’s no secret that building relationships with clients is crucial, so why not use business Instagram to help you get there? Pay attention to what your consumers have to say so you can tailor your future ideas to their demands and requirements.

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How To Use Instagram For Business

Don’t panic if this is your first time using Instagram for business. We’ll show you how to create an Instagram business account step by step.

To begin, pick a username; it may take a few tries to find one that isn’t already taken. Create a password, then enter the phone number or email address you wish to be connected with the account. Instagram will give you a verification code to that number or email address.

Instagram will offer you the opportunity to link with your Facebook friends and contacts once you’ve input the verification code, which you may or may not wish to do. Then you’re in – you’ve got yourself an Instagram account.

You’ve created a profile, but it’s not an Instagram business account yet. Read on to see how to create business profile Instagram.


Get to your profile in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and press the three lines in the top right-hand corner to go to Settings.

Tap “Account” and “Switch to Professional Account” from there. You’ll be asked if you’re a creator (such as an artist or influencer) or a company owner (a retailer, brand, etc.).

Follow the prompts to select a category by clicking “Next” on the one that best represents you. After that, Instagram will prompt you to update your contact information and link with your company’s Facebook profile. After that, you’ll have an Instagram business account.

How To Use Instagram For Business

It’s time to improve your Instagram business account now that it’s up and running. Fill out your bio with information about your company, including where you’re situated, what you do, and any other pertinent information.

This is your business account’s elevator pitch, so make the most of it! This is one of the Instagram features that will inform users who you are as a business and what you stand for.

Your bio should reflect your brand’s distinct personality and demonstrate to your followers what they’re getting themselves into by following your account.

It’s also crucial to include a link in your bio. If you’re new to Instagram, include a link to your website’s home page. Later, you could wish to highlight a fantastic offer by linking to a specific product page or landing page.

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Link-in-bio sites from third parties can establish a specialized landing page with several connections to your other social media channels, your website, affiliate websites, and so on.

Visitors will be directed to the chosen hashtag or another profile if you include a hashtag or “@” followed by a username in your bio. This function has the added benefit of allowing you to promote your Instagram company account using your personal Instagram profile.

Finally, once you’ve set up your Instagram business account and polished your profile, start paying attention to statistics.

One of the Instagram tools that may help you understand your audience and publish material that appeals to them, resulting in increased web traffic and purchases, is analytics.

Use the Insights tab (found under the three black lines in the top right-hand corner of your profile) to track your metrics and use the data to assist you as you continue to refine and enhance your Instagram for the business plan over time.

The activity tab lets you see who’s looking at your profile and clicking on your website links. The ‘audience’ page displays the growth of your account. One of the numerous advantages of utilizing Instagram for the company is analytics.

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Now that your Instagram business account is up and running, there are a few things you should concentrate on in order to increase your Instagram followers and sales.

  • Make use of hashtags.
  • Select a Theme
  • Tags for Products
  • Advertisements on Instagram
  • Collaborate with Influencers
  • Use Narratives
  • User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • There’s a link in the bio
  • Reels from Instagram
  • Takeovers
  • Giveaways
  • Consistent content

1. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent technique to get more people to notice your business Instagram account and earn more followers. They’re a great tool, but only if utilized appropriately; instead of just putting in anything that comes to mind, choose relevant hashtags with a purpose behind each one. Relevant hashtags will aid in the categorization of your content and their distribution to your target audience.

If you’re stuck on ideas, try using a hashtag generator to get a list of possible tags. Then filter it down to a manageable quantity — the optimal number of hashtags to use each post varies per brand, but may vary from seven to thirty — and test which ones perform best.

Utilize Hashtags

2. Select a Theme

Every business should have an Instagram theme that reflects their brand voice, color scheme, content style, and more. A constant theme will help your followers recognize your brand and will offer your feed a unified appearance that will entice them to follow along.

The ultimate objective is to obtain more Instagram followers in order to promote your company to as many people as possible, therefore sticking to a consistent theme is essential.

Choose a tone of voice for your captions – if it fits your brand, go for fun and feisty, or go for laid-back and quiet. Then decide what kind of stuff you’ll share. Videos? Photos? Graphics? Is it a combination of the above?

If you’re using graphics, keep the colors and fonts similar; if you’re using photographs; utilize Instagram photo editing programs like Lightroom to edit each shot in the same way.

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3. Tags for Products

Instagram’s new product tags feature is a terrific way to highlight your items on the platform. When you tag a product, individuals who read your post may touch on the photo to see a tag with the product’s name and price.

They may tap a specific tag to see the product’s complete description, and then select to see it on the website.

4. Advertisements on Instagram

Instagram business account customers may now make use of Facebook’s improved campaign customization choices, diversified formatting, and fantastic targeting capabilities, thanks to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. Instagram advertising is advantageous and assists you in gaining more followers.

You may build business Instagram advertisements either using Facebook Ads Manager or directly through the Instagram app. As you create the adverts, make sure they’re entertaining and consistent with the rest of your content.

Users should be able to stop scrolling and read what you have to say about your product or company.

By including a call-to-action, customers will be able to shop your brand’s products immediately. In comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram users are not only more inclined to participate, but they are also more likely to recall advertisements. These people will notice your ad, remember the product, and perhaps buy it.

Instagram Ads are an excellent way to promote your business. Please keep in mind that only an Instagram business account has the ability to post ads. This feature is not available in your personal account.

6. Use Narratives

Use Instagram Stories to engage with your audience by using features like polls, quizzes, and questions to connect with your followers. This is also a terrific approach to personalize your brand by going behind the scenes.

Videos of your staff having a good time at work, or images that demonstrate how your company is growing may go a long way toward connecting you with your followers. Because so many people use Instagram Stories (500 million daily users), it’s a perfect location to post this type of material.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a $5-$10 billion business that shows no signs of slowing down. Although there are many influencers in the market, it’s crucial to remember that in order to get a return on your investment, you must pick them carefully.

Begin by identifying some influential people or micro-influencers in your niche. Reach out to lesser accounts and offer free things in return for a post or story on their page.

Keep in mind that many successful influencers with significant followings may want monetary remuneration in exchange for featuring your company on their business Instagram page.

Not only is it crucial to identify an influencer in your field, but it’s also crucial to make sure they’re trustworthy and have a large enough following to effectively market your business. Influencers may be thought of as an extension of your marketing team. However, do not assign those unanticipated deliverables or bizarre standards as if they were in-house employees.

Choose influencers who will promote your company without seeming like a salesperson and who will drive new clients to your page during your initial search. In the beginning, this might be a guessing game, but once an influencer has completed a campaign with you, continue to reach out to them in the future to build a connection.

Influencers are already being used by your business rivals, so you should too! Use them to establish your brand’s credibility, create new fresh content, increase organic traffic and interaction, and, most importantly, generate sales.

7. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Look no farther than user-generated content if you want to enhance engagement, create trust, and make generating content even easier. UGC is material created by your fans, customers, and followers that you may reuse and share on your page.

Send someone a message and ask if you may repost it on your page if your audience is already talking about your business. However, if they aren’t currently producing material for you, now is the moment to ask them?

Run a contest, develop a unique hashtag, and invite your followers to post about your product or business for a chance to be featured on your Instagram account.

People prefer to read blogs made by genuine people since it makes your marketing messages appear more accurate.

8. There’s a link in the bio

Are you utilizing the link in your bio to its best potential? You may always refer your followers to your website, online shop, blog, or any other things you’d like to market from there.

Because business Instagram only allows you to include one link, it’s a good idea to utilize a link in the bio provider to make the most of that space.

You may design a landing page with a link tool that has several links that your followers and visitors would be interested in seeing.

This way, you may advertise many links in your posts and Stories without worrying about someone who views your feed post a few days later missing out on the opportunity to click through.

9. Reels from Instagram

Reels are Instagram’s newest and best addition, and they’re immensely popular right now. Not only are they being pushed out by the algorithm, but Instagram has just redesigned its interface to include an easy-to-find Reels button.

You may demonstrate your behind-the-scenes, give fast, impactful suggestions, or create a relationship with your audience with these short movies. Reels are Instagram’s counterpart to TikTok, and video is popular across social media platforms.

10. Takeovers

You may use this method in conjunction with the influencer marketing we discussed before, or you can collaborate with other businesses in your sector to host takeovers.

You may undertake in-house takeovers to produce different types of content for your followers even if you don’t want to cooperate with another business.

Someone other than your typical content provider will operate your brand’s business Instagram account for the day with an Instagram takeover. An influencer, a comparable (non-competitor) brand, or even someone within your own organization, such as the founder of a small firm or the head of a separate department, can all be examples.

If they conduct a Story takeover, they’ll spend the whole day in Stories, either delivering useful hints or giving a behind-the-scenes peek. You may even perform a feed takeover, in which your visitor uploads a few feed entries.

Takeovers may help you develop your audience and enhance engagement by allowing your audience to have a little more fun with your brand.

11. Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway may be a terrific method to boost your following and engagement, regardless of your goals. You may arrange a large giveaway in collaboration with other businesses, influencers, or enterprises, or you can do it yourself.

Each sponsor may donate a product or service to a larger giveaway, or you can all chip in to create another type of grand prize.

Giving away part of your stuff for a giveaway merely with your brand is a terrific method to increase attention on Instagram. You may set your own entry requirements, but typical methods include asking people to like a post, follow you and anybody else interested in the contest, and leave a comment.

12. Consistent content

Finally, the best thing you can do for your business Instagram presence is to continuously provide high-quality material. Decide on a timetable that works for you and your brand’s resources, and stick to it.

It’s alright if you can’t or don’t want to publish seven days a week. Choose a timetable that you can keep to, since your audience will start to anticipate and anticipate your content.

Remember to continually be releasing quality content as you seek to increase your following so that your new audience may learn from you and eventually buy.

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A. B2B Marketing-Specific Hacks

It’s easy to dismiss Instagram and other social media sites as only being useful for B2C businesses, but you can utilize them for B2B marketing as well. There are a few things you should be doing on business Instagram to truly attract the attention of other companies.

First and foremost, have a good time with it. You’ll want your material to blend into the typical tone of social media, which is light and enjoyable. You don’t have to create uninteresting material just because you’re marketing to other firms.

They’ll still be making purchase decisions, so make your material educational as well as entertaining and unique.

After that, make sure you emphasize the social aspect of social networking. This is a simple task for B2C businesses, but it is as crucial for B2B businesses! Respond to comments on your posts, send and receive direct messages, and use your Stories to give useful information.

Promote other businesses that would benefit your audience, and perhaps they will reciprocate.

B. B2C Marketing-Specific Hacks

B2C businesses may also succeed on business Instagram. This is where you’ll be able to communicate with your followers and customers and truly create a relationship.

Engagement marketing, which includes engaging with users on the app, making comments, having discussions, and replying to direct messages, should be your primary goal.

People prefer to know what goes on behind the scenes of businesses, so show them. So, set aside a day to tell stories about what goes on in the building.

Show some of how you create your items, or how you package and transport an order if you’re a product-based firm. B2C businesses can run advertising as well, but you’ll want to make sure they appear natural. This is more likely to get the attention of your ideal consumers.

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1. Avoid These Errors

There are so many wonderful Instagram recommendations for what you should do that it’s equally necessary to address what you should avoid doing. First and foremost, avoid “posting and ghosting.” Stay on the app after you’ve published a post if you can.

Quickly respond to comments and engage with other people’s material. This demonstrates to the Instagram algorithm that you’re there to socialize.

Don’t use the same hashtags on every post. Your hashtags should be relevant to the content of your post. #teddy should not be used in the description or comments on a photo of a cat.

Reposting the same set of 30 hashtags on each post shows Instagram that you haven’t taken the time to create a hashtag set that is unique to that post.

Make a list of hashtags that are related to your company and mix them with hashtags that are particular to your image and description.

Also, refrain from purchasing Instagram followers. If you try to buy a certain quantity of followers from a firm, you’ll almost certainly get bots and false followers who will unfollow you over time.

2. How to Increase Your Social Media Following

Using hashtags, building a brand voice, working with influencers, and following the other recommended practices listed above will help you get organic Instagram followers.

Using an Instagram growth services like Jootoor Designs is one of the simplest methods to gain more organic followers.

Jootoor Designs is a digital marketing business that works on your behalf to attract people in your target demographic by “liking” their posts and encouraging them to visit your account.

Our professionals raise your brand exposure, offer you regular updates on how things are going, and keep all of your information safe.

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3. How to Boost Employee Engagement

If you haven’t already, increasing your Instagram engagement rate should be one of your top priorities.

Growing your following is excellent, but if your fans aren’t engaging with your content, having a large number of followers isn’t worth anything. Improving engagement may appear to be a difficult task, but it is simpler than you may expect.

To begin, make sure you’re providing the material that your audience will want to interact with, so make it fascinating.

In the end, include a strong call-to-action to let your audience know what they should do. This might be as simple as “double tap if you agree,” or as complex as asking a question.

Then take some time to interact with your fans. Go to their pages and like a few things, leave a few comments, and show them the kind of engagement you desire.

When people know what type of involvement they desire, they are more inclined to deliver it.

Some of the previously suggested tactics, such as working with influencers, organizing freebies, and staging takeovers, can also help you enhance engagement.

Anything fresh and distinctive might assist in piquing your audience’s interest and encourage them to participate.

4. How to Turn Your Audience into Customers

The goal of being on social media for businesses is to attract new clients. Instagram allows your followers to get to know you, like you, and trust you.

This helps people become ready to make a buy. You’re pushing them closer to becoming a client every time you answer questions on Instagram Live, upload a Reel that displays your behind-the-scenes, or give an audio response to a DM.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic technique to convert followers into buyers. Sure, you may advertise your product or service, but there’s also a more discreet method to do it. Create a poll to get your audience’s feedback on a certain issue. Make each choice a distinct offering.

This may be, for example, hazelnut or peppermint coffee. Then, as soon as people begin voting, send a DM to everyone who replies.

Thank them for taking the time to participate, and then email them a link to your hazelnut or peppermint coffee, depending on which they choose. This customized invitation is a fantastic approach to turn your fans into buyers.


This list is a solid place to start when it comes to Instagram marketing strategies that small companies may utilize to boost their presence on the social media platform.

You can enhance your Instagram marketing strategy by using strategies like Stories Highlights and Instagram Live.

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