AI Video Generators Free: Top 3 Mostly Free Tools


AI Video Generators

Want to make professional videos from text easily? Then, try AI video generators.

There are presently various sorts of AI video tools. AI-enabled video editors are first. Second, text-to-video generators use AI templates to make videos from text scripts. Whatever AI video technology you use aims to boost productivity and efficiency.

This post is about text-to-video AI generators.

AI video generators make videos from any text. An AI movie creator can create high-quality text-to-video videos with a virtual human presenter in minutes.

The ultimate free AI Video Generator instruction. I compared and reviewed hundreds of text-to-video AI technologies and found the top three. I manually tested all AI video technologies and shared our experience.

Hence, this post will show:

  • 3 Best AI Video Generator tools
  • Their features
  • The text to video generation process
  • Video examples
  • Pros & Cons
  • And more..

How does the AI video maker work?

AI movie makers use text, image, and audio data to create videos.

AI video creators can make videos without human input, but some direction is still needed. Yes, this video production method saves a lot on actors.

So how do they work?

Best part? No video editing is needed. Most video producers have many avatars, so you don’t need to appear.

Images of AI-based avatars;

AI-based avatars

AI videos can have images, music, and more.

This post includes three great AI video makers for business and brand videos.

3 Powerful AI Video Makers to Use In 2024

Note: InVideo was the most stunning and powerful of the three AI Video solutions examined for this evaluation.

Free Plan
Paid PlansStarts at $11.25/moStarts at $30/moStarts at $19/mo
Text to Video Support
Templates (AI)
Music Library
Stock Media
No WatermarkYes (Except Free Plan)Yes (Except Free Plan)
Video Length (Max)40 Min10 Min10 Min
1080p Export
4k Render
Text to SpeechComing Soon
Filters & Transitions
Social Platforms Ratio Supported
Auto Subtitles
Embed Support
Shareable Link
Custom Background
VerdictOverall best tool to produce all kind of ai videosBest in a situation where digital ai human avatars requiredBest for converting blog posts into videos
User Ratings4.54.84.5


Overall best text-to-video solution. is suited for social media, advertisements, YouTube ads, promos, and other videos with text screenplays and no actors.

InVideo’s 50+ AI-powered themes make text-to-video conversion easy. From their 6000+ customisable templates, you may make video advertising, promos, YouTube videos, intros, and more.

The best part of this AI video program is that it can make a video without a screenplay. It’s cool.

Here are some remarkable InVideo AI video maker features:

  • 50+ AI-powered themes to choose from
  • Access to 6000+ templates
  • Provides iStock media and music library
  • Automated Text to Speech
  • Use filters and transitions to create great videos
  • Offers powerful editing software to customize your videos
  • Watermark free videos

Pros of InVideo:

  • Create effective advertising, promotions, YouTube videos, intros, and more.
  • The free plan lets you make 40-minute videos.
  • Create movies with over 50 AI-powered themes.
  • Export unlimited HD video
  • Video in any language
  • Text-to-speech capability converts text into many voices.

Cons of InVideo:

  • Cloud storage is limited (even their top plan has 100 GB). Keep all your files and videos locally on your PC.

How much does InVideo cost?

InVideo cost


Ideal for movies with realistic human avatars Made by AI

Synthesia is an excellent AI movie generator that creates realistic AI videos in minutes. This application is ideal if you require professional-looking performers to read text scripts for video voice-overs. The appropriate video for this technique is a sales pitch and presentation.

Synthesia was tested several times, and my colleagues were asked to distinguish AI characters from humans. Some recognize the AI, but most like the end video.

Synthesia AI video producer has excellent features like these:

  • Access to 40+ avatars to create realistic AI videos
  • Option to allow digital characters to sit at your own uploaded videos
  • The ability to create and use your own avatars to make videos
  • Supports 60+ languages
  • Access to over 30 templates
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Free stock images & videos
  • Custom avatars
  • Video sharing pages & embeds
  • Priority customer support and more
  • Access to free background music

Pros of Synthesia:

  • It works well without actors or cast to record a video.
  • Convert text to videos
  • Automate SEO video creation
  • Make AI-powered online learning videos.
  • Make eCommerce product listing videos.
  • Videos can last 10 minutes.
  • Customize backdrop images or videos.
  • Create videos in over 60 languages.
  • Make tailored sales videos with AI.
  • Create automated daily news videos and more with AI.

Cons of Synthesia:

  • Some AI avatars sound and feel unnatural.

How much does Synthesia cost?

Synthesia cost

3. Lumen5

Best for Blog Post to Video

AI video maker Lumen5 is excellent online. Over 800,000 people produce professional videos with Lumen5. Social media marketers and bloggers love it for its rapid video production and multiple aspect ratio compatibility.

It’s easiest to use and doesn’t require video editing abilities, which is excellent. You may make videos from scratch or in minutes with AI.

Lumen5 text-to-video AI generator has excellent features like;

  • Drag and drop video templates
  • Content library with millions of stock photos & videos
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Custom colors & styles
  • 1080p video resolution
  • Upload watermarks & fonts
  • Upload your own videos & photos


  • Create captivating videos with Lumen5’s AI-powered platform, automatically generating videos from written material. Access a vast collection of millions of free media files.
  • It has many customisable video templates for making impressive videos.
  • To make videos more professional, add your logo and branding.
  • Lumen5 gives you video creation insights to evaluate and improve your videos.
  • Lumen5 makes it easy to embed and share movies on social networks. You can download videos for offline viewing.
  • Lumen5 has free and premium plans, so you may choose what you need. The free program has all the basics, while the pricier plans add HD video output, premium templates, and more.


  • Some videos take too long to render and export.
  • Starting Lumen5 plans don’t support 1080p.

How much does it cost?


FAQs | AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video)

Most AI video generators use “Automated Text to Speech” capabilities. These software solutions automatically convert text to movies using AI.

InVideo’s free plan exports up to 60 AI videos per month and includes complete editing.

Synthesia has two plans. Personal plans cost $30 per month and include 10 video credits. Corporate strategies are customised and priced by video need and use case.


If you provide original text or script, AI video creators will create 100% original videos. The output is entirely dependent on the input.

Final thoughts on AI video generators

We’ve covered the top AI video generators for you. Choose an AI tool that fits your budget and video needs.

To make captivating AI films, utilize the proper script regardless of software.

How do you feel about the video makers mentioned here? Was the post helpful? Any queries? Comment your thoughts.

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