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Learn about the Branding Design Process while understanding the terms Branding and Identity.
Branding Design

What is branding design?

Branding design is the process through which a corporate determines how to visually communicate its brand identity to the public. When we talk about branding design ideas, we generally refer to essential brand components such as the logo, color scheme, typography, and other design elements that distinguish a brand from competitors and make it recognizable to buyers.

In addition to these fundamental features of design branding, it is also more widespread in how a brand expresses itself, whether on social media, in offline stores, or the interior design of corporate offices.

Companies must consistently convey their brand design across all of these contact points — frequently with brand standards, in order to build their brand image in the minds of their customers. This helps create an enduring impression and emotional-tangible ties to the brand.

Why is a Branding Design important?

With a brief introduction to design branding or brand design, however, you may want to address it, let us move on to understand how important a branding design is. Besides, let us also know the role played by a design studio and branding design agencies.

With the digital market becoming more congested than ever before, and many businesses offering increasingly identical items from one rival to the next, the services offered by a branding and design agency may make a significant difference in assisting a company to stand out and engage with target consumers.

The design of a brand should ideally embody its personality and ideals, and it may be a strong instrument in molding customer views towards your brand. A distinctive logo or appealing color scheme may sometimes make a stronger impact on customers than any big-budget ad campaign.

Brand design is building a brand identity that matches your brand correctly. A professional designer may produce impact branding and design components that influence the look of your firm and express the personality of your brand.

Branding is a difficult process with many factors that must be taken into account to create the right brand design. But it must not be intimidating. A reliable branding agency like Jootoor Designs offers you services that fulfill your business requirements at the most affordable branding design quotes.


What is the difference between Branding and Identity?

At first, the terms Branding and Identity may sound like synonyms. But did you know that both of these have different roles to play in enhancing your business?

In a nutshell, Branding is the basis of your brand, while Identity is the visual manifestation of that approach. Even though they exhibit their importance in different ways, they have a mutual connection. To summarize, one cannot exist without the other.

The approach you employ to affect how people engage with your organization is known as branding. It’s all about how you want them to feel and what you want to say to them. These principles guide your identity strategy.

The tangible look of the brand based on the strategy overview you developed on the basis of your company is known as Identity. It’s all about how you want to communicate visually.

Jootoor Designs, quite a well-known branding and design agency, based in the silicon capital of India, even offers different Identity services like:

  • Creation of Logo designs
  • Color schema selection
  • Monograms
  • Typefaces
  • Slogan

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So, then when should you begin taking advantage of these branding design agencies?

Before answering that, let me tell you something- Customer loyalty is fostered by effective branding.

Customers who are loyal to you will stick with you through thick and thin. They will also spread a favorable word about your products among their friends and acquaintances. In turn, their influence will promote your firm to new consumers.

Now, when should a business begin advertising its brand with the help of a branding agency? Should they place a premium on this procedure from the start? Should they focus on branding once they have successfully reached certain of their journey’s milestones?

First and foremost, create a brand’, say management gurus. Then you’re up and running. Consider any company with a significant influence, and you’ll find yourself thinking about the brand! Any firm that sells stuff can succeed, but those that produce sensations and emotions leave an indelible mark on the brains of their customers.

Hence, investing in a Branding Agency like Jootoor Designs is advised from the beginning stage. With our experienced professionals, we assist to create a strong brand identity that distinguishes your company from your business rivals and offers it a competitive advantage.

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Do Start-Ups need Branding?

The reason being obvious, Yes! Start-ups need Branding.

Considering today’s scenario, many start-ups rather than investing in their own branding, choose to save time and money. They imitate their competitors’ identities or current internet trends.

It’s not going to work like that.

You won’t be able to advertise a product or service successfully in the long run if you do not develop a strong brand identification system.

Startups that thrive in branding, successfully communicating their goals and objectives, and connecting with their consumer personas, will undoubtedly beat corporate competitors in terms of emotional reasons.

What are the stages of the branding process?

Here is a six-stage Branding Process to which designers refer while creating a brand:

  1. Business Goals and Brand Personality
  2. Logo Design
  3.  Corporate Brand Style
  4. Market and User Research
  5. Visual Elements of a Brand
  6. A Style Guide


It’s obviously not a designer who establishes or defines the aims of a firm; it’s nevertheless the cornerstone of the entire process of branding. In order to get the desired outcomes, the enterprise must define the priorities and values at its starting stage, so that the branding staff can see the path forward.

They need not necessarily be defined and applied over the whole brand life cycle. The goals might be changed later in a creative process, but in the beginning, it is essential to have some directives.


Let me clear one thing here, Logo is not a brand, but another stage included in the Branding Process.

It is the core mark of brand identification, the brand’s most important sign, and the basis of an efficient marketing plan that enables the company to be connected with the target audience.

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Once the Logo is complete, the right color palette is chosen. Finally, it is time to combine everything in a cohesive corporate style. Let me mention a few brand attributes that enhance the professionalism involved in your business:

  1. Business Card
  2. Correspondence
  3. Banners and Billboards
  4. Vehicle Branding
  5. Hats and T-shirts and more…

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User investigation enables you to immerse yourself in the future brand environment and understand the nuances that might affect its success.

Market research comes first. Designers collect market information and prospective rivals. It’s nice to learn if it’s excellent or terrible from someone’s experience. With the right data, a branding design agency or your in-house team can develop a distinctive and effective logo and construct a brand identity that will set you apart from the competitors.


The sole visual expression of a brand is not logo design. Of course, the main emphasis is usually a logo, but other components like mascots and typography are worthy of consideration.


A style guide is a document that provides advice on how to utilize the visuals for the brand correctly and wrongly. A style guide has traditionally been given to explain the rationale behind a logo and to offer a corporate color palette that may be utilized for multiple reasons.


Your brand distinguishes you from the unending sea of competition and demonstrates who you are and what you can anticipate working with your clients. It’s important to nail your branding and generate designs that clearly reflect who you are for your customers if you want to receive a favorable impression of your company.

Connect with Jootoor Designs today. We display our previous branding design examples and if you are satisfied with our work, let’s move ahead. We promise to offer the best service at the best branding design price in the industry.

Never compromise with the service; After all, it is your business and your brand. Invest wisely! Choosing a branding design agency will directly impact branding and design strategy of your business.

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