Beginners Guide for Pastel Color Palette

Go through some best illustrations of the implementation of the pastel color palette and decide what suits your industry the best!
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Pastel Color Palette

So, beginning with a small introduction, Pastel colors belong to a faint family of colors with high brightness (amount of light) and low saturation (color intensity). Luminance may be added to any pure hue on the color wheel to make a pastel color palette. We’ll get to that in a minute – what increasing brightness entail.

What are the best uses for pastel colors?

Pastel colors, by definition, evoke feelings of serenity, romanticism, and other delicate and lovely things. If you’re a company owner seeking the ideal color palette, pastel colors are best for the following!

  • Baby care products
  • Events planning
  • Desserts shops
  • Cosmetics related
  • Women oriented brands

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  • Baby pink
  • Light Blue
  • Pistachio Green
  • Magic Mint
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Peach
  • Lavender

So, in my last blog, I discussed the pastel color palette. Moving forward, on this blog, I will be discussing how firms from all industries have used pastel hues in their branding!

1. Pastels for Chocolates

Truffles have a love and passion language of their own! It has a balmy feel because of the use of light teal, pink, and white tones. The icing on the cake is the metallic text! This is the ideal premium present.

Only an eye-catching logo helps your brand look outstanding. So choosing the best pastel color palette does play a major role! And that is what we intend to do. Collaborate with Jootoor Designs for colorful and attention-seeking yet creative logo design and banner designs!

Pastels for Chocolates

2. Green Pastel Color Palette For Jewelry

Tiffany’s and other high-end jewelry brands are valued possessions among customers. The jewelry is fragile and should be handled with care.

Pastel Teal combines the soothing aspects of blue with the renewing qualities of green, making it the ideal hue for jewelry branding! It emphasizes the sensation of rebirth. Alternatively, a pastel green color palette that symbolizes freshness in conjunction with that extra oomph can be used for such items.

Green Pastel Color Palette For Jewelry

3. Pastel Color Palette for Dessert Shop

The cake is an experience in and of itself, much more than a treat. It elicits an unrivaled sense of delight! An amalgamation of pastels like blue, yellow, green, and red, coupled with bolder colors gives you branding that easily captures customers’ attention.

Pastels For Dessert Shop

4. Pastel Color Palette for Interior Design

You desire a quiet and pleasant environment when you think about a house. A palette of eye-pleasing hues is a welcome treat and an instant mood booster. You may use a color palette generator to find the perfect color combination!

Pastels For Interior Design

5. Pastels Used in Eco-Friendly Products

Earthy hues and textures, which reflect the earth and its raw components, are becoming increasingly popular among eco-friendly products and companies. Nature’s subtle undertones are a fantastic palette in and of themselves!

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Pastels In Eco-friendly Products

6. Pastels for Baby Care Items

Babies are delicate and sensitive; therefore the branding on their items should reflect that. Pastel hues like pink, blue, lavender, green, and other soft colors aesthetic bring out the tenderness nicely. To add a little additional drama, pair it with a brighter pink or blue.

Pastels for Baby Care Items

7. Pastels for Photography

Pastel backdrops provide you with a beautiful, clean canvas on which to work with your primary characters. Pastel colors are a fantastic color scheme for photography, whether used on a flat pastel color background for a top perspective or as a backdrop.

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Pastels for Photography

8. Pastels for Perfumes

Perfumes with fresh, flowery, or fruity scents are often connected with feelings of serenity, subtlety, and freshness. For such perfumes, using pastel color palette and a simple logo evokes the same sensations when looking at the brand colors.

Pastels for Perfumes

9. Home Decor

The item you’re looking at is a perfume diffuser from the Japanese company Miniso, which is known for its contemplative, peaceful vibes and soothing aroma.

The use of a blue color palette for the packaging and design of aromatherapy items such as candles, wax melt cubes, essential oils, and incense sticks helps customers recognize the product as “relaxing.”

Home Decor

10. Nature’s Pastel Color Palette

We did not create the pastel palette; rather, it is a gift from nature. Pastel hues may be found in a variety of natural components, including the sky, water, flowers, fruits, wood, stones, and even species!

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Pastel in Nature

11. Pastel Instagram Theme

Instagram is a place to spend some time working on your grid and making sure you have a right mix of pastels in your grid. It’s fascinating to watch consumers pick posts that closely mirror the parent theme. It’s also a terrific brand-building tip!

The majority of individuals who like one of your posts are likely to visit your profile at least once. Having a well-designed themed feed is a certain method to gain new followers.

Pastel Instagram Theme


12. Invitations with Pastels

A calming and joyful pastel palette may be used for wedding invitations, baby showers, gender announcement celebrations, and even business events. Add a splash of metallic to this pastel party, and you’ll have ultra-stylish invites to brag about.

Invitations with Pastels

13. Pastels for Cosmetics

Makeup is adored and in a big way! Pink is a fantastic pastel color combination of all things cosmetic. When you add pastel hues to it, you’ve got a great mix.

Pastels for Cosmetics

14. Pastel color for Architecture

Imagine strolling through a beautiful landscape of pastel-colored buildings! Isn’t it incredible? A warm color palette has been used by many civilizations and nations throughout the world in their architecture.

Pastel Architecture

15. Pastels in Fashion

Fashion has re-ignited its passion for pastels in the previous decade, and it is currently prevalent in many garment businesses across the world. Pastel pink is no longer considered a “girly” hue, while pastel grey is no longer considered a “men’s” color.

Pastels in mens Fashion Pastels in Fashion

16. Pastel Color Palette for Website

People spend extended periods on the internet; the Pastel color palette effectively reduces weariness and provides a relaxing, easy-on-the-eyes image. It is nice to land on a pastel website after hundreds of scrolling and tens of noisy movies.

A pastel palette may help you stand out from the crowd in the workplace since it is an instant eye-catcher for consumers of all ages!

Break out from the monotony of neutral plain hues and use a lovely vintage palette to build your website.

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Pastel Website Theme

17. Pastels for Skin Care

In the example, the product is called Peach Lip Balm, and it is packaged in pastel orange. “Handmade Happiness” is the message they wish to spread. What better way to do so than with the lovely and calming soft peach color?

Pastels for Skin Care

Pastel Blue Color Palette

blue pastel color palette

In Short………

So, what do you have to lose? Soak in the ideas and create something absolutely beautiful for your brand! Get started on your Pastel Color adventure, and we can’t wait to see all of your lovely creations.

At Jootoor Designs, we not only love to make your brand look colorful, but we also make your brand emerge in Flying Colors! For Branding Design assistance, get in touch with us today!

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