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Importance of email Subject line and best email subject lines to get motivated from.
Email Subject Lines

You cannot deny that your subject lines are one of the most important parts of your emails. After all, it’s the subject line that subscribers see in their inbox that decides whether or not they open your email.

Thus, failure to write effective email subject lines might mean that your email marketing efforts are in vain! But don’t worry; you’ve arrived at a good spot.

I’ll explain what a subject line is and why it’s crucial in this post. We’ll then go through how to write the greatest subject lines for email.


What exactly is an email subject line?

When individuals get your email, the subject line is the sole line of text they see. Make sure this one line of text is tailored for your target, since it may frequently determine whether an email is opened or sent directly to the trash.

What is the purpose of an email preheader?

Another piece of your email that a subscriber will see in their inbox is an email preheader. It’s the text that appears after the email subject and previews the email’s content.

Consider the wording in the preheader, which reads, “Get a discount on skating lessons if you join before May 1st.”

You can now examine how an email preheader differs from a subject line while remaining relevant. Both functions together to persuade a receiver of your email to open it. While we’ll focus on how to write the finest email subject lines in this post, it’s also important to consider email preheaders.

What’s in a good email subject line?

Consider these suggestions below as modifications you can apply to your subject lines for emails. Each of these subject line suggestions is intended to entice recipients to open and read your email.

  • Reduce the size of it
  • Make a list.
  • Remove any spammy content.
  • Make a public statement.
  • Pose a query
  • Grab attention.
  • Include a due date.
  • Tell a joke or a teaser
  • Give an order
  • Say something out of the ordinary
  • Make use of multi-media.

Here are some catchy email subject lines for your reference:

  • EF Tours: “Trip or Treat!”
  • Chanel: “Smoldering Red Lipstick”
  • Wish: “Electrify your night out.”
  • Drizly: “…here’s $5 to stay in.”
  • Shutterfly: “Claim your UNLIMITED free photo book”
  • Mediabistro: “Generous PTO and Summer Fridays”

What makes a good email subject line?

Let’s take a look at the basics of what makes a good subject line for emails. Regardless of your objectives, the following things should be present in your subject line:


Creating a feeling of urgency is a powerful tool for motivating others to act. You may intentionally generate a similar impact with your topic lines.

Viewers scanning through their mailbox will click to see what they can get in that window of time if a particular offer or campaign has a specified start and finish date. This is also an excellent strategy when done in a brief series of emails that clock down the window of opportunity — as long as you’re not spamming their inbox.


Good Email Subject lines may be effective when they convey the message, “You will benefit from opening this email.” Other times, though, it’s preferable to preserve an air of mystery – especially if the recipient’s natural curiosity and interest are piqued. Because they demand the recipient to open the email in order to obtain further information, they may result in a higher open rate. However, even if the subject line is enigmatic, make sure it still fits with your brand. If it’s too cryptic, it can be mistaken for spam.


This is when the advantage of opening a specific email comes into play. People, after all, enjoy new items and experiences, especially when they’re free or heavily reduced. Start with it by putting it in the subject line of your email. I’m much more likely to check my daily newsletters if there’s a clear offer or hint of “free things” in the subject line.


The emails you send to your subscribers should also be unique because no two subscribers are the same. Marketers have never had more opportunities to learn about their subscribers’ preferences, occupations, or general (dis)likes than they do now. So, on occasion, when you provide the stuff, tailor it to the person.


When we join an email list, it’s typically because we want to be informed, or at the very least learn more about a certain subject (more on that later). Crafting email subject lines that integrate hot subjects or topical headlines, similar to piquing your audience’s attention, may help you build your brand as an expert within your field – and can persuade them to click to read.


Let’s face it: we all adore or have admired renowned people at some time in our lives. You may stir your audience’s curiosity by integrating the names of these revered, known personalities in your content — and mentioning them in your email subject lines if you know your audience’s preferences and interests. But keep in mind that this strategy only works if it complements your brand, product, or service. So, rather than just tossing out a name for the sake of recognition, keep it relevant.

Prospective Email Subject Lines That Are Funny

  1. Need a day at the beach?
  2. Since we can’t all win the lottery …
  3. Bizarre steps to being better at your job
  4. Pairs nicely with spreadsheets
  5. Revised policy regarding jean shorts at work
  6. HBO GO Password?
  7. Don’t invite Steve to that meeting. He’ll dress like a ghost.
  8. Dad jokes. I’ve got ‘em.
  9. You can’t buy this on Amazon …
  10. You have this in common with Steve Jobs
  11. Swipe right on us.
  12. I like you better than my nephew right now.
  13. What’s your Uber rating?
  14. How to organize your VHS collection
  15. Mom’s gonna love this
  16. C’mon, it’s Friday and you’re killing time anyway …
  17. Is Twilight the best movie ever made?
  18. Coffee’s for closers
  19. Confession: I watched Harry Potter 1-4 this weekend
  20. If they made a movie about your life …
  21. The most important meal of the day
  22. I’m just a girl/boy …
  23. Is it too late now to say sorry?
  24. The most important meal of the day
  25. I’m just a girl/boy …
  26. Is it too late now to say sorry?

Examples Of Some Best Email Subject Lines


You’ve worked hard to create an incredible piece of content, and now you want others to read it. Your email list is one of the most effective strategies to send people to your most recent piece of content.

So if you’re not promoting your fresh material via your email list, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.

You may use the following subject line formulae in your content marketing emails:

1. The new email

Formula: NEW: [Blog Post Title]
Example: NEW: How Slack Generates 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month

2. The lessons email

Formula: [Number] Lessons [I/We] Learned by [Action You Took]
Example: 7 Lessons I Learned Doubling Blog Traffic From 100,000 To 200,000 Visitors In One Month

3. The how they done it email

Formula: How [Type Of Person] did [Action They Took]
Example: How 35 influencers grew their sites from 0-10K visitors

4. The here’s why we email

Formula: Here’s Why We [Something Remarkable]
Example: Here’s why we just spent $1.5 million

5. The my big mistake email

Formula: My Big [Topic] Mistake
Example: My big email subject line mistake

6. The authority figure email

Formula: [Authority’s Name] [Topic + Secret/Tips]
Example: Tony Robbins’ 1,000,000 website visitors per month traffic strategy

7. The results email

Formula: How We [Result] In [Timeframe]
Example: How Jootoor Designs grow a site from 0 to 10k visitors in a month

8. The urgency email

Formula: [Action] Now
Example: Open this right now


There’s a fair possibility that someone on your email list is interested in what you’re offering. However, converting your followers into paying clients is a difficult skill to perfect for any marketer.

And you must first have a subject line worthy of opening before anyone will part with their hard-earned money.

Here are some formulae you may use in your sales emails’ subject lines:

1. The last call email
Formula: Last call: [Name Of Product] closes in [#] hours
Example: Last call: Grammarly Pro Account closes in 3 hours

2. The problem solver email

Formula: Fix Your [Problem] Now
Example: Fix Your Email Open Rates Now

Use this technique to attract your audience’s attention and convince them to open the email if your product immediately solves an issue for them.

3. The try out email

Formula: Try Out [Product] For Yourself
Example: Try out Jootoor Designs for yourself

A variant of this subject line was used by the British burger eatery Byron Burger to promote one of their new recipes.

4. The flash sale email

Formula: [Flash Sale] [Name of Product] [Discount]
Example: Flash Sale: Black Rhinos Book 50% Off

To promote a recent sale, Tribe utilized a variant of this subject line.

5. The limited-time sale email

Formula: [Time Left]: [What’s on offer] for [Discount]
Example: 48 hours left: 1 year of Beacon Unlimited for free

Scarcity may dramatically increase open rates. If the deal you’re sending about has a time restriction or restricted availability, notify your reader right in the subject line.


You’ll have to send cold emails if you own a business. That is simply a fact.

For instance, you could:

  • Make contact with potential customers to pitch your company.
  • For your blog, you’d want to conduct interviews with well-known influencers.
  • Meet industry insiders and pick the brains of the finest.
  • If the receiver doesn’t read your email, no matter what you’re attempting to do or how good your perfectly calibrated email text is, you’ll fail.

Here are some cold email subject line formulae to consider:

1. The I found you through email

Formula: I Found You Through [Contact First Name] [Contact Last Name]
Example: I Found You Through Mark Zuckerberg

2. The better way email

Formula: A better way to [achieve goal]
Example: A better way to capture email subscribers who buy

3. The real reason email

Formula: The Real Reason [Target Market] [Attracted To Product/Topic]
Example: The real reason Shopify store owners use Sumo

4. The truth email

Formula: The Truth About [Topic/Person]
Example: The truth about Coconut Oil

5. The problem email

Formula: The Problem With [Insert Problem]
Example: The problem with your Digital marketing strategy

6. The specific event email

Formula: [Event Name] [Reason for Messaging]
Example: IPL 2020 Tickets

7. The let me…email

Formula: Let me [action]
Example: Let me show you how to get video testimonials from customers for $10

8. The right person email

Formula: [Name], are you the correct contact?
Example: Bob, are you the correct contact?

9. The can I help email

Formula: Can I Help with [Topic/Problem]?
Example: Can I help increase your traffic from affiliates?

10. The idea email

Formula: Idea to help solve [Problem]
Example: Idea to help get people referring friends to your business

11. The meet this new thing email

Formula: [Name], meet [your new product/feature]
Example: Dean, meet FAM!


Following up is crucial, whether you’re emailing someone you recently met or attempting to elicit a response to a cold email.

Only after at least five follow-ups do 80 percent of non-routine purchases occur. And after one effort, 44% of salesmen quit up. You’re missing out on significant possibilities to build your business if you don’t follow up.

For follow-up email subject lines, here are a few formulae to consider:

1. The we discussed email

Formula: Here’s the [topic] we discussed
Example: Here’s the quote we discussed

2. The thanks for your time email

Formula: [Name], thanks for your time [today, yesterday, last week]
Example: Chris, thanks for your time today

3. The we still on email

Formula: We still on for [Date/Time]?
Example: We still on for Tuesday?

To follow up with those who looked for flights on Virgin Atlantic’s website, here’s a clever variant of this email:

4. The ways to get started email

Formula: [X] Ways to [Experience Growth] with [Product]
Example: 5 Ways to Kill Your Next Workout With Protein

5. The I forgot email

Formula: I forgot to mention [Topic]
Example: I forgot to mention how I get more orders with a GWP strategy

6. The we haven’t email

Formula: We haven’t [Action]
Example: We haven’t stopped giving instant discounts

7. The missed you email

Formula: Missed you, how’s [Day]?
Example: Missed you, how’s Thursday?

8. The to-the-point question email

Formula: What’s your [Question]
Example: What’s your calendar look like next Wed at 3 pm?

9. The follow-up “re:” email

Formula: Follow Up re: [Topic discussed]
Example: Follow Up re: Mobile popup strategy

10. The awesome to meet you email

Formula: Awesome to Meet You at [Event/Place] [Date/Time]
Example: Awesome to Meet You at SumoCon Last Week

11. The touching base email

Formula: Touching Base Regarding [Topic] [Date/Time]
Example: Touching Base Regarding Our Pitch Yesterday

12. The Steve Jobs email

Formula: [One more thing] about [topic]
Example: One more thing about our ecommerce strategy

13. The something bad happened email

Formula: Hey, I [something bad that gets attention]
Examples: Hey, I messed up.


Your organization probably sends a lot of transactional emails. Order confirmations, receipts, and billing reminders are examples of emails.

Transactional emails have an open rate eight times higher than regular emails since they are frequently prompted by consumer activities like completing a purchase or signing up for your product.

However, you should do all possible to guarantee that your transactional emails get opened. After all, they frequently hold vital information.

Take a look at these equations to help you write killer transactional email subject lines.

1. The welcome email

Formula: Welcome to [Brand/Name]!
Example: Welcome to Jootoor Designs!

2. The let’s get started email

Formula: Welcome to [Brand/Name] – [Action encouraged]
Example: Welcome to Lenskart! Try on some glasses now

3. The thank you email

Formula: [Business name]: Thank you for being a customer
Example: Jootoor Designs: Thank you for being a customer

4. The reminder email

Formula: [Date/Time] You [Action took]
Example: Last Wednesday You Added Nike Running Shoes to your basket

5. The order email

Formula: Your order of [product name]
Example: Your order of Spiderman 3

6. The next steps email

Formula: Welcome to [product name] – [next steps]
Example: Welcome to Uber – here’s how to take your first ride

7. The action required email

Formula: Action Required: [Task]
Example: Action Required: Confirm Your Email Address


Practically every sector and vertical conceivable, email is a vital marketing tool for companies of all shapes and sizes. As a result, email effectiveness may have a significant impact on overall marketing success and company growth.

Average open rates are affected by a variety of factors, including how your subscribers signed up for your email list in the first place and if you’re sending an email to a highly segmented area of your list.

But how can you know whether your email campaign is producing the expected results? You compare your email key performance indicators to those of other comparable companies to determine how you compare.

The following are the average email open rates for 45 different industries:

All non-labeled accounts22.71%22.71%
Agriculture and Food Services23.31%23.31%
Architecture and Construction22.51%22.51%
Arts and Artists26.27%26.27%
Beauty and Personal Care16.65%16.65%
Business and Finance21.56%21.56%
Computers and Electronics19.29%19.29%
Creative Services/Agency21.39%21.39%
Daily Deals/E-Coupons15.06%15.06%
Education and Training23.42%23.42%
Entertainment and Events20.51%20.51%
Health and Fitness21.48%21.48%
Home and Garden21.60%21.60%
Marketing and Advertising17.38%17.38%
Media and Publishing22.15%22.15%
Medical, Dental, and Healthcare21.72%21.72%
Music and Musicians21.88%21.88%
Photo and Video23.24%23.24%
Professional Services21.94%21.94%
Public Relations21.02%21.02%
Real Estate19.17%19.17%
Recruitment and Staffing21.14%21.14%
Restaurant and Venue20.39%20.39%
Social Networks and Online Communities21.06%21.06%
Software and Web App21.29%21.29%
Travel and Transportation20.44%20.44%
Vitamin Supplements15.03%15.03%

Pointers to help you enhance your email subject lines

You now have the email open benchmark, and the formulae and samples for email subject lines shown above will undoubtedly assist you in increasing your open rates.

However, you’ll need to perform some trying and testing with your subject lines to properly optimize the potential of your emails.
Here are three techniques to boost your open rates even further.


According to Experian research 56 percent of companies that used emojis in their email subject lines reported a greater open rate.

The most popular emojis used in topic lines are seen in the graphic below from Mailchimp:

Emoji email subject line

  • A New Twist on M♥M’s Day Gifts + More Great Savings In Stores & Online
  • Be Mom’s Favorite ♥
  • Sundaze ☀ Last Call for $10 Shorts!
  • ☀ sun’s out, sale’s on!
  • How well do you know M❤M?
  • Open ASAP — (you’ll ❤ this!)
  • Make Snow Your New Fave Model ❄️ with 4 Snow-photo Tips!
  • ❄ A Winter Advisory you NEED to check out →
  • ✔ 30% Savings for Mom Ends Today @ Posterjack
  • Up to 50% Off: ✔ off those 2015 Style Resolutions
  • ✈ Fabulous Flight-Inclusive Offers from £269! | Your Sunshine & Golf Await… ✈
  • ✈ Tech To Go: $199 Laptop | $79 Tablet | $10 7-in-1 Charging Kit, plus $128GB SSD $59 | 55″ LED TV $499
  • Exclusive LEGO® Star Wars™ Offers Coming Soon!
  • Introducing Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic™
  • ✉ [Official Announcement] You’re going to love this: Save HUGE on Apple devices
  • ✉ Open for something BIG!
  • &#x26bd Score Pizza With A FREE Kick!
  • &#x26bd 40% off. Wednesday steals! Don’t flop…
  • (Attention, please!) ☺ You’ve earned these amazing deals
  • Mom deserves a Getaway ☺ {with free shipping today!}
  • A New Twist on MM’s Day Gifts + More Great Savings In Stores & Online
  • Be Mom’s Favorite
  • Sundaze Last Call for $10 Shorts!
  • sun’s out, sale’s on!
  • How well do you know MM?
  • Open ASAP — (you’ll this!)
  • Make Snow Your New Fave Model ️ with 4 Snow-photo Tips!
  • A Winter Advisory you NEED to check out →
  • 30% Savings for Mom Ends Today @ Posterjack
  • Up to 50% Off: off those 2015 Style Resolutions
  • Fabulous Flight-Inclusive Offers from £269! | Your Sunshine & Golf Await…
  • Tech To Go: $199 Laptop | $79 Tablet | $10 7-in-1 Charging Kit, plus $128GB SSD $59 | 55″ LED TV $499
  • Exclusive LEGO® Star Wars Offers Coming Soon!
  • Introducing Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic
  • [Official Announcement] You’re going to love this: Save HUGE on Apple devices
  • Open for something BIG!
  • Score Pizza With A FREE Kick!
  • 40% off. Wednesday steals! Don’t flop…
  • (Attention, please!) You’ve earned these amazing deals
  • Mom deserves a Getaway {with free shipping today!}

Average Percentage of Users Who Selected Each Word for an Email:  Emoji vs. Non-Emoji

BoringNegative25.25%19.09%Selected much more often for emails with emojis
FrustratingNegative10.45%15.95%Selected much more often for emails without emojis


There is no correlation between subject line length and open rates for most firms. However, you should consider where your subscribers open their emails.

According to Litmus’ email marketing metrics report, mobile devices and tablets accounted for the bulk of your opens.

When working with smaller devices, make sure your topic line fits inside the available area. The general rule is that your subject line should be between 30 and 60 characters long.


Using terms like “urgent” and “essential” that are time-sensitive can result in substantially greater open rates. It’s backed up by data from Mailchimp.

Try to use these terms in some of your subject line formulations when possible to encourage your readers to take action.
Consider the following scenario:

  • Important: Lessons I Learned drinking lemon water every Morning
  • Sale Alert: Jootoor Designs is offering a 20% discount on SEO optimization.
  • Breaking: Warren Buffet’s investing secret
  • Warren Buffet’s investment strategy is about to be revealed.

We’ve all heard the fable of the kid who cried wolf, and because not every email you send will require quick action from the recipient, this suggestion should be used sparingly.

This implies that if you include time-sensitive language in your subject line, your readers will be aware that they must act immediately.

Final thoughts …..

With these pointers in mind, you’ll be able to craft effective email subject lines that will garner the attention your emails deserve.
But don’t take our word for it.

Examine your inbox to identify which emails you’ve opened recently. One of the finest strategies to construct a subject line that will get you noticed and increase your business is to put yourself in your contacts’ shoes.

Collaborate with Jootoor Designs if you still find it stressful and are in the early stages of starting up your firm. We can analyse your target demographic and develop an email marketing campaign for your company based on our experience.

With our help, you can stand out from the crowd. Request a quote right now!

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