Blog Writing Vs. Article Writing – Difference and Benefits

What makes a blog look different from an article?

blog vs article

When it comes to marketing articles or blogs, the two most common methods used are Article Writing and blog post. There are many benefits associated with either method and let us explore these benefits one at a time. When you write an article, there is no doubt that it will contain information that someone searching on a search engine for the same information may find.

However, when you write a blog post, it is essential to include specific keywords for your post to show up favorably in the search engines and ultimately attract the reader to your blog.

Many people are interested in becoming writers, and most of them end up becoming professional journalists. There are many similarities between blog writing and Article writing; and however, there are also a few significant differences between the two. In this article, we will be looking at these differences and why they are essential to understand.

Blog Post vs. Article Writing

So what exactly is the difference between these two forms of content? Honestly, it all comes down to how you structure the piece and, more specifically, the keywords that you place within your post. The best way to approach the writing process is, to begin with, an outline. Whether you use pen and paper or not, it is imperative to create an outline for your Article and blog post. It is beneficial because you have something to guide you through the process.

Turning out good, creative, and engaging content boosts your website’s traffic and is helpful for best SEO practices.

Formal Vs. Informal

The first difference is that blog writing is usually informal, and the articles tend to flow in an easy-going manner and do not try to be too severe or be tongue in cheek. On the other hand, professional journalism has a very professional tone and has stringent rules about writing things. Because of this, there is much difference between blog writing and professional writing because blog writing does not have the formal structure that articles do.

Short Vs. Long

Secondly, it is also quite common for blog writing to use long articles. The primary purpose of an article is to provide information about a particular topic. Many articles in professional journalism are many pages long, and it is to provide the reader with enough information for them to decide whether or not they want to read further.

In the case of blogging, however, many people tend to post short articles with links strategically placed within them to encourage them to click on them. Blog writing tends to be informal, and it is straightforward for a blogger to keep posting new articles without thinking about how they are going to keep the blog updated.

Promotional Vs. General

Another difference between blog writing and article writing is that most blog posts are not purely promotional. In most cases, they are written as independent articles, with links provided in the text. It means that they can be used for direct selling as well. As a result, many blog owners find that they can earn income from their blogs through advertisements in their blog posts.

Personal view Vs. Clients View

The significant difference between blog writing and article writing is that blog writing tends to be much more personal and often more one-to-one in nature. Whereas article writing is geared more towards corporate or business clients, articles are often written in the first person by ordinary people.

This personal approach means that the quality of work is often much higher than in article writing. Because people are writing these personal entries, there is a higher chance that errors will be made. However, because of the personal nature of the material, mistakes are less likely to be made when it comes to blog writing.

The other significant difference between article writing and blog writing is that blog writing is usually informal. Because many bloggers are not professional writers, this is sometimes a drawback.

However, many excellent articles available on the internet would not get a good write-up if they were published as a blog post. Another advantage of blogging over writing is that you do not have to edit or proofread your blog entries, and it can be an advantage because it prevents you from making any costly mistakes.

Attracting Visitors Vs. Publishing Information

Another significant difference between blog writing and article writing is that blog writing tends to be more self-promoting than writing. Most people who write online writings do so to attract readers, and a professional writer often has the objective of selling their products or services to the reader. In that case, the level of self-promotion is generally much lower.

The final difference between article writing and blog writing is that blogs tend to attract visitors by offering a certain level of user-friendliness. A personal blog allows the blogger to write about a personal experience or talk about one’s hobbies. On the other hand, a business blog will showcase the company’s products and services, and it is a way for the company to showcase its products in an easily readable format.

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