Buy Backlinks – A Must-Read Guide / FAQs

Here we discuss the process for buying dofollow backlinks from us, staying safe buying links, and some common questions.

Do you have a website that is working at almost a zero pace despite the fact of having well-crafted content? Don’t get stressed because you are not the only one facing this issue. It is a worry with most companies.

Thinking about what to do? Many of you must have come across the term Backlinks, but not everyone knows what to do and how to implement backlinks to your website.

In short, Backlinks are one of the factors that help your website to remain on the top. Google algorithms look for backlinks when ranking your page or website. Hence, it is one of the strategies to remain on top of Search Engines. The importance of Backlinks is unlikely to change any time soon.

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How to earn quality backlinks?


  • Firstly, it has to be earned editorially
  • Secondly, backlinks have to be topically relevant and should be gained from authoritative websites.
  • Lastly, it should neither be sponsored nor have been paid for.

Having said above, it is quite difficult to earn backlinks and is almost impossible without dedicated resources and quality content. You can check yourself… Go to some of the top-ranking pages on Google, in spite of having extremely beautiful content, they are still not the #1 site on Google. The reason being poor Backlinks!

Backlinks are a puzzle to understand, and even Google Algorithms are not able to crack down to 100%. So a proper guideline is yet to come.

Even after training the Search Engines, it is still a difficult thing to understand. The Reasons being:

  • Only a few agencies create links from spam sites.
  • The majority of the links created are contextual.
  • And these days, most links are not only exchanged for money, but there are other deeper business associations, algorithms are yet to decrypt.

It is not always the high-quality content that creates backlinks, because if your content is not visible, it is nearly impossible to get natural backlinks. Give it a thought!

And this is the reason why many of them depend on paid promotions. As an initial push, one has to try to earn backlinks from high-quality websites. Buy high quality I mean, websites with high traffic. This should be a part of promotional strategy.

Only when you share your link on multiple sites, your content gets some views, isn’t it? This is called the Outreach Strategy. So when you share links, you get some responses. The result of this strategy is earning a link back, and website traffic referred from a website where your target audience hangs out.

Now, what is the time taken to achieve this? If you want to do it on your own, you at least have to dedicate 4 to 5 hours every day. The next option is hiring a team to do it. But if your in-house team fails to implement it in the right way, be prepared to receive negative responses.

Obviously, no one wants to take risks because negative responses directly affect your business. Then, take the assistance from experts. They know how to handle it. The experts at Jootoor Designs build quality backlinks that are created using a 100% manual outreach strategy.

In the coming sections of this blog you will learn:

  • The process of buying backlinks.
  • How to get backlinks for SEO.
  • Where to purchase links.
  • Lastly… How much does it cost to buy quality backlinks?

Let’s begin 

What does it mean to buy quality backlinks?

Before purchasing link-building packages, or anything for that matter, firstly you need to be aware of what it is and the process involved in buying high-quality backlinks.


Are you buying backlinks just because everyone is buying them? Though it makes sense, this should not be the only reason.

Let me give you a few other reasons why you need to purchase backlinks?

  • The first reason being obvious…more number of companies including your competitors is going for paid backlinks and so should you.
  • Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach is one of the White Hat Link Building Strategies incorporated by most companies.
  • The number of firms purchasing backlinks and seeking to bring them in-house is increasing as the cost of doing so grows.

The conclusion we draw from these points are; Firstly, buying high PR backlinks is becoming extremely popular, and secondly, Google algorithms are becoming stronger at every new release in distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant backlinks.

In a hurry to buy backlink to your website, do not forget the fact that just purchasing any link will do more harm to your website than good. Also, be careful and do not be a victim to agencies that incorporate Black Hat techniques. Always get assistance from a reliable SEO agency like Jootoor Designs. They are just a call away.

Because, if your website is detected to have implemented Black Hat SEO, you are sure to be penalized by Google. So, strictly adhere to the violation of Google guidelines.

That is why be smart in choosing an agency because, without backlinks, your content cannot perform, and your website cannot earn top1 page rank. Hope this blog will be of some help when you plan to buy backlink.

Other reasons for purchasing backlinks are:

  1. Swift Results: As already mentioned, building a backlink by yourself is time-consuming. But if you choose to buy backlinks, then your posts will be published in real-performing websites that pass the links faster.
  2. Smooth Outreach: If you sit on searching websites that relate to your industry and then reaching out to them all on your own does take your time and money. But if you want the process to go smoothly, then you can take the help of link-building agencies.
  3. Competitive Advantage: It is standard practice for websites to outsource link building to firms, and I’m sure your competitors are doing it as well.

Just buying a link is not enough, you need to see if it is relevant to your industry or not. Because link relevance matters the most and Google algorithms are smart enough to detect spammy and irrelevant links. The outcome of the irrelevant links is that you will be penalized by Google.



Normally, the cost depends and differs from site to site. You must, however, be cautious about who is selling the links. Backlinks bought from webmasters, forums, and brokers mostly put your website at risk. Buying backlinks from manual outreach is the safest option.

There is no specific answer to how much backlinks cost, but partnering with Jootoor Designs gives you a transparent picture of cost and services. Also, you can view the metrics used.


Before you purchase backlinks, bear in mind that there are several elements to consider when determining the cost of the link(s) you require for your website/web pages.

To be on the safe side and make the link-buying procedure goes as smoothly as possible, you should examine the following considerations.

1. Quality of the Content

No one wants to take the risk. Most of the websites with high traffic choose to publish content written by experts with genuine experience and bio. When this is the case, such content will cost you more, and the cost increases if you are expecting content written by a native English speaker.

2. High-Quality Links

Older websites are expensive, and if yours is a start-up or a company in the initial stage, it is difficult to pitch them. Besides, being established brands, they also have to follow some rules, which specify a strict number of outbound links that go out every month.

With so much demand, these companies always run short and have backlogs of other brands who have already pitched them for backlinks.

3. Industry

Driving website traffic also depends from one industry to another. For instance, the finance industry, they have huge demand. When demand increases, the cost of buying backlinks also increases.

4. Brand Strength

For strong brands, purchasing and building backlinks become easier, and also, they already have lots of budgets to invest in the same. Also, other brands will be approaching them for the same. If yours is an established brand, then you are more likely to receive email responses from valuable partners.

5. Website Type

Price varies depending on what type of website you want. Most of them choose to have backlinks from websites with high traffic. So, performing outreach to such websites can cost you dearly, both in terms of time and money.

A large part of your investment is put into the effort offered by the outreach team to establish a connection with the website owner.

However, if you shortlist websites based on SEO metrics, pricing varies, and yet again, it depends on the authority metrics.

6. Cost of the agency

If you hire an agency for an SEO campaign that also does link-building services, then these agencies charge an additional fee for generating backlinks. However, the cost is comparatively less than paying for an in-house team.

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Key things that should be taken into account before buying backlinks:

  1. Writers, publishers, and outreach experts are some of the professionals involved in the process.
  2. Because many websites only use NoFollow links for outbound links, be sure you’re getting DoFollow links.
  3. Just be noticed that your links are built from multiple sources and partners worldwide.
  4. Agencies cannot promise you a Turnaround time, which is because they deal with third-party website owners. But often, a typical Turnaround Time is about three weeks, although it depends on the number of links you want to build.

Before you buy backlinks, make sure you go over the following checklist:

Link Quality

SEO agencies will have multiple options, and besides, the quality of the backlinks depends on the packages you choose. However, agencies like Jootoor Designs always recommend you to go for packages dealing with high authority sites. This way you can achieve faster results.

Test the backlink quality

Keep the following points in mind while running a backlink quality check

  1. Language and English TLDs
  2. No ‘A’ record DNS
  3. Domain with poor names
    a. Check whether the brand name or URL shows up on Google
    b. No Hyphens in the domain name

Quantitative and Qualitative Criteria

Do not go to websites with the following data:

  1. Free Stock Photographs
  2. Poor quality content
  3. Shady particulars for the writers
  4. Strange o/b links

Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Interrogate by asking the following questions to the agency you have chosen to buy backlinks from. Do not stop until you get satisfying responses.

  1. Are you able to see the links first?
  2. What is their Turnaround Time?
  3. Does the agency you have chosen have refund policies?
  4. What about the link guarantees?
  5. Are they able to share references?
  6. Ask for their recently published works.


  1. For domain selection, we use a metric-driven method.
  2. To build links, we use a 100% manual blogger outreach method.
  3. We exclusively concentrate on high-quality connections. We will not sell you low-quality links.
  4. All of our backlinks and SEO services completely follow the guidelines stated by Google. Besides, we follow only White Hat techniques.
  5. Our rates are reasonable.
  6. We have the resources in-house to handle high-volume link-building requests.
  7. Through a white-labeled approach, we are assisting a number of organizations in building linkages for their clients.
  8. We believe in our brand and our products, and we intend to be here for the long run.

To Sum Up …

Backlinks play a vital role in building your brand. Links with poor quality result in Google penalizing you. Hence, always make sure to differentiate between spam-outbound links and recheck if the links are relevant to your industry.

It is not possible for you to keep an eye on backlinks and when you have hundreds of other things to focus on in your business. So, if you are looking for quality and relevant backlinks, remember Jootoor Designs is always on your side.

Using our blogger outreach backlink service, we can assist you in building it.

All you have to do is just dial 91888 16888 and reach out to us. Our associate will take you through our unique, easy, and reliable linking-building approach.

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