Best Ways To Find Competitor Keywords in 2024

Competitor Keywords Analysis: Boost Your SEO Strategy
Competitor Keywords Analysis

No matter how complex SEO gets, keywords are one of the few elements that never change. It’s becoming harder and harder to rank at the top of SERPs due to increased competition.

Analysing competitor keywords is one of the most important parts of developing an SEO strategy. Since targeting keywords can be found in a variety of methods, figuring out the ideal method will be quite helpful.

But let’s learn more about rival keywords for the time being.

Insight Into Competitor Keywords and Analysis Techniques

Competitor keywords are, as the name implies, the terms that your rivals use to increase website traffic and search engine ranking. By using those keywords, you can outperform your rivals and obtain results that are comparable. Additionally, by doing this, you can find the keywords that your rivals are ignoring, providing you with the crucial advantage to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s now learn how to perform a competition keyword analysis.

The method by which you obtain the keywords is through competitor keyword research or analysis. You have the option to perform this procedure manually by examining the website, content, and keyword usage of your competitors, or you can use keyword research tools. It seems sense that utilizing such technologies can speed up and simplify the procedure.

This post will outline specific methods for manually locating rivals’ keywords as well as some of the top tools for automating the process.

Ways to Find Competitive Keywords

Make a List of Relevant Topics

What is the nature of your business? What kinds of audiences does it target and what products does it sell? By creating a list of subjects that are pertinent to your company, you can determine everything. Begin by considering your sector, goods, or services, potential inquiries from your target audiences, and the kinds of information they could anticipate from you.

Finding answers to these questions might help:

  • Customer expectations regarding keyword searches
  • Keyword relevancy to the products and services offered
  • Audience perspective for your company
  • Ways customers can find your brand online

If you run a cake shop, for instance, you may link your enterprise to cake varieties, cake decorating ideas, cake possibilities that are suitable for people with diabetes, etc.

Find Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on rival online businesses contributes to creating a powerful digital presence. They have superior organic search results online and are distinct from their nearby rivals.

Given that these businesses score higher for the same or related terms as your website, you should concentrate on your search competition.

Find the Keywords

It’s time to extract the pertinent keywords that your competitors are employing now that you know what your relevant themes are and who they are. You should first browse the website, looking at the main page, the product/service page, the blog post, and other pages.

Subsequently, you can examine the meta-tags as well, since they include extremely competitive terms. After that, you can examine the company’s backlink profile. In this manner, you can find out who your rivals are and what keywords they are utilizing. You may also find authoritative sites and assess the relevance and importance of the keywords by looking at the backlink profile.

Organize the Keywords

You can’t just add the keywords on your website and hope for the best. Sorting these high volume keyword searches is your current task. The high-authoritative keywords should be put aside first because they may not help you rank but may be useful in the future.

Regardless of high ranking or competition engagement, cross-check and remove any terms that do not correspond with your business. List the terms that have the ability to improve your company’s internet search engine ranking as well. Finally, you should search for keywords using SERPs that you may have overlooked. Sort the keywords for paid ad campaigns by classifying those that perform well in organic search results. As usual, keep an eye on the keywords that your rivals are ranking for.

Best Practices to Use Competitor Keywords

Discovering all those high-ranking keywords is useless if you don’t use them wisely in your SEO campaign. Now, the following advice should be helpful to you:

Use the Keywords in Organic SEO Campaigns

Utilize several strategies to incorporate these keywords into your website. These can be used as primary or secondary keywords, depending on your preference. To put it simply, begin utilizing them in your URLs, blog/article titles and bodies, anchor text, and meta tags for images.

Eliminate Non-Ranking Keywords

Monitor how well the new keywords perform. Not every one of these terms will work well for your company. To save time and money, eliminate the ineffective keywords. Examine the past performance of rival keywords’ ads to see which ones don’t fit your brand.

Keyword Grouping

With competitive intelligence, you can find winning keywords and novel ideas to improve your content marketing. But you shouldn’t let what you see drive hasty changes to your marketing.

There could be a number of issues with your competitors’ websites that throw off your strategy. For example, keyword stuffing, disorganized content, and badly designed websites. To avoid this, we suggest grouping competing terms well. This will optimize your content for better results and increase the efficacy of your on-page SEO effort.

Best Tools to Automate Competitor Keyword Analysis


With its many capabilities, this free Chrome extension provides useful insights into users’ web searches. Among these advantages are the ability to learn about cost-per-click, competitive keywords, and monthly search values. Features such as the backlinks section and keyword tool provide a specific list of links that have been taken from the blogs and publications of your competitors. Each of these insights will be crucial in helping you rank higher than them.


Artificial intelligence is included into this strong tool, making it among the brightest on the list by default. This application makes it simple to handle problems like tracking organic search traffic, broken links, creating backlink profile information, and PPC marketing.

You may obtain comprehensive details about your competitor’s paid advertising tactics, backlink profiles, and organic search traffic with this tool. With its Content Explorer tool, Ahrefs will enable you to find link-building opportunities in addition to conducting sophisticated keyword research. This function provides information about your competitors’ traffic volume and frequency of content republishing.


The main goals of SpyFu are to increase your web visibility and carry out keyword research. This application is like magic; in a couple of seconds, you will receive all of the keywords, both organic and paid. To obtain more complex SEO techniques, use the Competition Analysis function. The websites that rank higher than your online presence are displayed to you.


With a plethora of rival website analysis features and capabilities, including keyword gap, brand sentiment monitoring, organic ranking position, and backlink analysis, this is a flexible digital marketing platform.

Examining your competitor’s website’s SEO performance and marketing strategies in-depth is made much simpler with SEMrush, which also helps you learn from their mistakes and achievements.

Moz Pro

Using Moz Pro for competitor keyword research is the key to unlocking SEO success. Your marketing efforts will be enhanced by Moz Pro, which also offers vital details like traffic rate and keywords aimed at external links. Discover a number of other tools to enhance the functionality of your website by exploring the tool.


Serpstat offers you access to over thirty digital marketing tools, making it similar to a Swiss army knife. It contains every feature you might want to gain comprehensive knowledge about your contests. Its user-friendly design makes it more simpler to learn about their search volume traffic, organic search ranking, and organic appearance statistics for a certain phrase.

Not only that, but there’s a tool called visibility score that displays the top-ranked websites in your sector. Additionally, a comprehensive report with a detailed analysis of every competitor website will be sent to you. In addition to the site tool and site itself, there is a feature that allows you to compare three separate sites side by side. In this manner, you would have a thorough summary of the SEO-wise top-performing websites.

Why Conducting a Competitor Keyword Analysis is Beneficial?

Analysis of competitive keyword research is essential to SEO campaign strategy. This is due to a multitude of variables. It offers your ventures a competitive edge in addition to saving you time and effort while searching for appropriate keywords. Gaining in-depth knowledge about your rivals’ marketing strategies and tactics through this study is a quick and simple process that offers you the advantage over them.

The following is a brief summary of the advantages of looking into the keywords used by your rivals:

A Better Understanding of Your Audience

Gaining insight into the keywords used by your rivals allows you to anticipate the needs and preferences of your target market. Using these keywords can help you better understand your customer’s search purpose and online purchasing process, which will facilitate your approach.

By gathering this data, you can better target your audience with your content and increase the success of your organic search engine optimization efforts.

Knowing Your Biggest Competitors

Competitive keyword research identifies your most formidable rivals in addition to assisting you in understanding the characteristics and usage patterns of your target audience. You may create the most effective SEO techniques to raise your SERP ranking by keeping a close eye on them on a regular basis.

You may believe that doing a manual Google search will quickly provide you with a list of your most formidable rivals, but in the long run, this approach won’t be beneficial. If you want to reach your audience before them, you’ll need to get specific information from the rank tracker.

Enhanced Keyword Research Strategy

With it, your keyword research strategy will improve. Finding more relevant long-tail keywords will be made easier if you research the keywords used by your rivals. It will therefore assist you in outranking your main rivals and increase the visibility of your website.

Explore New Market Opportunities and Content Ideas

It is simple to come up with new content ideas when you use competitive keyword analysis. Understanding what your target audience searches for will help you develop content strategies and ideas that will result in interesting and well-ranked blogs.

Improved Product Marketing

It makes sense that competitive keyword analysis is a versatile tool for mastering digital marketing strategies. You can increase awareness, become an expert in product marketing, and be aware of the USPs of competing products. Your product messaging and general marketing campaign techniques will benefit from this information. Aside from that, you might use this knowledge to generate fresh, worthwhile ideas for your business.


Competitive keyword research may hold the key to opening up a world of opportunities for you, whether your goal is to enhance sales or website traffic. Search engine optimization is much quicker and easier with this method. Not only does this increase the visibility of your website, but it also makes coming up with new content ideas easier. To get the most out of competitive keyword research, all you need to do is select the appropriate tools and speak with the top SEO specialist.

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