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It is a competitive market and often smaller businesses get overshadowed by the larger businesses. But smaller businesses have a strategic advantage. The prices on offer are often lesser and they have the know-how of the latest trends. It takes tactical planning to ensure you are getting the right traffic into your business. One of the most crucial aspects in today’s market is the digital presence. You need to ensure that your website is getting the right exposure that can enhance your business profitability.

Let us explore one of the most crucial aspect in your digital marketing strategy; Content Marketing. It is by far one of the most contributing factors to get traffic to your website. How you present your business products or services will define the kind of engagement and conversion that you are getting from your website or other online channels. Here are the top most effective ways that you can utilize your content to get you the traffic you want;

Start a blogging section

Blogging is a great way to attract potential customers to your website. It is a known fact that everyone depends on the internet to get information about any product, service or for that matter any information. With a good cluster of blogs that has the right set of keywords with contextual clarity, you can enhance your web traffic substantially. When you offer the right information to your audience you will be the stop point for anyone seeking insights into the industry that you cater to.

Social media channels

We of course know that the majority of the time our potential customers spend digitally is on their social media platforms. Social media has evolved from a mere social platform to an effective marketing space where each brand gets to develop their social image and make it more effective. Content in social media allows a brand to stay connected with their customers while also keeping them upbeat with the changing trends in consumer behavior. With engaging and informative social posts, businesses can direct traffic to their websites.

eMail newsletter

Email Marketing has been one of the most effective means of reaching to the target audience. Initiating an eMail newsletter will keep your customers informed about all the updates with regards to your service and products. It’s a great way to stay connected with your customers. You can send out interesting bits of Industry related information, dole out offers and promote new products with absolute ease.

Customer stage centric content

When developing content you need to understand that different visitors may be in different stages of the marketing funnel. A generic content will not address the concern of customers. A business needs to identify the various concerns that a customer or a prospective customer might have in various stages of the marketing funnel. The content in your website needs to address these various forms of concern with dedicated content that makes sense to the reader.

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Create content calendar

It is a great idea to create a Content marketing calendar which will layout the entire plan of all the blogs, articles and social media content that you will be publishing in the month. With a proper calendar you will be able to plan a strategic approach to creating awareness towards the products and services you offer including the various offers that you may be running.

Create various types of content

Content marketing should not be limited just to the blogs and article that you will be publishing in your website. There is a plethora of opportunities where content marketing is concerned.

  • Indulge in the social media banners
  • Give a try to short videos with information on your products or your brand,
  • Try infographics,
  • Use GIFs to catch the attention of your audience,
  • Try interesting memes,
  • Delve into serious content on products and services you offer with whitepapers
  • Run contests or ask engaging questions in your social posts
  • Send out emails with information and offers to customers

Whatever you decide to pursue should be interesting and engage your audience with ease.

Reviews and testimonials

Social verification is a crucial deciding factor when a customer wants to buy a product or a service. We all have done it. Before placing the order for a product we move to the review section and understand if it is really worth making the purchase. It is the strength of the crowd which helps to decide on our purchase. Reviews are vital for a business to help a prospective customer decide on whether or not he should make a purchase. Highlight your positive reviews and testimonies from your customers. It is a great way to market organically. You can have them reflect on your website and on your social profiles while also use them in your social feed as posters

Content marketing has become a very vital mode of generating the interest in your brand. For a small business, content marketing is one of the most cost effective means of marketing and making good conversions. It is a great way to connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

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