Don’t Fail because of Your Logo: 3 Ways to Redesign It

Logo redesign

Do you know the one thing all the successful brands share as common traits? It is nothing but the effort they invest in making a unique personality for their name. Be its Puma or Mercedes, and even Coca-cola, they have a one of a kind brand identity entitled to themselves, which makes them stand out in the crowd. Corporations adapt to the shifts and change dynamic market throws at them, that is the secret of long lasting businesses.

Logo design is a very primitive level of marketing strategy, actually its more than that, its the visual representation of the brand as a whole. Rebranding or recreation of the branding strategy begins with redesigning logos. This entire piece is dedicated to how you can pull off the process redesigning with dominance.

3 Things to go through while Redesigning your Logo

Since the logo design of a business is focused on its identity design, it has a direct effect on the sales figures and marketing strategies. A positive approach with an eye for the detail is required. Without much of a delay, let us discuss and recommend the best possible routes to redesign your logo.

Audience & Market Placement

Restructuring brand identity begins with researching the target market and understanding the demand of your audience. Look at the logo designs of your favorite brands, and you’ll notice how much they have evolved the past conventional impressions. Setting up the right tone for your target audience is the very first step to redesigning the brand logo. You also have to know where your competitors stand, while thinking about the relaunching your branding strategy, what works for them might not work for you. 

You also should keep in mind that the younger generation has a very different kind of perspective from middle-aged audiences, so there has to be testing stages to examine how the new design works for the market.


Welcome the New with Past Relevance

When you have started with your brand, you came up with a logo that reflects your brand’s persona at that time. So you should not discard the old logo design completely because a totally new visual can damage your reputation to the already existing customer base. But how to retain the old while adding a new perspective for the current market? That calls for further research and analysis of consumer demands. 

A business sometimes needs a major uplift to keep itself relevant to the customers. And for that, a recreation in the logo design will be crucial. Coco-Cola has set a great example of adapting with the new since 1886 while keeping the traditional design alive.  

Minimalism while Reflecting Brand Tagline

People these days do not have enough time to get through so many details, so modern designs inclining towards minimalistic symbols. It is also very important to come up with one that conveys the message of your brand and justifies the tagline. Lighter lines, simpler structures are usually easier to memorize. A logo should also carry brand value and business message as well. If we can see how Adidas uses its Trefoil for conventional products and a three-striped triangle for more trendy merchandises we would certainly get the idea behind it. Brands these days are always ready to play with different colors,  sizes, and shapes to fit into the right marketing shoe.

Redesigning Your Logo is a Journey in Itself

The world of business is never out of ideas and innovation. Keeping these mandatory things in mind you should give your logo design as much freedom as you want. The journey from an old design to the new one is a big transition. You got to have a ready to go action plan while redesigning it from scratch. Your budget should also be taken into account in this aspect. 

Redesign your logo today!

A powerful yet classic design always wins the day. It will be even better if it matches the level of your business goal. Don’t overdo anything, and do not hesitate to experiment with new things!

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