Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

No matter what type of industry your business belongs to or what kinds of products and services you offer to serve your clients, you simply can’t ignore the importance of digital marketing services. In today’s online business environment, digital marketing ensures your powerful presence, audience engagement, increases brand recognition, audience base, product sales, revenue, and whatnot.

Digital marketing in fact gives your business a competitive edge by making you ahead of your competitors and ensures your market success. Today, every successful business has one thing common among them, which is nothing but their impeccable digital marketing strategy.

So, if you are also seeking to make your digital marketing strategy robust and impeccable, you should keep eyes on the latest practices in digital marketing and implement them in your current strategy.

As digital marketing trends change after each passing year. The year 2020 is no different. In 2020, there are several digital marketing trends that have gained ground and witnessed their wider acceptance among a large number of digital marketers.

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Growing Influence of Instagram

When it comes to most used social media platforms for sharing images, videos, etc. Instagram comes first. As one of the most powerful social media platforms, Instagram witnessed its by leaps and bounds rise users. And this is the main reason why it is known as the fastest growing social media platform. The majority of its users are young age ( less than 30).

The most crucial thing that digital marketers should know that Instagram has recently removed the ‘likes’ feature, even though most of the influencers opposed such a move. So, one should closely watch its impact. While it is expected that it tends to uptick when it comes to the quality of content.

Growing Use of Video in Marketing

If you don’t use video in marketing, you are definitely making the biggest mistake. You should understand the fact that text-based content is not as effective and powerful as video. The main reason is that video easily draws the attention of users and they in fact spend time watching it online. It also encourages them to buy your products and services and thus, increase ROI.

According to data, 52% of online customers make the decision to buy any products and services after watching the video. The data also reveals that 72% of businesses also admitted that they witness major improvement in their conversion rate due to video marketing.

It’s advisable to use live video to make your video marketing engaging and also result-oriented. It is a fact that live streaming can be more impeccable if it is practiced with none other than influencer marketing.

Growing Dominance of Chatbot

When it comes to a chatbot, it has been the most popular digital marketing trend for several years and also remained a popular one in the year 2020. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, chatbot works effectively to communicate with customers and resolve their queries by providing proper solutions. It helps users in completing their goals hassle-free.

A chatbot is capable of interacting with humans in the way that a human interacts, be it using verbal interaction, or text chat window. Apart from serving customers, AI is able to learn customer behavior and thus, helps you access crucial data, which you can analyze and then change your business strategy accordingly to improve your services. Besides, the chatbot also offers a fully focused and personalized interaction even without the need for human resources.

It clearly reflects that chatbot works effectively in improving customer care services, which improves a brand’s image, reliability, product demand, and sales. The following are certainly great advantages of the chatbot.

  • 24 hours availability
  • Instant customer queries and quick response
  • No need for vacations, breaks, or overtime pays.

Increasing the Relevance of Omnichannel Marketing

In today’s time, omnichannel marketing witnessed its growing adoption. It’s practiced to a wider extent. It is basically an important practice of promoting brands and products and services across a large number of platforms, be it social media, mobile application, email, website blogs, or other platforms. It helps the business in establishing great contact with its customers while offering a good user experience.

Leveraging robust platforms, you can send your brand message more effectively and also can expect a great outcome. Omnichannel marketing platforms are most effective in driving higher user engagement compared to targeting only a single channel. Be it improved customer retention, purchase frequency, or average order value, you can expect various things by targeting omnichannel marketing.

Marketing through Messaging Apps

When it comes to social messaging applications, these are much more than just being a great option to chat with friends, families, or others. Today, businesses grabbed liberty to use the power of messaging app for marketing and getting outstanding results. Social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. are playing a crucial role in this arena.

The major advantage of using the messaging application is that it enables your business to avail of benefits of its wider reach among audiences only using text messages. It not only helps them in increasing their audience base but also helps them in retaining their past customers.

According to data, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp accommodate 1.3 billion and 1.6 billion users respectively.

So, in the year 2020, the trend of using the messaging application for marketing is expected to remain in focus.

Voice Interaction

Voice Search! The Future of SEO

This is another most emerging digital marketing trend that has gained wide acceptance among the majority of digital marketers. The credit goes to the growing acceptance of Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc. These revolutionized the way people prefer to interact. Apart from this, it also helps you in shopping, searching, and discovering various new things.

Well, it’s fact that conducting a voice search is indeed different from typing text. While performing a text-based search, the final result gets displayed on a single page at a time.

Personalized Email

Email is another popular digital marketing trend that the majority of digital marketers practice to a wider extent. The reason is that email is the most effective communication channel. The majority of digital marketers make it more personal, legal, commercial, and scientific, etc. to make it more powerful and result-oriented. It clearly reflects that email marketing is evolving nowadays to a greater extent.

Content is Still King

Good quality content has been the most important factor for digital marketing for the past several years. And it will also remain important in the coming time as well. Apart from quality content, context is now also gaining great importance among marketers. It is nowadays emphasized to a great extent by a large number of digital marketers.


So, above are some top digital marketing trends. You should implement these trends to help your digital marketing strategies gain a competitive edge and make your business prosper.

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