Creating a positive perception about the brand by the customers is all that branding includes. Once a brand is well established, it becomes easier for the customers to choose the brand. The trust allows them to choose your products or services without thinking twice about any external factors like pricing etc.

Brand guidelines play a very crucial role in a business field as it can lead you towards your goal or aim. Every business is designed around achieving few missions and the guidelines can help with it. The communication of any brand should talk about the unique qualities about the products and services, after a span of time this ultimately becomes an appreciation factor.

A branding company looks into the branding strategy and plans for promotion. From planning to implementing, it includes everything that comes in the process of advertising a business and its offerings. The better you plan the better you execute.

The thin line between branding and marketing has always created confusion for all. Let’s talk about it to clear all kinds of doubts in our minds. Branding refers to the idea where the sole focus is to create awareness about the brand; talking about the brand. Marketing is how you advertise and promote your brand’s products or services.

Graphic Design FAQ’s

Jootoor Designs works on the principles of providing a valuable and effective results. We don’t just do Search Engine Optimization, but also strategise it with better analysis of data and statistics to increase the conversion rates. To get accurate quotes from us, we have found the best and easiest way for you; connect with us on our website to have a quick chat with us. Call us on 8095916888 or drop us an email through our contact page and briefly outline your requirements.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>When we talk about the designing time frame, a lot of queries come in the pathway. When does the client need the complete project? Is it a part of a larger marketing scheme and launching the project on a specific date?
Many designing companies or agencies charge extra when its for a rush project and requires work hours beyond the regular schedule. An accurate design project quote should never mislead the client or the team. The two-way communication between the two should be realistic and transparent at the same time to deliver what is promised.</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Hence, once the quotation is finalized, we prefer spending time with the client for better understanding of what goes into their brand or business. We then provide few samples or options to the client and finally we proceed with their preference. With a lot of tweaking and refining of designs to bring it as the best. After seeking the approvals by the client for the final designs, we prepare the print-ready artwork and then it is ready to go to print or use graphics online.</p>

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Every job is different and every deadline is appreciable. When it comes to offer quality work to our clients, we never compromise. It is not about just delivering a finished design project, rather it is all about the grade of the end product. We are very transparent to our clients with the timelines of the work. Designing is an assignment or task that required sufficient time to bring the creativity in your work followed by proofreading or a final check. If the client’s deadline is very tight, we do our best to complete the task within this time. Of course, we also advise and guide them through the entire process. We haven’t missed a deadline yet and don’t intend to in the future!</p>

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>A mock up design is a visual representation of the work. In short, it is just a sample of work for an idea, which if approved will be followed in the future. So to answer the question, we don’t do speculated work for free, unfortunately. But we always welcome you to take a look at our portfolio and make sure if our style and capabilities are right for your brand’s project.</p>

Once the final design is approved and we have received the final payment, we can share the soft copies of the files in drive, including all the high resolution PDFs for print.

We prefer 50% payment once the deal or quotation is finalized by the two teams followed by the rest 50% due to be cleared before the delivery or release of the finished project that can be either digital soft copies or high resolution PDFs for print.

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Yes, we do! Consulting someone is as similar as taking an ‘expert’s advice’. The consultants can provide the best solutions to your possible issues or problems that can be a barrier in your goal’s way. Therefore, if required we schedule consultations for all our new clients. Once the requirements have been communicated properly, we proceed with the invoice.</p>

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Jootoor Designs offers targeted design services for the business in need. Our services include: graphic design, <a href=””>logo design</a>, <a href=””>web design</a>, <a href=””>SEO</a>, <a href=””>social media campaigns</a>. A full list of our services and prices can be found on our official page.</p>