Five Simple Steps to Optimize Your Business Blog 2022

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Business Blog Optimize

A mere blog is not enough

Your blog needs to be visible online. 

It needs to get traffic to your website, and eventually help grow your business with lead conversions and even sales. For this, you need to Optimize Your Business BlogSimply put, you need to follow some steps that can distinguish you in the world wide web ocean. More specifically, write blog posts that rank well (in top #3) on Google. Google uses  ranking factors, for which you need to SEO your blog. (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Five simple steps to achieve this are:

01) Research (analysis) First

You would need to look for keywords that are related to your business offering/topic. 

These are relevant words that you mention knowingly on your web page content. 

Key phrases will also become clear with research. 

Many tools are available to zero in on your keywords. 

These valuable words will get you better ranking; visibility. 

02) Use these keywords throughout the post

Place these targeted keywords in the title, the heading, subheadings and the concluding paragraph. Other than this, including the keywords in meta descriptions and as anchor text also helps. 

Anchor text is where you hyperlink other pages related to your site.

Meta descriptions are short actionable phrases that include keywords.

Up to 155 characters (or more) in length, they summarise the topic. 

You should never stuff the keywords that the content becomes difficult to read and uninteresting. 

Following this step will Optimize Your Business Blog for SEO

03) Reference links and linkbacks

The most credible thing in business blogging is linkbacks. 

These mostly happen, when you mention and hyperlink other bloggers/businesses on the web in your stories/posts. 

Such quality links take you to a higher rank. 

This step is an essential part of the blog writing format

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04) Keep the subscription option

Let your readers subscribe with ease. Place the feed subscription button prominently.

Your readers would be notified and will come to your site by default. 

05) Promote the blog with social media tools

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to promote new posts. 

Social media stories around an upcoming blog post catch them, your readers and prospects. 

When the blog is up, promote it again for your customers and potential customers. 

Links with images from the new post, can be posted on all social media platforms. 

Make the images keyword rich 

This is an add-on to Step 2 mentioned above. 

Worth considering are the images. 

  • Firstly, use only relevant and strong images that enhance the blog post.  
  • Then use your keywords to title these images. You may include target/focus keyword in the image description as well.
  • Step 3, that is, reference links can also be followed here. In case you use someone’s image, link it to them. You might receive a link back easily. 

With the above-mentioned steps, you can get a prominent positioning on the web.

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