Fundamentals of How to build your Brand


When you plan to purchase any product or service, the first thing that pops into your mind is the recognition; and that’s what a brand wants. After fighting against long battle of confusion within our minds, most of us end up buying products or services from a flourishing brand or name. These rigorously growing brands have set their benchmarks in all categories including quality, durability etc. Many a times we are confused whether a brand’s name and logo makes it popular or is it the loyal customers. But the facts say that any brand can stand apart from the crowd only because of its uniqueness and the trust that a loyal customer builds around it.

What’s a Brand?

Any brand is a complete perception of a customer towards the identity and image of the brand. In uncomplicated terms, Identity is something how you really are and Image is how you want to be perceived by the customers as a brand. Every entrepreneur believes that a strong brand is always a boost in terms of increasing sales and customer loyalty. But are we exactly aware of what a strong brand looks like?

A strong brand works on 3 basic principles that includes; consistency, compelling and clearance. The brand should work on the philosophy of being consistent in fulfilling the expectations of the customers. The idea of being compelling is to provide more of the brand’s unique qualities to give the customers more reasons to stay connected with it. Finally, the brand should have a clear conception of itself towards the customers. People should be crystal clear in their minds about the objectives and values of the brand.

How does Branding Work?

Branding is the practise that enhances the portrayal of the brand’s products and services in an adequate way to reach its target audience. The three essential parts of the process includes; Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning and Brand Quantity.
Brand Strategy begins from research to brand analysis including strategic branding plan, internal branding and external branding.

You have positioned your brand in the industry only if you are:

  • Relevant to consumers
  • Unique versus the competition
  • Credible and attainable

Finally, the Brand Identity which allows your brand to be the only choice for your trusted customers.

Brands and Businesses

When a business owner decides to raise and build her or his brand, its very important to work towards its appropriate branding. From the time when a brand is at its initial stage to when it has flourished in the market as a brand, the time is very crucial. A brand needs to strategize and design its mission to attract the customers. A thorough research of the competitors, understanding the target audience or customers and their requirement is as important as your daily diet. This targeting can happen online through different ads as well as offline modes like brochures, cards, pamphlets etc. Once the relationship is build, your brand will have the ability to compel them to buy the products and services from you. These are the loyal customers who will not at all be bothered about quality, price, discounts and offs. Hence, your brand will build the possibility of rapid rise resulting in more traffic, sales and of course profit.

In a few cases, when you are launching a new product or service, it’s very significant that your brand is well established to attract your loyal and trusted customers to buy the latest products without even thinking twice.

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Build your Brand

Having a strong and consistent brand appearance is very crucial for a long term organic growth of a company. Let’s take a look on how to build a brand.

Target Audience and Objective Values

Creating brand awareness is like recognition, trust and revenue. But if we begin from step one, understanding the target audience is of extreme importance to run a successful business.

You must know to whom your brand will be speaking?
Who is your ideal customer?
What is their requirement?

Your target buyers are the answers to these questions.

A business should consist of elements that are solely inspired by your brand’s value, benefits and qualities that make it unique. Your audience should be able to recognize your USPs and trust you easily.

Treat your brand as a person

In the flow of competing with other high rated brands, we often tend to forget the ethical values. A brand should always intend a personal touch to a customer or client. Preferably the only mission of the business should be a world class service to the customers and clients instead of just targeting them over sales and profits. Make it recognized through its identity and experiences. The sole purpose is to set up a relationship with the customers. Your planning should be based on the following questions:

– How would your brand introduce itself?
– How would your brand talk about its products and services?
– What will be the first approach of the customers towards your brand?
– Will your brand set a parameter of positive feedback in customer’s journal?

Strategies the Marketing Approach

StrategiseA strong strategy to market your brand is required to systemise a business. The advertising approach should be ideated brilliantly; based on who is the target audience, communication base, channels to promote etc. Here are a handful of tips:

  • Website : A website plays an important role in reflecting your brand and mission with proper Call to Action (CTA). Make your brand’s website consistent with a splash of attractive and creative logo, colour pattern, typography, content.
  • Social Media : All profile pictures, cover images should be consistent enough and reflect your branding. This will make it easier for customers to recognize your business. Every post and caption should contain relevant information and CTAs.
  • Advertising : Merchandising is often established through brand awareness and promoting digitally has proved a remarkable results. Introduce your customers to the brand through advertisements. These advertisements should be based on various aspects like display ads, google search ads, Facebook ads and other social media ads.

Sales and Services

Its known for a fact that every business is structured on the basis of sales and profit. When you decide the pricing of your products or services, its very crucial to research about the competitors and their pricing details. If at all your pricing level is above them for financial reasons, try justifying it to your customers. Utilize the unique qualities, USPs and build the communication around why your brand is different and worth purchasing.

So, if you really want your brand or business to reach heights, consider the mentioned core aspects of branding. Contemplate the above mentioned tangible components and that’s how your brand will deviate from all other similar brands. Always remember that building a brand is a long-term process. It never happens overnight. Apart from the financial approach, adequate investment of both money as well as effort is needed with proper strategies and plans. Get to the heart and soul and let success follow your brand.

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