Golden Ratio! The Secret to Success of Your Logo Design

golden ratio

Golden Ratio / Fibonacci

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The golden ratio ( Fibonacci ) has been around us forever, its matter of time that artists have discovered it. Aer and Designs, on the other hand, have always been Subjective. Nature has always been beautiful, let’s see how modern artists help the business grow through Golden Ratio Logo Designs

fibonacci designs

Learn more, how our magnificent this ratio is when incorporated in our day-to-day designs. Brands looking forward to re-discover their brands must look back to classic examples of nature. Golden Ratio is an age-old principle to improve designs. 

What is the Golden Ratio?

Greeks of ancient times were the first to discover the real secret behind magnificent asymmetrical beauty. Depicted by the Greek letter “ϕ” (phi), artists and architects have been using its creativity arsenal. 

The Golden ratio, in general, is a number obtained by dividing larger quantities to the smaller one. Larger quantity/ Numerator is prominently a sum of two quantities, whereas smaller quantity/Denominator is a smaller single quantity. 

The value of the whole number is 1.618. The most familiar and easy way is to demonstrate through the Fibonacci Series. Greek used Golden ratio to aid their magnificent architectural structures backed by Rectangles, Squares and Spirals. 

Don’t let few mathematical numbers scare you, it’s way easier than what it looks. Fibonacci Ration is a lot simpler and quite common around us.

Fibonacci Circle

fibonacci circle

Fibonacci Symbol

fibonacci symbol

Where can I see Golden Ratio based designs?

  1. Nature (Flowers, Animal Shells, Milky-way Galaxy)
  2. Classical Paintings
  3. World Famous Buildings
  4. Typography
  5. Grids of Texts
  6. Website Design
  7. Cropping and Resizing of Images
  8. Logo Development

Why does Golden Ratio Matters in Design?

Just like any other tool and trick, Golden Ratio helps in creating the right balance between emotional and visual tone. Although it exists infamous designs and all that matters is that you acknowledge it and create the best usable design possible. 

Designing through Fibonacci Ratio, cue’s your focus into the focal area based upon nature. It helps in creating a balance and scale in graphic designs. 

Sectio Divina in Graphic Designs: A Timeless Phenomenon

The most prominent thing about Sectio Divina is that it’s simply a number that enhances the expressiveness of a design. Simple multiplication by 1.618 or just overlaying Golden Spiral and adjustment would do the magic. 

Possibilities are quite higher than you would have come across a golden ratio numerous times and just would have missed out. Similarly, many world-famous paintings have used Fibonacci sequence enlightening them. 

We have outlines prominent aspects where this magnificent ratio could be noticed. Incorporate them into your designs to bring forth scientific beauty. 

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Nature golden ratio

The golden number has been prevailing under the universal grid way before it was discovered. Shell chambers of marine mollusc Nautilus, actually resonate to the golden ratio. A brisk look at typical pinecone from the top would show two spirals moving in opposite directions.

The implication of the golden ratio can be seen in the minuscule DNA molecules to patterns of sunflowers or even spirals of mind-boggling huge galaxies.

Classical Paintings


World’s prominent artists Leonardo da Vinci used Golden Ratio in his paintings. Minutely looking upon Mona Lisa would signify how smoothly the body lines can be seen floating over in the proportions. 

Another prominent work of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Japanese artists signifies perfect spirals. No wonder the secret of Golden Ratio, makes it the most renounced work of Japanese art in the world.

World Famous Buildings

golden ratio buildings - Taj Mahal

Ancient Greek architecture has a significant resemblance of divine proportion in it. The dimensional relationship between widths of columns, its height & position of columns & size of the portico were all inhabitant parts of designing through golden cut.

The complete building was quite an in proportion. The Neo-classical significance can also be seen based on these principles.

Golden Ratio in our Day to day life

As the common golden ratio is in our nature, similarly it’s as common in our day to day lifestyle. Below presented are prominent instance where one can find it’s applications.


golden ratio typography

Creating designs or Logo’s using text, include messaging hierarchy in the layout. The number can also be used for flesh as a typographical hierarchy. Follow a copy hierarchy would provide you with the idea of actual size degradation. Dividing your header by 1.618 would be next line of text. For instance, you initiate with the body type of 10pt, your header would be simply 16.18.

Grids of Texts

Handling page layout can be a critical task. Instead of arbitrarily positioning your objects, using a more rhythmic method of underlying grids can be achieved. Adopting of golden ratio can be even seen in dividing pages to offer better aesthetics.

The results were effective in terms of the usable area from the top and left. The results were that they were proportionally and aesthetically balanced.

Website Design

An effective layout of content signifies pleasant compositions and beautiful proportions. The golden ratio can be effectively utilised to align multiple components of the website harmoniously. In general two-column layout, is often suited best for web design.

Cropping and Resizing images

While cropping images, it is quite easy to identify while spaces that need to be removed. But how to analyse the cropped image is balanced even after resizing it? One can utilise the Golden spiral to analyse the image composition. One must ensure that the focal point is in the middle of the spiral.

Logo Development

golden ratio Logo designs

Got stuck with your Logo design? Turn over to golden ratio to create multiple logos in proportions and shapes. They’re very few shapes that are called golden in logo designing, Square, Triangle, Circle and Spiral. Logo Design agency often uses principles of golden ratio for their growth-seeking clients.

In creating the logo, use a combination of these golden shapes to create a visual balance. Although various principles can be adopted, the golden ratio is basic of them all. Although many world-famous logo’s like Pepsi, Apple and Twitter have Fibonacci Ratio influence on them.


Now that you are aware of how significant Fibonacci Ratio is, get Logo Designs created through it. Logo designs and graphics modified over this formula have better customer engagement and transform your overall project. Your brand could be the next Pepsi, Twitter or Apple.

Get your brand designs modified or create new under the guidance of Professional Logo Design Services. Our team of expert graphic designers can re-invent your brand value through custom-designed fibonacci logo Designs.

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