Best Google Certification Courses in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Google Certification Courses

Google Certification 2024

Invest in your career by learning new skills through Google’s certificated online courses. We’ve examined every Google program to determine which Google certificates are the most worthwhile.

Google offers free and paid certification courses on its learning platforms and third-party suppliers. Their mission is to help people develop IT professional skills.

Discover the greatest Google certificates in this post. We’ve reviewed all Google certificates and will help you choose which can boost your career.

Things to Know About Google Certifications

  • They are 100% online certificates, so you can take them without attending class.
  • Google professionals create Google courses. Google Skillshop, Google Digital Garage, and Grow with Google offer some credentials, while e-learning providers provide others.
  • See the Google Certificates list for free and premium certificates.

Google certifications are grouped into three main categories.

1. Google Career Certifications: These are professional certifications in data analytics, project management, UX/UI design, Android development, and IT support. Coursera provides and finances Google career certifications.

2. Google Digital Marketing Certifications:

These are professional certifications in the fields of Android development, UX design, project management, data analytics, and IT support. Coursera is the company that pays for and provides Google career certifications.

3. Google Product Certifications: These are free training classes (with certificates) on Google products; Google Skillshop is the provider of the certifications and courses. The most popular ones are Google Ads and Analytics.

Best Google Free Certification Courses

Digital marketing, machine learning, generative AI, coding, Google Ads, and Google Analytics are all covered in the free Google certification courses.

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification (Free)

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification (Free)

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a popular Google course.

One of the top digital marketing courses, this free one has 26 modules produced by Google educators. After completing the classes, you may take an exam and obtain a certificate.

Google Skillshop offers a free digital marketing certification certified by the Open University and IABE Europe.

Why take this certification?

Those interested in digital marketing might consider this qualification.

This course will teach you how to use digital marketing channels like:

  • Content Marketing
  • eCommerce Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Marketing Strategy

The 40-hour certification course for beginners requires completion of all 26 modules and passing the Google Garage test (40 multiple-choice questions).

Jobs you can do with the Google digital marketing certification:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketers in the US earn $52K to $100K a year, depending on expertise and position.

2. Google Ads Search Certification (Free)

Google Ads Search Certification

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Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is the most popular PPC platform and a substantial revenue stream.

They developed free Google Ads certification classes through Google Skillshop to teach marketers how to use all its capabilities.

Google Ads Search Certification is a worthwhile training.

Why take this certification?

  • Learn how to run Google search advertisements campaigns.
  • Official Google Ads Partners must have it.
  • One of the most prestigious marketing qualifications.

Google advertising certification requires an 80% score on a 50-question multiple-choice exam. Google Skillshop offers free exams.

Skillshop’s study guide or a third-party Google Ads course can help you prepare for the examinations.

Jobs you can do with the Google Ads Search Certification:

  • Google Ads Specialist
  • PPC Specialist
  • PPC Manager
  • SEM Specialist

Google Ads specialists earn $71k on average.

3. AI-Powered Shopping Ads Certification (Free)

AI-Powered Shopping Ads Certification

If you want to work in eCommerce or promote your own products on Google, consider the AI-Shopping Ads Certification.

Why take this certification?

  • The shopping ads certification teaches Google Shopping campaign design, setup, and optimization.
  • Add your product catalog to the Google merchant center to get your products in Google search and utilize them in shopping and remarketing ads.
  • The training now covers AI-powered shopping campaigns (Performance Max).

Jobs you can do with the Google Shopping Ads Certification:

  • PPC Specialist
  • eCommerce Specialist
  • PPC Expert

eCommerce specialists earn $58K on average.

4. Google Analytics Certification (Free)

Google Analytics Certification

Everyone in digital marketing should know how to use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the most used website analytics platform, and Google Analytics Certification proves your proficiency.

Why take this certification?

  • This free Google certification teaches Google Analytics 4 basics and advanced concepts. After the training, you’ll be able to examine and interpret website user behavior using various reports.
  • This course takes 4.6 hours. Google Analytics tests (70 multiple-choice questions) must be passed with 80% or above to be certified.

Jobs you can do with the Google Analytics Certification:

  • Google Analytics Professional
  • Google Analytics Specialist
  • Junior Data Analyst

5. Google Ads Display Certification (Free)

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads Display Certification is another option. Free certification from Google Skillshop.

Why take this certification?

  • Google display advertisements are ideal for brand awareness and remarketing, and this course will help you maximize ROI.
  • About 2.6 hours are spent. You must achieve 80% or above on the Google Ads Display exam to get certified.

Jobs you can do with the Google Ads Display Certification:

  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Google Display Specialist
  • PPC Manager
  • SEM Specialist

6. Introduction to Generative AI (Free)

Introduction to Generative AI

Google Cloud offers Generative AI Introduction. Generative AI basics are taught in this free course.

Why take this certification?

Generative AI and its operation are explained in this 30-minute course. You’ll see Generative AI model types and their real-world applications. Gen AI app creation tools will also be covered.

A certificate is awarded after finishing the course and passing a quiz.

Jobs you can do with the Google Generative AI Certification:

  • Generative AI Junior Specialist

7. Machine Learning Crash Course (Free)

Machine Learning Crash Course

Learn With Google AI offers a free Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow APIs. The 25 lessons take about 15 hours.

Why take this certification?

This course is great if you want to learn about machine learning and how it’s different from traditional programming.

You will be exposed to a variety of Machine Learning (ML) topics over the course, and in order to gain experience with ML programming, you must do over thirty activities.

Despite being for beginners, there are some requirements for the course. Take the 20-minute Introduction to Machine Learning course and the NumPy and Pandas courses first if you’re new to machine learning.

Jobs you can do with the Google Machine Learning Certification:

  • Machine Learning Junior Specialist

8. Intro to TensorFlow For Deep Learning (Free)

Intro to TensorFlow For Deep Learning

Udacity and Google provide a free course on TensorFlow for Deep Learning. The 11 lessons cover:

  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Forecasting using Deep Learning and TensorFlow
  • Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow

Why take this certification?

Google’s free, open-source TensorFlow package is used for machine learning and AI. This course teaches TensorFlow network building, training, and optimization.

Many hands-on exercises and real-world applications will be done in class.

Google professionals teach the lessons, and you’ll receive a certificate after finishing all assignments.

Jobs you can do with the Google TensorFlow Course:

  • Machine Learning Junior Specialist
  • TensorFlow Junior Specialist

9. AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification (Free)

AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification

Google Skillshop now offers free AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification. The 18 lessons average 4 hours.

Why take this certification?

Performance Ads employ Google AI to optimize campaigns. A Performance Max campaign targets users on Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Discovery, and Display Network instead of many ads.

Google AI finds new prospects based on your budget when you offer Google some basic campaign goals and upload your assets (ads, photos, videos) using Perf Max.

Google certification requires passing a 50-question, 75-minute graded evaluation.

Jobs you can do with the AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification:

  • Google Ads Specialist
  • PPC Specialist
  • SEM Specialist
  • PPC Expert

Best Google Paid Certification Courses

Google offers paid Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, UX Design, IT Support, BI, and Cloud certifications. All courses are free for 7 days and award a Google professional certificate.

10. Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Paid)

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Google IT Support Professional Certificate is your best chance for IT support jobs.

Google reports over 340K IT job opportunities, and this online credential will help you become an IT support professional.

Why take this certification?

  • Google IT Support is Coursera’s most popular Google career certificate.
  • It expands professional options.
  • Beginners without IT support experience will love it.
  • One of the home-based jobs.
  • IT support workers are in high demand and growing.
  • It’s the first step toward specialized certification and higher pay.
  • Other courses offer college credits and exceptions.

This Google career certificate costs $49 per month and takes 6 months (10 hours per week).

To get certified, you need to complete 5 courses:

  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  • IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

Jobs you can do with a Google IT support certificate:

Google IT support certification opens doors to help desk technician, systems analyst, support expert, database administrator, IT technician, and computer user specialist positions.

Entry-level IT support specialists earn roughly $50K annually.

11. Google Data Analytics Certificate (Paid)

Google Data Analytics Certificate

Marketing hot themes include data analytics. Data from diverse sources is growing, therefore you need people to acquire, understand, and analyze it to make business decisions.

Google’s Data Analytics Professional professional certificate will prepare you for an entry-level marketing data analyst job.

Why take this certification?

  • Data analysts are needed for around 300K US jobs, according to Google.
  • Learn job skills
  • Know how to tackle problems with data
  • No class attendance is required for this online course.

To get certified, you need to complete 8 courses:

  • Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
  • Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Prepare Data for Exploration
  • Process Data from Dirty to Clean
  • Analyze Data to Answer Questions
  • Share Data Through the Art of Visualization
  • Data Analysis with R Programming
  • Google Data Analytics Capstone: Complete a Case Study

This Google career certificate costs $49 per month and takes 6 months (10 hours per week).

Jobs you can do with a Google Data Analytics certificate:

  • Data Analyst
  • Junior Database Administrator
  • Junior data scientist
  • Finance Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Business performance analyst
  • Marketing analyst

Certified Data Analytics experts earn $68K on average.

12. Google Project Management Certificate (Paid)

Google Project Management Certificate

You need project management abilities to work in management, be a digital marketing consultant, or establish a firm.

Online tasks including development, SEO, digital marketing, and social media marketing are minor projects.

Profitable projects require planning, organizing, and monitoring on schedule and under budget.

Project managers can become Google-certified with the Google Project Management Professional certificate.

Why take this certification?

  • Get one of 475K jobs with Google Project Management certification.
  • Successfully manage IT and digital marketing projects
  • Learn project management tools.
  • Credit 100 hours toward PMI-certified project management.

To become certified, you need to complete 6 courses:

  • Foundations of Project Management
  • Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project
  • Project Planning: Putting It All Together
  • Project Execution: Running the Project
  • Agile Project Management
  • Applying Project Management in the Real World

This Google career certificate costs $49 per month and takes 6 months (10 hours per week).

Jobs you can do with a Google Project Management certificate:

  • Project manager
  • Junior Project manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Assistant
  • Program Manager
  • Scrum master
  • Project Administrator
  • Technical project manager

Entry-level project managers earn $59K on average.

13. Google UX Design Certificate (Paid)

Google UX Design Certificate

Websites, smartphone apps, and other digital products depend on user experience. The Google UX Design degree will teach you how to create user-friendly interfaces.

To become a certified UX designer, you need to complete 7 courses.

  • Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design
  • Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate
  • Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts
  • Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma
  • Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD
  • Design a User Experience for Social Good & Prepare for Jobs

This Google career certificate costs $49 per month and takes 6 months (10 hours per week).

Why take this certification?

Although this course requires no prior experience, it’s not for everyone. If you lack the imagination and vision to design online or mobile interfaces, seek another career.

This course is great for designers who like and can use design tools and concepts.

Jobs you can do with a Google UX Design certificate:

  • UX designer
  • UI designer
  • Web designer
  • Product designer

The average annual salary for UX designers is $59K.

14. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate (Paid)

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

The most popular programming language on the internet right now is Python. All online learning platforms provide Python classes, and demand for Python programmers is always rising.

The Google IT Automation With Python career course teaches you how to use Python to create programs/scripts for automating common administrative tasks.

The cost of getting this Google career certificate is $49 per month, and the estimated duration is 4 months (allocating 10 hours per week).

Why take this certification?

This is a specialized professional certification for individuals who wish to learn to program, even though no prior coding expertise is necessary. It would be preferable to pursue an alternative professional path if you find programming to be too confusing.

On the other hand, this course is an excellent place to start if you want to start learning about the fascinating field of computer programming and become an expert in Python.

Python-related job posts number over 530K (in the US alone), so you won’t have any trouble getting employment.

Jobs you can do with a Google Python Professional certificate:

  • Python programmer
  • Web developer
  • IT Support Specialist
  • IT Automation specialist
  • Junior System administrator

In the US, a proficient Python programmer typically makes approximately $115K a year.

15. Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Certificate (Paid)

Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Certificate

In addition to the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google has launched the Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce Professional Certificate, a new professional credential that combines eCommerce with digital marketing.

This degree includes seven Coursera courses created by Google Marketing specialists. This certification is paid for, in contrast to the free Fundamentals certificate. The course and certification are scheduled to take six months to complete, with a monthly registration fee of $49 (for a total estimated cost of $234).

You will learn how to leverage digital marketing to reach your target audience from the lessons. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and display advertising are among the topics covered in the certificate.

The majority of the courses (2/7) are devoted solely to online retail marketing. You will learn specifically how to use Shopify to construct an online store, add product details, and optimize it for online sales.

Why take this certification?

If you wish to begin a career in eCommerce marketing as a digital marketing specialist, you need get this certification. This certificate contains 152 hours of content, more than the 40 hours in the Fundamentals Certification. The classes are also more in-depth and useful.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with well-known digital marketing platforms like MailChimp, Canva, Shopify, and Hubspot as part of the practical projects.

Jobs you can do with a Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce Certificate:

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Search Engine Analyst
  • Freelance Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce Associate
  • Email Marketing Expert

In the US, a junior e-commerce specialist typically makes $51,000 annually.

16. Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate (Paid)

Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

For those who have completed the Google Data Analytics Certificate, the next stage is the Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate. The Advanced certificate is intended for those with experience in the data analytics field, in contrast to the Data Analytics certificate, which is intended for newcomers.

The certificate takes an average of six months to complete and consists of seven courses covering statistical analysis, regression models, and machine learning.

Why take this certification?

If you’re interested in applying for senior data analytics jobs, you should get this qualification.

It enhances your knowledge and expertise in data analytics to help you advance your career—it’s not a certification for unskilled workers.

For the majority of working professionals, learning is more convenient with this self-faced, fully online certificate.

After earning the certificate, you’ll be equipped with a variety of projects to expand your portfolio and knowledge of sophisticated data analytics ideas, such as:

  • How to teach computer systems to discover patterns in data with machine learning.
  • How to perform data analytic tasks in Python
  • How to use popular data analytics tools like Tableau to visualize data.

Jobs you can do with a Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate:

  • Senior data analyst
  • Junior data scientist
  • Data science analyst
  • Data scientist

In the US, Senior Data Analytics trained professionals make, on average, $118K a year.

17. Google Business Intelligence Certificate (Paid)

Google Business Intelligence Certificate

The first career qualification focused solely on business intelligence is the Google Business Intelligence qualification. This advanced credential is intended for professionals who are currently employed in the field.

It takes less than two months to complete the three courses required for the certification. Interactive dashboards, reporting, and data models and pipelines are all covered in the courses.

Why take this certification?

If you’re currently employed in a comparable data analytics role and would like to advance your knowledge through real-world, practical projects utilizing BigQuery, SQL, and Tableau, you ought to get this certification.

Google does not strictly enforce obtaining a data analytics certificate prior to attempting this certification, though it is recommended. We will be able to follow the lessons without any issues as long as you have practical experience with tools and data processing.

You will produce an interactive Business Intelligence dashboard as part of the third course’s end-of-course project. This project is a wonderful way to build your portfolio for senior-level job applications.

Jobs you can do with a Google Business Intelligence Certificate:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer

In the US, professionals with BI certification typically earn $96K annually.

18. Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate (Paid)

Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

An introductory credential for those looking to work in the cybersecurity field is the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate.

This is one of the greatest cybersecurity certifications you can get if you want to work as a cybersecurity analyst and develop your abilities in a field that is in high demand.

It takes less than five months to complete the eight courses required for the certification. Data security, network security, cyberattacks, cybersecurity procedures and tools, using Python to automate cybersecurity chores, and other related subjects are all covered in the courses.

Why take this certification?

If you want to learn how companies can defend their data and other internet assets from hackers, you should get this certification.

Data security theory and practice are both covered in the courses. You will gain knowledge about how to recognize attacks, notify relevant parties of them, and take precautions against future cyberattacks.

You will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects during the course that you may utilize as case studies for your portfolio, much like with previous Google certifications.

Lessons on creating a CV, finding entry-level jobs, and how to ace an interview are also included.

Jobs you can do with a Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Operations Center Analyst (SOC)
  • Information Security Analyst
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Cyber Defense Analyst

The average annual salary for Cybersecurity certified professionals is $100K in the US.

19. Google Cloud Engineer Professional Certification (Paid)

Google Cloud Engineer Professional Certification

One of Google’s premium courses that prepares students for a career in cloud engineering is the Google Cloud Engineer professional certification. It takes one month to finish the five courses that make up the certificate.

Why take this certification?

You will be able to deploy and monitor apps in a Google Cloud environment with the support of this certification program. You will learn how to utilize the Google Cloud console to control the environment and how Google Cloud infrastructure functions.

This is not a course for novices. You should be familiar with online services, IP networking, and virtual machines before you begin.

Jobs you can do with a Google Cloud Engineer certificate:

  • Google Cloud Engineer
  • Associate Cloud Engineer

In the US, cloud engineers typically earn $131,264 annually.

Google Certifications List

The most well-liked Google certificates are shown in the table below.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing CertificationFree
Google Ads Search CertificationFree
AI-Powered Shopping Ads CertificationFree
Google Analytics CertificationFree
Google Ads Display CertificationFree
Introduction to Generative AIFree
Machine Learning Crash CourseFree
Intro to TensorFlow For Deep LearningFree
AI-Powered Performance Ads CertificationFree
Google IT Support Professional CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Data Analytics CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Project Management CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google UX Design CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google IT Automation with Python CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Advanced Data Analytics CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Business Intelligence CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Cybersecurity Professional CertificatePaid ($49/mo)
Google Cloud Engineer Professional CertificationPaid ($49/mo)

Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Getting certified by Google is definitely worthwhile. Every professional and career Google certification is created by Google specialists and is intended to assist students in developing abilities that are marketable to employers.

Employers, professional associations, and universities all recognize the certificates, which might aid in your job search in the digital marketing or IT sectors.

The majority of certificates are offered for free, and those that are paid for are fairly priced.

Google Certification Alternatives

In addition to Google certificates, there are a number of professional certifications that can assist you in gaining new abilities and landing an entry-level position across a range of industries. The most well-liked ones are:

  • Best Meta Meta Certifications
  • Best Coursera Certifications
  • Best IBM Courses and Certifications
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