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When you are all-ready for initiating a new business, you require an Identity that gets the attention of everyone. A name that represents your brand accurately while getting the right attention. You should not and never settle with something sober and mundane. However, coming up with a Name that grabs the attention of people is a typical matter of contention faced by every entrepreneur. Only a suitable name, along with a catchy phrase, will help you stand out in the crowd. Although branding and marketing also play a key role in creating brand awareness.

Whenever you want to name your business, keep in mind that the Name will represent your brand, and hence it must be easy to remember. A brand name creates the first impression and leaves a mark on the audience’s mind forever. This blog will help you to find and guide you to create effective names for your business. The below tips will take you through the intricate process of creating a business label.

  • Authentic
  • User-Friendly
  • Future-proof
  • Available
  • Lovable

So, then without wasting time, let’s get started…. with the above qualities in detail.

1. Make it Authentic

Well, to begin with, your brand names should be original. We understand it is tricky but remember it is a necessity. As already mentioned, Business Name is what fetches attention to your product. Of course, as a start-up we agree you have plenty of goals to accomplish. You need to compel the audience to sit and take notice of your brand, but what you don’t need is that people forgetting that you exist in the market. Hence, invest the right amount of your time brainstorming naming ideas.

  • Start by making a list of keywords that relate to your business. For this, you can take help from Free Keyword Tool.
  • Enter a primary keyword on the search bar, and the tool starts displaying an array of related words that you can take inspiration from.
  • Are you a book lover? Then books would be the proper choice to dig for your inspiring words. Open your favorite novel, scan through the paragraphs and make a list of words that grabs your attention. Do not worry whether it is related to your business or not, just pen them down.
  • Be creative and start playing with the words. Brand names do not necessarily have to be sensible. But they must be expressive and impeccable. We hope you understand what we mean. For instance, Sole Man (shoe repair), Spoon Me(Yogurt brand), and many like these are fun to hear and easy to remember. Thoroughly serving the purpose!

2. Make it suitable for future usage

We understand that when you are initiating your business, you concentrate on one particular range of products. But as, you move ahead, you may come up with a new set of products. Launching them would be a difficult task if your brand name only gives identity to your initial products. So, always keep in mind the future of your business. For example, you launched your business by selling women’s footwear, and in the future, if you want to hit the men’s market, then a name like “Cinderella..The Shoes Story” will make no sense.

  • You know what you are trying to accomplish in your business field. Hence question yourself on how well you can describe your brand to others? The adjectives that come to your mind when you think about your business, and lastly, what kind of feeling you want to evoke in the audience’s mind about the products you sell. Start scribbling the ideas as and when they hit your brain, trust us, it is surely going to help you form a brand identity!
  • You can even mention the kind of service you offer as a suffix to your brand name if yours is a service-based company.
  • Let the company name be simple and appealing. We understand you have plenty of objectives when you launch a business, but realize the priority and accordingly select a name. Keeping it simple will have a positive impact on the audience’s mind, and that is how you can associate with them.

3. Let the company names be User-Friendly.

By now, hopefully, you all are clear of searching for a name that identifies your business. Once you have a round-one list of the names, you must be wondering what next? Filter the ones that appeal to you the most and start entering on Google, do not worry even if it is a made-up word, go on.. just type it!

  • Now, start digging deep into the names and check for the spellings and meanings. Match it with your business. A Name with more than two syllables is cumbersome, so let it look catchier and easy at the same time. Names like ‘Shopify’ and ‘DropBox’ begin with a verb. Do you think people forget these names? We bet not.. coz they are not only eye-catching but difficult to forget too!
  • If you already have an initial logo design, just insert the name and see how it looks. You can even contact us, Jootoor Designs for attractive and creative ideas for logo designs. Our professional logo designers are ever creative and will start putting your thoughts in an artistic and thoughtful way.
  • Feedbacks, whether they’re positive or negative is an everyday necessity and those are the things that keep you going in the business. We are sure that well-wishers always provide you with genuine feedback, so don’t be afraid of approaching them. Step forward, and make them know your thoughts. Well, if they are not able to understand, then it means your brand name is not completely user-friendly. Hmm.. it’s time to Rework!
  • With thousands of languages being used in different parts of the Globe, the last thing you expect is that your brand name does not have an awkward translation. So, the moment you finalize your brand name, quickly run to the google translator and check for the translation. Just imagine your brand name getting translated to a body part; we know you don’t want it. Do your homework!! Or even better, Connect with us for all your branding assistance.

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4. Ensure your brand name is available.

After business set-up, and coming up with the most attractive name, the next thing you do is to launch a website with every detail of your business inserted in it. We at Jootoor Designs have experienced website developers who can help you to create beautiful, yet user-friendly websites. You can contact us any time, and we are at your service!

You will have to check if your brand name is available in .com form. In case you are wondering what it is! Then that is how your website URL looks like. So, prior checking of available URLs is a necessity. As long as your brand name is original, you don’t have to break your head, but remember, Prevention is always better than Cure!! Recheck before launching the brand name.

  • You can always take the help of Jootoor Domains to cross-check the domain availability. However, we are always here to help you with the same, if launching your website is left to our responsibility. If it is taken, then you need to have other alternatives.
  • Don’t lose heart if the domain name is not available you can try making it available by adding a suffix or a prefix to the Name. For instance, ‘app’, ‘hello’, and ‘get’ are the popular ones.
  • Almost every business field utilizes social media platforms to launch its products. Hence, checking your brand name availability is also a must. Namechk is one of your go-to tools to accomplish this task.

5. Lovable

After investing loads of effort and time, you should be the first person to love the name given to your business. If you don’t, then who would? Before showcasing it to the world, stay confident about it. If you are not confident about it, or if you think it is not appealing, then we recommend starting from the initial step. Because the brand name is a vital part of the business process, and without which you cannot establish an identity in the market.

Rebranding is possible, but we recommend keeping that as an option. Because it is always time-consuming and does cost you more. Also, all your marketing strategies should be started afresh. So, trying to get the best name at the first attempt is a great start, and investing extra time on it is all worth the effort!

Guide to generate a catchy business name

We do not deny the fact that coming up with an attractive and popular business name is often a tricky task and definitely time-consuming. However, it is interesting as long as you can smoothly run through the process, but annoying if you get stuck at the very first step. So, you can always take the help of a business name generator. But somehow, those tools are a little tricky to use.

If you are running out of time and if you are too selective, then finding a name alone will go on for ages. And that is why we at Jootoor Designs take every responsibility, from finding a catchy Name for your business and logo designing to website development and launching it. Our creative heads can come up with numerous names that represent your products and services.

If you want to build an identity for your brand efficiently, then check out our Digital Marketing Services

While we take the responsibility to launch your business…You sit back and relax!!!

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