How to Create High Quality Backlinks (12 New Strategies)

ONE popular site is worth more than 100 links from unpopular blog

12 TESTED Techniques for Building Professional-Grade Backlinks

The question is, how can you do this in 2023 and beyond?

Many people struggle to increase search traffic. Sadly, most blogs only get up to 100 visitors per day from search engines.

You cannot increase sales or establish your brand if you don’t get enough traffic from search engines. How can search traffic be increased?

A straightforward solution is to generatehigh quality backlinks.

You will get more site visitors from search engines as you build more links.

How to build relevant backlinks to your blogs? Let’s first talk about the fundamentals before getting into the specifics.

Why do we need to build backlinks?

Crawlers from search engines view backlinks as votes. Your blog pages will rank higher in search results the more links there are referring to your website. More high-quality links likely to improve your search rankings.

Most authority sites perform well even for competitive keywords in this way. because they are linked by tens of thousands of blogs worldwide.

There are two types of Backlinks

1. Dofollow

These are the links you should be building, do follow. Dofollow links indicate to search engines that they should follow them. If you receive a do-follow link from an authoritative website, your page’s traffic will quickly increase.

2. Nofollow

Search engines are informed by nofollow links that the links should not impact how the link target is ranked in the search engine’s index. They are,  therefore, unnecessary, yet they are always important. All social media links, for instance, are nofollow, but search engines give them some weight and boost your ranks.

It is important to have a combination of dofollow and nofollow links.

If you are building only do-follow links,  there are ways to get penalised by Google algorithms like Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird to solely develop do follow links. Therefore, be sure to put some time and effort into making both types of links.

How to create high quality backlinks to your blog

1. Guest Posting is NOT Dead

The majority of individuals believe that guest posting is still alive. There are many well-known bloggers who continue to publish guest pieces since they know that this strategy is effective.

Benefits of guest posting

  • Boosting Brand Awareness With Guest Posting
  • Guest Posting Increases Visibility
  • Strengthens Your Site SEO
  • Major Networking Opportunities
  • Insanely Increases Website Traffic
  • Reinforce Site Credibility and Authority
  • You Get Access To Quality Backlinks
  • Attracts New Customers and Leads
  • Encourage Thought Leadership
  • You Get to Diversified Content
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • And the list goes on and on

But here’s the thing: guest posting requires effort and time.

Yes, getting your guest articles published is difficult, especially on authoritative websites like forbes, but they bring you a tonne of traffic and, more significantly, backlinks from authoritative websites (with high DA) can boost the total authority and backlink profile of your website.

If you want to submit a guest post to an authority website in your industry, you must first learn how to send email pitches effectively.

So how to create backlinks with guest posting?

Here are few guest post email examples


I’m a great Forbes fan, and I’ve been reading and using your advice for a while.

I’ve always wanted to help the readers of Forbes by making a contribution. In order to share a few tried-and-true strategies for boosting blog traffic quickly, I published a post with the title “3 Growth Hacking Strategies for Bloggers to Quadruple Their Blog Traffic Without SEO” after doing a lot of research. I spent almost XXX hours writing this article.

I’m hoping Forbes readers will love it. Can I send you the guest post attachment?

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards,
Manasa Sree
SEO Expert

2. Link Building With Interviews

There is a better way to increase exposure for your website, develop your own brand, and obtain high-quality backlinks.

So what is it?

Request an interview with a blogger in your field. It’s common for bloggers to feature interviews with fellow professionals.


Getting interviewed by others is the best way to:

  • Attract highly relevant backlinks (mostly dofollow links)
  • Improve your personal brand
  • Get more traffic and exposure to your site
  • Acts as word of mouth publicity online
  • And the list goes on

So how can you conduct interviews with other bloggers to create links?

Reach out to other bloggers to arrange interviews, especially if your blog has excellent content or outcomes but you don’t have a strong personal brand.

Here’s how an example email pitch looks like;

email sample

3. Through High Quality Content Creation

The best way to build links is by creating content that naturally generates links.

A great strategy for building links that are extremely relevant is to establish high-quality links through your content. The good news is that most of the links appear naturally, so you don’t really need to put any work into them.

Did you know that, we attracted links organically from wikipedia Yes, that’s true.

Here’s the link


So what makes someone to link to your content?

The simplest solution is to write high-quality content. There is no other option.

And how might content be produced that naturally attracts links?

Let’s now discuss a straightforward methodology for writing content that generates links organically from other websites.

Create an attractive topic: As you can see from the foregoing, we chose a really interesting subject: measuring website traffic. It’s a very useful subject, especially for different types of bloggers and marketers. Who among us wouldn’t want to gauge the popularity of their rivals’ websites?

So in our sector, that would make a fantastic topic for writing. You can use a few resources, such as; to come up with excellent subjects.

  • Semrush
  • Quora
  • Buzzsumo

Make detailed content: The example post we provided above is very extensive and instructive. It ranks on the first page for queries like “check website traffic for free” mostly because we included 14 tools to measure website traffic.

Google frequently encourages material that is very informative and helpful. Therefore, you need to write in-depth material above 2000 words long to develop content that naturally draws links. Try to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject you are writing about.

Frequently Updates: We regularly update our blog entries as the last step of the content strategy we utilise to produce high quality material that garners backlinks from other websites. We pay particular attention to the blog posts that do the best, conduct keyword research, and refresh the content with the most recent information.

As a side point, the article to which we are referring above only included 5 tools for determining a website’s traffic (you may view the URL of that article). After that, we made numerous updates to the post over the years, which actually assisted us in getting enough traffic from search engines.

Start using Skyscraper technique

Writing epic pieces that inevitably garner connections from other websites is the most straightforward way to increase the number of high-authority backlinks to your own blogs. How do you manage that?

A proven method known as the “Skyscraper Technique” may help you in generating high-quality backlinks to your blogs using your own content.

This strategy was originally coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko who himself used it to grow his traffic to a large extent.

Here are the 3 steps involved in it.

  1. Finding content that is popular in your industry.
  2. Making it more better, detailed, compelling and helpful.
  3. Promoting it to the right people to reach wider audience.

4. Link Building Through Roundups

Whether you understand it or not, the easiest method to increase your credibility as a blogger and get quality connections to your website is to be featured on roundup posts.

The fact that so many bloggers create roundup posts on their blogs is a positive thing.

How can you get featured on blogger roundup posts to gain high-quality website backlinks?

Here are a few proven techniques for using roundups to increase website links.

Being engaged everywhere is obvious. Get found online first if you want to be featured on other blogger roundup blogs. Get out there. Investing all of your time on your blog is a massive mistake. To be found online, you should get out there and interact with other bloggers.

The more opportunities you have to develop links, the more people will notice and see your name on other blogs, social media platforms, etc. That’s all there is to it. Since nobody likes to mention an unknown blogger, isn’t that right? Be everywhere, then. Join discussion boards, take part in Twitter chats, interact with people in Facebook groups, and so forth.

Making a list of blogs and bloggers who frequently publish roundup posts is a fantastic method to be included in them. Numerous bloggers from a variety of industries often provide roundups of other bloggers. If you have such a list, you may interact with the people on it, tweet about their content, discuss their products, and even tell them you want to be included in one of their future roundups. It performs flawlessly!

When contributing to blogger roundups, be sure to offer incredibly helpful replies rather than adding generic ones, which don’t stand out. Many bloggers include the best responses from participants who gave the greatest answers at the top of their posts.

When responding to blogger roundups, be sure to provide links to your pertinent blog posts or web pages as this will aid in both link building and directing readers to the best content.

5. Blog Commenting

One simple method for generating links is by leaving comments on blogs.

Even though almost all WordPress comments are nofollow, which means you won’t actually gain any link juice, blog comments nevertheless assist you maintain a great balance in your backlink profile.

Whether you realize it or not, you should never create simply dofollow or only nofollow links. A healthy ratio between your dofollow and nofollow links should always be maintained. You can enhance the backlink profile of your website in this way.

Commenting on blogs can be helpful here.

  • Commenting gets you noticed
  • Commenting builds relationships
  • Commenting drives traffic
  • Commenting generates new ideas
  • Commenting gives you feedback
  • Commenting shows your expertise
  • Commenting creates backlinks
  • Commenting causes popularity

Is blog commenting still effective?

Is blog commenting still useful in 2023? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to backlink building.

Absolutely, yes. Yes, blog commenting is really effective, particularly when you leave sincere, considerate, and thorough comments on other blogs (as demonstrated above).

We regularly provide a ton of helpful and extremely educational comments on other blogs in our field. We continue to comment on blogs despite receiving good search engine traffic since we are aware of their value.

However, if you only leave one-line comments, they won’t be of any use and will likely land up in other sites’ spam folders.

Here are a few tips on how to post excellent blog comments that can help your website gain links.

You need to compile a list of websites and blogs where comments are allowed. Just make sure you compile a list of blogs with regular content updates and respectable traffic. Google searches are the quickest approach to find blogs that allow comments:

  • Open an incognito tab first to receive results that aren’t personalized for you.
  • You may now find commenting sites in your niche by using search terms like “inurl:blog” and “blog commenting sites” among others.

Focus on popular blogs that receive lots of traffic and shares. You can quickly determine the authority of any website by using tools like Semrush.

To determine whether you can leave comments on blogs, you can also use metrics like Moz DA. If nothing else works, you can look at the number of social shares the post has received or the number of comments that have already been left to get a list of blogs where you can leave comments.

Add value: One-line comments like “thanks for sharing great post” are useless. Every week, we get a ton of comments on pieces on BloggersPassion, and we shamelessly delete or shift such one-line comments to the spam folder.

Adding value to your comments on blogs is something you should keep in mind. Post comments to ask questions, initiate conversations, and share your thoughts. Your blog comments will receive more traffic and clicks if you do that.

6. Use Your Product Reviews Smartly

Providing product reviews is another smart technique to build high-quality links.

Simply create a list of every product you use for your site. Or locate a list of goods that are trading links for client testimonials.

Here are a few of the product categories that frequently swap links for client testimonials.

In reality, list all the products you currently use and contact the manufacturers to let them know you wish to write a review on their goods. It functions in a variety of industries.

Make sure to be more thorough and informative the next time you submit a product review. If you can, aim for 2000 words and include lots of screenshots.

Send an email to the companies behind the products you’re going to suggest. And request that they distribute or link to your product review articles. They will definitely connect to it if they like it.

7. Video Marketing

Whether you realize it or not, Google is the most popular search engine, followed by YouTube.

How to Use Video for Link Building?

  • Create high-quality videos and submit your videos to video sharing websites like DailyMotion, YouTube, etc.
  • Run a contest or giveaway, and be sure to include a link to your website in the entry form.
  • Make your videos embeddable

Thousands of marketers are using video marketing to increase their following and high-quality backlinks. When compared to text-based content, videos are significantly easier to view and lot easier to understand.

So how do you use videos to build excellent backlinks? Instead of diving right into video marketing if you’re a beginner, we advise the following.

Create a YouTube channel as a starting point. You need a YouTube channel to start using video marketing. Just make sure to identify the best-performing articles that drive the most Google traffic and create movies around them.

Use your links wisely and strategically promote your content by including links to those pieces in the video descriptions to increase traffic to your blogs from YouTube and create backlinks.

The goal of creating a video tutorial on a subject that has previously been covered in a blog post is to boost exposure for the existing successful content by attracting additional viewers, establishing links from YouTube, and building links.

8. Be Active On Quora

Quora is one of the best ways to get backlinks in 2023.

You must check out Quora if you’re a blogger looking for excellent sites to develop links and increase traffic. It’s similar to Yahoo! Answers, but the Quora community is considerably more educational, allowing you to learn more about any subject.

You can choose and follow the topics you are interested in after you sign up with Quora (free to join), and you will be able to receive the feed of questions and answers connected to those topics.

Quora provides us with valuable information on our favorite topic, SEO, helping us understand what our target audience is searching for.


You have learned the queries that pique the interest of your intended audience. Create material on your site about such subjects and then respond to the same questions on Quora.

Therefore, the trick in this situation is to maintain balance on both your blog and Quora. Send them to your own blog sites instead, where they can discover complete information, rather than providing them with thorough information.

Here is an example of how we create responses for Quora. Since we frequently post articles about boosting website traffic, SEO, and online income, you may follow us on Quora from this page.

Here are a few tried-and-true writing techniques we use when responding to questions on Quora.

Find fresh topics while you’re writing on Quora. Don’t offer the same advise that everyone else does because it won’t get you any upvotes (upvotes on Quora are comparable to Facebook likes or Twitter retweets). Use fresh concepts in your Quora replies because they attract viewers’ attention right away.

Your chances of making your Quora answers popular increase the quicker you receive your first 100 upvotes. The more upvotes, comments, new followers, and traffic you receive from Quora, the more well-liked your answers are. That’s all there is to it.

The greatest approach to get the most of Quora is to establish a significant online identity. How do you manage that? There is just one way, and that is to offer enlightening responses.

Don’t disclose all the information when choosing a question to respond, like we described before. Give as much thorough and beneficial information as you can in response to the query, but make sure to include a link to the blog post where readers can find all the details. By doing so, you’ll meet their wants and attract visitors from Quora.

Track results and interact with others: The final piece of advice is to keep tabs on your performance since Quora provides a full analysis of your upvotes, most popular answers, etc. You can quickly determine what kinds of answers are producing the best outcomes by keeping track of the results.

Remember to interact with other users on Quora as well, as the platform is not intended for self-promotion. When you begin promoting other writers on Quora, sooner or later you will also receive the same type of promotion.

9. Offer Testimonials

Did you realize that employing the testimonials hack, you can obtain very relevant and high-quality backlinks?

What is testimonials hack?

This is the least popular but most successful method for gaining high-quality backlinks without adding new blog posts. This is how it goes: Look for relevant sites or products, then start leaving reviews.

Do you want to know how to create high-quality backlinks using testimonials?

Let us explain the testimonials strategy to you.

Step 1: Find all the products you are using already

Most likely, you use a few high-end items like web hosting, SEO software, WordPress plugins, etc.

The only thing left to do is make full use of them, write a review of them, and email it to the product owners. I’m done now!

The majority of product owners connect to their blogs using REAL customer testimonials. You received a high-quality link from a reputable product website. Bingo, now you know how to use your items to build high-quality links.

Step 2: Read and implement the strategies given by other bloggers

Every week, you must read a significant number of articles in your industry, am I right? Why not heed their recommendations, produce some results for yourself, and then start emailing those bloggers to share your outcomes?

What a great experience it would be for both you and them. Both of you and they can benefit from increased exposure. They will gladly link to your blogs if you implement their ideas and achieve amazing results.

We would be happy to link to your site if, for example, you have ever read all of my blog entries in their entirety and tried to implement the tips we offer here at BloggersPassion to benefit from them. If you let us know about it, we will be happy to do so!

Step 3: Find opportunities

If all of the above fails, the last step is to manually discover opportunities.

There are literally millions of blogs available that offer free links to you. You did hear correctly. In fact, some authoritative websites will reward you with dofollow links in exchange for your endorsements.

Thus, it’s a win-win strategy. He received a recommendation from an actual reader, and in exchange, we received a link. Your current task is to locate blogs and websites that offer backlinks for no cost.

9. Create Compelling Infographics


Did you understand that high-quality backlinks may be created from images?

Yes, infographics make it feasible. Using infographics, you can quickly build backlinks.

Simple visuals do a fantastic job of explaining them. In addition to being simple to grasp, the material in infographics is regularly linked from other blogs and shared on social media.

Just be sure to include an embedded link to your websites in your infographic design so that others can simply connect back to it.

To create great infographics, you can use software like Photoshop or Canva, or you can hire a designer.

11. Fixing Broken Links of Other Websites

The majority of SEO professionals and link building aficionados employ the clever broken link building method. Finding broken links on other blogs, whether they are well-known or new, and emailing the blog owners to ask them to restore the broken links and replace them with their own links constitutes this activity.

By doing this, you’ll have a better chance of creating links to replace broken ones and boost your search engine results.

How can you discover broken links on other websites?

Here’s how to identify dead or broken links on any website and suggest your own links to take their place.

Step1: To start locating broken or dead links on any website, utilize the Broken Link Check website. You only need to click this link to get started.

Step 2: Enter the domain name of which you want to find broken links.

Step 3: You will quickly receive all the details regarding the specific domain’s broken links.

Step 4: Send an email to the associated blogger about all the dead links you identify on a particular website.

Use the email copy that follows. Use it exactly as is without hesitation.

Hi [name],

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m fascinated with your content.

I just found a couple of broken links on your site.

[List all of them]

BTW, I’ve an article relevant to your audience which you can replace with your [broken link] only if you think it’s suitable for your readers.

Keep up your great work.


Your name.

I’m done now! To find natural links for your own blogs, use this method to quickly locate hundreds of broken links and send emails to at least 10 individuals each day.

Just a quick reminder: Not all bloggers will provide you with a link. As a general guideline, anticipate receiving one or two links for every ten emails you send to other blogs.

12. Blogger Mention Links

The surest strategy to gain high quality incoming links to your material is to get in touch with other bloggers whenever you publish a worthwhile piece on your blogs.

“Why would anyone link to my blog posts?” you might wonder.

That is a valid query. Because it is so well suited to their readership, anyone would connect to your material.

Follow the “reciprocity rule” to improve your chances of receiving links to your material from other bloggers.

What does it mean?

How can I increase blog comments? start leaving comments on other blogs.

How can you increase social media shares? by posting content from other people on social media.

Where can I find high-quality backlinks? by links from your blog postings to other blogs.

See, that’s called reciprocity.

By linking to other people’s content first, you are assisting others while also benefiting from their assistance.

Therefore, start connecting to other bloggers and do it frequently and consistently to get the most out of this blogger mention technique to develop quality links. Make care to contact every blogger you link to in an email.

As a result, they will be aware that you have linked to their posts, and you can encourage them to start connecting to your posts by sending them emails frequently after doing so.

You obtain inbound links to your blog’s material in this way from other blogs. We strongly recommend reading this post on blogger outreach if you have any remaining questions about how to maximize the effectiveness of your blogger outreach approach to create backlinks.

Bonus: Do Interlinking

Have you ever asked how to build backlinks on your own website to improve your search engine rankings? Is that even conceivable?

The secret, indeed, is interlinking. The best technique to make your websites more crawlable for search engines is to link to your own blog content. Every time you link to one of your previous, pertinent blog entries, the search engines will give you more credit for that term.

When you link to your own posts, it helps to increase your search exposure over time, and search crawlers frequently visit your website. The following time you produce a new post, make sure to interlink to the pertinent links on your own blog before publishing it in order to pass link juice.


Here are a few important questions regarding the creation of high-quality backlinks in 2023 and beyond.

  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu
  • Open Link Profiler
  • Open Site Explorer from Moz
  • Guest posts
  • Blogger outreach
  • Broken link building
  • Giving testimonials to others
  • Through content creation (which should be 10x better than your competition)

Yes, Quora is undoubtedly excellent for building links, expanding your visibility, enhancing personal branding, establishing oneself as an authority in your field, and other things.

Yes, backlinks are really important. In truth, backlinks are just one of more than 200 ranking signals used by Google that affect how well you do in search results.

Links that are toxic to your site’s performance and lower its overall search rankings. To identify and delete all the harmful connections from your website, you should constantly monitor the backlink profile of your website.

Final Thoughts

You require additional links from other websites in order to increase your search ranks and traffic. Writing guest posts is the most straightforward technique to build high-quality links. I am aware that creating an excellent guest article to publish on a reputable blog takes time. However, keep in mind that a connection from ONE popular site is worth more than 100 links from unpopular (or new) blogs.

Always concentrate on obtaining both dofollow and nofollow connections when constructing backlinks to your blogs. Building purely dofollow links gives the wrong signals to search crawlers, and doing so could result in your sites being penalized. Another easy method to get penalized is to establish links too quickly.

What do you think about building high-quality backlinks, then? Do you have any further link-building techniques to use? Please share this post with others so they can gain from your comments and your insights.

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