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Visual content is one of the most important aspects of digital content. Visual content does not just include videos, it includes, images, GIFs, logos and to a certain extent the font and colour that you use for your textual content. It has been found that the initial engagement of an audience is only through the visuals. If it is an eye catching visual it is sure to make a person stop and read what is being conveyed by the visual.

Here we will discuss about how important visual are in term of advertisement and engagement.


Video advertisements of course can convey a lot and you can tell a story within a few seconds. But lets accept the fact that not all brands can afford to create inspiring videos ads to promote their brands all the time. Many strong brands in the market opt for poster ads that say a lot in a single slide.


Having the right image can help a brand convey with a single poster while being cost effective at the same time.


Imagery is a great way to catch the attention of an audience. Smart use of images can ensure that you get your audience’s attention while making them curious about what it is that you want to convey, instigating them to click on links and discover what is it that you offer. It is simple but ingenious in its own way.

Moreover when you have a blog or an article that you want your audience to read, having good imagery in between the content helps in a great way to keep the reader engaged and of course it is pleasanter to the eye instead of being all filled with text.


Yes well with audio too graphics and images can do the job for you. Some images with their popping colours and loud text do the job for brands of catching the eye and getting the message through in a split second. Many of these one look image tells about the message the brand wants to convey.


These are clever use of graphics and eye catching content presented in popping colours that are absolutely impossible to miss.

Give the vibe

Now this is one of the most important aspects of visual content. The visual actually creates the initial impression of a brand. Hence making it one of the most important factors to consider when you are presenting anything in front of the audience. When you are an already existing brand that has minimal competition in the market because say you rule then probably this factor will not be relevant to you. But when you are in a maze of competitors in the market it is imperative that what you present stands out.

The brand colours and brand logo is an important aspect for any website. It is not necessary to stay in the expected colour coding that most marketers will tell you. The colour coding in your website does not have to convey a message. It needs to do the job of keeping your audience engaged. It needs to be pleasant to the eyes. It needs to give the aura of what you present, and many brands have recognized this and are making the most of it.

You may have noticed how most luxury brands use a lot of dark shades in their website themes. This helps to put the highlight on the product that they offer. Of course it is needless to say that black and darker shades are shades of class and luxury.

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Social media

It has been found that of the total 59% of the world population that uses internet, a whopping 49% actually uses social media. That a huge number in itself. Social media has moved from being just a networking platform in social circles to becoming one of the most dynamic market platform for every industry type. This obviously stems from the fact that the largest customer base that you may have for you brand is engaged scrolling through the news feed on their social profiles. Most brands have recognised this and now it is absolutely mandatory for every business to have a social media profile on all the eminent sites.

But it is of course understood that you cannot really engage an audience browsing through the social feed with a whole lot of content on you post. What you need to have is the right image that grabs attention with content that conveys the message. Many brands use narrative visual content that do not need much of text content but says a lot with the images itself.

Social media

This kind of visuals actually gives a lot to brands. It is definitely eye catching but it keeps you connected with your customer base and lets you have a two way communication.

If you have a brand that you wish to promote and obviously do good business then it is time that you took a look at what you are presenting to your viewers. It is very important to remember that before a person on your website or social media profile becomes a reader he is actually a viewer. Know the trick of getting people to take a second look or capturing on the first look itself! Get your visuals right!

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