How keyword research helps your business to grow

How keyword research helps your business to grow

The online community prefers online purchases and searches for products and solutions on the web. The most used search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. On search engines users can enter the key word in the search box to search for what they may require. The search engine lists them top searches for the keyword. Businesses that use SEO techniques get listed among Google top searches for the domain key word. 

Suppose a user is searching for garden equipment. A business selling those and SEO enabled to Google for that term will be listed among top searches. The user would then like to click on the business link and explore the offers. Through SEO strategy user can become prospect and chances of sales will highly increase. When the probability of an event increases the actual occurrence of the event also increases. Thus the firm will increase sales.

Google search science

seo company bangaloreGoogle search is based on the keywords string. For any word or phrase typed on the Google search box, the engine lists sources that use those keywords or its forms. The search engine applies an algorithm to attach web sources in which the keyword gets used. The higher the density of the keyword in the web content the more easily it is picked up by the search engine algorithm. 

SE techniques have many different ways to increase attach-ability of the web page to Google algorithm. One among them is maximizing keyword use. However a reader will not be interested in reading a word or phrase mentioned arbitrarily multiple times in a web source. 

Intelligent science

Intelligent science

Google search algorithm is now equipped with intelligent science which can guess like a human. Though the search science is still based on keyword presence, yet now it can make almost correct guesses for related words. When web pages are equipped to attach with intelligent search algorithm they are top listed among Google hits. The user may type a word and then a modified form of the word. 

Search engine relates the modifications and returns searches based on intelligent guessing. Like if you ask a human to fetch some books from a vast library on the basis of scribbled note, the human will apply intelligent guessing. Only the search engine does it within seconds. The intelligent algorithm of search engine also lists relevant strings at the end of the search engine page. User can arrive at better results using the Google supplied strings. 

Attach-ability to different categories

To increase search quotient web pages can be equipped with the help of keywords to get attached to different categories of the search engine like ‘all’, ‘images’, ‘videos’, ‘news’ etc.

Security of information

Online sellers may want to ensure the security of some content. This can be done by encrypting web page content with the security access code.

Digital marketing strategies

Google hits are not all about search engine algorithms. Content strategy also comes into play while making a web source get listed in top Google hits.

Content strategy

A keyword repeated arbitrarily many times does not make any sense to the user. Once the user through a keyword finds the website, the progress should be towards making the user place an online order. Hence the web content has to be sensible while making vast use of the keywords and keyword strings. 

Web content: web content is the content written about the firm and its offers. The user will like to read this content to know in detail how it can benefit from the offers. The web content can make vast use of keywords and related keywords. The web content can be attached to the Google search algorithm.

Blog content: Blog content provides interesting reads to users and useful information and tips too. These can also be made keyword rich in sensible ways.

Information and downloads: The web source may supply links for information and download for benefit of the user. These can also be made to have high hit quotient through proper use of keywords.

The effective content strategy calls for

  • Good quality content
  • Updated content
  • Research-based content
  • Interesting content
  • New materials to read

Once the user is at the website, the information presented on the website will register in the minds of the user. The visual and readable content will make an impression on the user. Most readers will like to read coherent, well written and well-researched content. A well-written content makes the reader feel sorted out. The web content can be used to provide the latest information like discount offers, new product entry, benefits, schemes and other useful announcements. 

Digital marketing

Online content can be easily shooted to different digital devices, platforms, communication and social media. Thus we can have content on laptops, tabs and mobiles. We can have the content on web pages, email, Facebook, Twitter, what’s app. We can have content on Android and iOS.

Content strategy advantages

Content strategy

More and more people now prefer to search and shop online because of convenience, comfort and economy. Online marketing is beneficial for promoters too because of being low cost, measurable and highly manageable medium. Google web metrics can be applied to know the number of web page hits per second, daily sales, most searched keywords. Web presence helps to identify user requirements. 

On an interactive web platform users may chat or fill their details and request a callback. If a website has e-commerce enablement and secure payment gateways, visitors may like to buy online straightaway. In a nutshell we can say online marketing confers the following benefits and it all starts with keywords:

  • Low cost and vast accessibility
  • Measurable and manageable
  • Vast scope for content creativity
  • Security encryption
  • Easy absorption of the newest web technologies


Intelligent use of keywords in content makes the website easily searchable through Google and other search engines. Business portals can increase their hits through search engine optimization techniques. Content marketing is a dynamic process where marketer introduces regularly refreshed, new content with sensible use of keywords in proper density. Digital marketer uses web metrics to analyze and improve online marketing efforts. Content and SEO is the crux of online marketing which businesses cannot choose to overlook.

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