How Local SEO Services Can Help Your Local Business Grow

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Local SEO is crucial for a local business since they focus on a regional population to drive business. Difference lie where a national SEO prefers ranking at worldwide level, on contrary to local SEO services prioritising SERP’s of a specific location. Strategies presented over-rely upon marketing your products, brands and services.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is useful for local businesses to promote their services and products to local customers and prospects. Localised search results are primarily backed by social media pages, backlinks and citations relevant to a local user.

What are the best Local SEO Strategies?

  1. Create Google My Business account
  2. Get Reviewed from your clients
  3. Optimise your voice Search
  4. Engage through localised content
  5. Optimise website for mobile users
  6. Align your keyword focus
  7. Create location-specific pages
  8. Leverage online business directories
  9. Focus on link signals
  10. Diversify service page description

Optimising local SEO means a seamless flow of leads and conversing traffic. Local brands must visualise how an optimum SEO strategy could leverage their online presence. A futuristic company like Jootoor Designs can help businesses grow with SEO Services in Bangalore.

01) Create And Optimise Your Google My Business Account

To get started, you need to embrace your business on Google My Business. This step not only paves the road for your free online presence but also list’s your business on Google maps. Google My Business helps your business appear on search results based on local searches. On the other hand, if your business gets google authenticated, valuable sidebar search of google could be yours.

Action Tips

  • Verify your listings
  • Provide up-to-date and accurate information
  • Enlist your services, working hours, Logo and plenty of images.
  • Engage your audience through regular google post’s

02) Get Reviews From Your Customers

Reviews not only optimizes your Google My Business presence but enhances trust among your local customers. As per BrightLocal’s Survey in 2017, 85% of customers rely upon online reviews for making a local purchase.

Action Tips

  • Get Reviewed from your customers after-sale
  • Send a post-purchase Email to your satisfied customers, with an enclosed link to your business page. 
  • Addressing un-satisfied customers in the most professional manner.

03) Optimise For Voice Search

Voice search is the future of search results and holds significant importance for brands targeting a local audience. Brands need to understand how questions are asked while speaking. Incorporating long-tail keywords into content and synchronising SEO along with would be a lead driving step for brands.

Action Tips

  • Optimise your website as per local language and voice search trends
  • Provide complete details of your services

Go Through our detailed blog on Voice Search: Voice Search! The Future of SEO

04) Engage Your Audience Through Local News Stories

When targeting a local audience to enhance your business, one needs to connect with his audience. It is crucial to author content that resonates with your audience motives and drives you as a brand. Driving local customer’s attention can help you earn special brownie points.

Action Tips

  • Write blog posts around your famous local news stories and events
  • Create video content associated with charity work or events associated with your business
  • Create hyperlocal content when your business connects with a local audience

05) Optimise Your Website For Mobile Users

The rampant usage of mobiles has escalated various opportunities for online business. Since the target audience isn’t limited to the desktop. Brands targeting high goals must have their websites mobile-friendly. Leads through local audience are predominantly generated through mobile users.

Action Tips

  • Ensure your website loading time is less than three seconds
  • Use readable fonts and user engaging images that deliver desired information seamlessly
  • Focus on intuitive UI that delivers great UX

06) Sharpen Your Focus Keywords

Do some research for keywords, your target audience is looking for. Local business only needs to optimise their SEO strategies linked to local searches. Google’s own “Keyword Planner” can come to your rescue, as it helps optimising keywords based on locations.

Action Tips

  • Include region-specific landmarks and hotspots into your content
  • Once you have highlighted keywords, incorporate them in your site’s Meta content and URL’s.

07) Create Location Pages Or Location Specific “About Us” Page

Location pages are crucial for businesses providing multi location-based services. Care should be taken for each location-based page since the content must be location-specific and unique. Engage your audience with intrinsic qualities of your business through SEO for Local business.

Action Tips

  • Update your address, contact number and store service hours.
  • Provide special qualities of your business for that location.

08) Leverage Online Business Directories

Online business directories such as Indiamart and Yellow pages can significantly drive substantial traffic to your website. These business directories not only enlist your business but also share business address and contact details to your probable clients.

Action Tips

  • A backlink to your website
  • Accurate details concerning to a contact number, addresses and description.

09) Focus On Link Signals

As per 2018 report of Moz, Link signals are the most important for localised organic traffic. High-quality backlinks help to point funnelled traffic to your website. The quality of backlinks is equally important as the number of backlinks. Attaining a quality boost in the form of backlink catapults your local SEO.

Action Tips

  • Weave yourself a high-quality content that other website’s want to share the link to your content.
  • Guest blog on the website with high domain authority
  • Engage with local social media influencers to get the backlink to you

10) Diversify Each Webpage For Different Services

At initial it might be tempting, to load all your services on a single webpage. Instead, create a dedicated to your every service. Loading all the services into a single page might tarnish your image as a brand and possibly reduce your authority over a specific area.

Action Tips

  • Create a page for all your services
  • Utilise location-based copy of webpages for your location diversified services.


SEO policies have revamped upside down over the years. Businesses looking forward to targeting their audience and leveraging substantial leads are adopting the latest SERP’s. Staying on top of SEO is crucial for consistent local leads. Adopting the above-listed strategies would help you build a funnel of leads from the local market. Scale-up your business opportunities, through Local SEO experts at Jootoor Designs.

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