How SEO Can Drive Your B2B Leads

B2B Leads

Marketing in today’s modern era still highly secluded in silos acting approach. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still confined to a very secluded approach. Constant leads are the one that drives the business to the desired growth. In an average B2B company, SEO & Lead Generation team only unite when content needs an SEO review.

On a general note, SEO is that magic wand which helps your website and content over it, get noticed with the general public. Whereas lead generation is a completely different and dedicated aspect, which is handled in order to bring new leads.

Since the scenario of the current market and target customer ideology are constantly evolving there arises a need to adopt a collective approach to fetch desired leads. Lead generation strategies are modernizing with an aim to “Connect” and “Relate” with their customers. Search Engine Optimization Company is the one that can dramatically improvise the leads.

B2B lead generation

Benefits of SEO in B2B Business

SEO holds significant advantages of for B2B businesses, offer cutting edge compared to your audience. Some of the significant advantages are mentioned below:

  1. Enhanced visibility & awareness among client
  2. Ahead of market competition
  3. Optimum user experience
  4. Core to funnel of leads
  5. Efficient client closing and conversion rates
  6. Flaw-less cost management
  7. Rising local business market cap
  8. Lends credibility
  9. Aligning and synergising long term marketing strategy
  10. Social media awareness

Modern SEO Strategies Need User Intent Research

 Amalgamating ideologies of “SEO” and “Lead Generation” is the need of the hour.  Modern lead generation strategies are based upon the specific concept of “User Intent”. It signifies the real motive behind the keyword search. User Intent has been categorised into two aspects: Inform & Purchase.

  • Inform: This type of keywords are intended to educate the user regarding the topic.
  • Purchase: Keywords of this type of signify when shopping are to be made for something as intended by the user.

Learning about the insights to results your audience will see, would be to make a quick googling them. The topmost page appeared for a specific keyword signify, that the website holds the optimum grade of content which general public demands.

Various thought and questions may pop up in our mind, Do the site really holds what in general public demand? Defiantly the site landing on the first page and holding the top position on google search results is the most appropriate content. SEO Company Bangalore can provide complete assistance in optimum, lead generation. Since Google algorithms are tirelessly working 24/7/365 in order to deliver the most accurate results.

For Example when the user types “email marketing”, the result are more purchase oriented. The user is looking forward to buying the software. Whereas the keyword “marketing automation” signifies. The user is looking forward to under the insights of the subject. He is looking forward to educating himself with definition and basic information.

One should always emphasize creating an informative as well as high-quality content for information-oriented keywords.

Generation Needs User Intent Research

The exposure and awareness have led to a user to educate themselves like never before with respect to the product they intend to purchase. The users are progressing themselves with a rate that educates themselves leading to finalising the purchase. A large segment of marketers is forging out lead generation strategies, which comply with user’s expectations and evolving trends. In order to engage the target audience at their best. The most significant step is to determine, whether the content created is reaching out to right buyers or the timing they are receiving it.

Creating impressive Content doesn’t guarantee the reaping out leads, sharing your content to the digital marketplace would help your intended audience to reach out to you. It is very important to understand, that the content created fulfils the needs of the user at every stage of the funnel. It must be SEO services optimised and adhere to unique buyer’s needs.

Buyers who had just entered the funnel and are the top level of the funnel, they intend to educate themselves with entertaining information and desire simple explanations to complex principles of the industry. So specific keywords need to be used for such type of audience.

On contrary to that, users looking forward to buying the product use a very specific nature of keywords. The results to such results comprise mostly of vendor comparison and product pages to various firms. In order to target such an audience, the keywords targeted must be of “Ready to Purchase” in nature.

How SEO can be your magic wand for Lead Generation

SEO has been the most crucial aspect for the driving right leads. Here we have presented the step-by-step guide to effectively utilize SEO for the lead generation strategy.

  1. The Right Keywords: Keywords are the driving forces behind the excellent lead. The foremost step would be to make a list of relevant keywords with respect to your keywords and services. Free tools like Google Trends, Google Keywords Planner and Keyword Tool can come to your rescue. One can also go with their essential services and products along with the generic terms associated with their fields.
  2. Search Your Keywords: Google each and every keyword, you’ve finalised with. Analyse the results appeared for their nature, Do they reflect purchase intent? Or simply inform the reader with particular information. Some results might be unbalanced whereas some might be in a balanced nature. Spreadsheets can come to your rescues in keeping everything organised.
  3. Segregate Your Results Based Upon Sales Strategy: The keywords leading to specific sales-oriented results and information-oriented results needs to be segregated specifically. The keywords targeting to inform the user, signify the top of funnel. Whereas keywords targeting sales signify user close to purchasing.
  4. Optimize Existing Content: Revamp your existing content. It is crucial the previously created content, has optimum utilisation for the intent it was created. It is important to determine the stage of funnel the content holds, Language it holds and it’s the capability to cater target audience. The content must comply with the user intent and keyword it is targeted with.
  5. Target the Gaps with Content: there will be significant gaps in the journey of catering you’re your audience. It is very important to fill in the gaps with the right content. In case you have a content that doesn’t fit into the gap of a particular keyword or User Intent, you don’t need to remove but reinforce it with the newer one. For example, you have a complete product page with right sales intended keywords, then some user informative keywords, blogs & E-books can do wonders.

SEO and Lead Generation

Initiate by conducting research upon your keywords and user intent they offer through results. Analyse upon the results obtained and their adherence with the content prevailing on your website. It is very crucial for your content to meet the needs of your user in order to bring him from top to bottom of the funnel. SEO Company is round the clock available to service their clients. A strategic approach to content with a targeted audience comply with their appetite to information would reflect and enhance your Leads.


The volatility in the current situation of the sales market is very high. Constantly evolving user ideologies enforces the most marketers to work hard upon the multi-directional front. On the other hand SEO, is constantly brushing up itself to generate a streamlined flow of qualified leads. All one needs to do is to hammer down some silos of marketing and SEO in order to forge effective strategies for extensive Leads.

Let SEO be the driving force for your future growth.

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