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Search Engine Optimization is a generally known process to optimize your website ranking through Keywords, Images, and Content. The technique’s generally adopted in SEO in order to improvise the quality and Volume of Traffic adopted by website. The pivotal role of directing the right traffic is of massive search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Overall, SEO helps in targeting the crucial parameters upon which search engine works. Some of which parameters upon which we work as an SEO Company are as given below:


Crawlers over here help in fetching the right web pages to your website on customer request.


It signifies with keeping the log of the giant database in terms of words and expression, which could be later on accessed on the basis of customer request.


It comprises of comparing the optimum database indexed pages as created by request. This step is very much dependent upon search string generated and database available.

Retrieving Results

This process comprises displaying the optimum of all results. The best support to the query generated is displayed on the browser.

1. Audience Research

This is the most important aspect many of us miss out, which is to know our audience. This is the very first step that must be followed upon in order to make sure, our product is viable to public demand. It is very much true if you wish your product to be engaging and be the talk of the town it must be curated.

To curate a millennium product we need to reach out to customers, digging out our target audience interests. With a very deep-rooted ideology within the B2B SEO market, all that matters are numbers and selling stuff. Among very few brands, reach out to their customers about their true consumption.

Based upon the research it was found that the main crunch content for what people have been looking for was associated with sales prospectus, referral programs, building partnerships, sales management, sales training, and sales leadership. A content which slightly works with knowing your audience works as a boom.

The visitors greatly engaged with content like:

  1. Step to step guides to complex processes
  2. Templates
  3. Checklists
  4. Podcast’s

Action Goals

  • Let your brand have a message for the audience
  • Let your brand help people in the development
  • Let your Content strategy aligned with your brand goals
  • Let there be one major website navigation in there
  • Let there be one crucial E-Mail marketing strategy

2. SEO Site Audit

This is another crucial factor upon which most of the traffic is dependent upon. Well SEO site audit helps in determining major improvements in the website. Well, today we cannot breakdown step by step guide to SEO audit, but we’ll keep it for some other blog. Today we’ll discuss upon few glimpses of SEO.

Slow domain growth : Various times, there arises the situation where your website isn’t able to access refereeing domains at a faster rate. Mainly the responsible factors are link building acquisition and content quality over the site which can be easily tackled by an expert SEO Company like us.

Insufficient growth in organic keywords : There has to be the right correlation between the published content and traffic generated through it. Generally in spite of choosing right keyword, the fault may arise in failure due to lack in on-page optimization.

Non-Optimized URL’s : The issue of un-segregated and non-descriptive URL’s is mostly faced by startups. Most of them primarily focus on content.

Poor Interlinking Structure : Most of the structure with faults have poor interlinking. They primarily focus was done in terms of pointing the lowest value pages.

3. Homepage

The home page is your brand’s mirror. One must go with right home page only after doing customer research. It is crucial to look upon what your audience is looking for. The right approach for designing the home page would be to present a positive correlation between the following aspects

  1. Organic traffic growth
  2. Average user session
  3. Ideology of brand

Action Goals

  • Tell the people what brand is all about and the work we specialize in
  • Make your funnel to e-mail list very simple
  • Serve the content to your target audience right over the platter.
  • Add your social credibility
  • Work upon internal linking

4. Optimizing the content

It is very crucial to have a beforehand setup to the content in terms of blog articles or webinars. One can also utilize blockade contributors or sponsors to the product linking. On also need to refrain from adding any kind of no follows attribute to the traffic received on the website.

The prominent factor which can hinder our ROI is our content being “too sales” OR either “too Pitchy”. One must always focus on the old way of educating your visitor. All content has to be to the point, No Fluff, No Nonsense.

Action goals

  • Built a holistic guide to audience issues
  • Filter out the decent articles which can generate mega lead to the website
  • Promote your website on various social media platforms and through emails

5. New Content Opportunities

The one thing that can separate you out form the rest of the crowd is your topical authority. An extended command over your competitors.

Cold calling : One has to be sure with the aspect of creating a content which is tactical as well as super actionable. In varied times the articles published are mostly theory-based and offer low-value round ups right from the domains with a high volume of authority.

Sales excel templates : Templates are the one which needs to be taken care of very specially. All one needs to rank above is to remove competition. An optimum amalgamation of content size, powerful words, and consistent strategy.

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Conclusion : In today’s competitive world it is crucial to make your website presence in the market. Creating the best website is just a half of journey, marketing it through SEO is what make you the winner at the Finishing point. Our SEO Company can help you improvise your overall website ranking. Empowering your brand value by reaching it directly to probable customers can help you achieve desired targets. We not only build website for you but also enhance your customer base. Let SEO work for you.

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