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Whether yours is a start-up or a large business, you will have to devise strategies to reach your targeted customers some or the other way. Direct methods or indirect methods don’t matter, you just have to invest money, execute a set of actions and obtain results. True, in the years gone by, traditional methods were effective. But in today’s digitally changing world, traditional marketing techniques alone cannot drive sales.

If you are thinking what could be the reason? Because today’s world is ruled by the internet, and there is a wealth of opportunities, which are also accompanied by complexities. For the very same reason, it is a necessity to establish and maintain a strong online presence. Not every channel is accessible through traditional ways, but is accessible only digitally, meaning only through the internet. That is what I meant by “Internet rules the world”.

Now coming to the digital marketing topic, and practically speaking, not every digital marketing strategy profits your business. If you are planning to invest in internet marketing, you first need to get a hold on each of the channels that is available and how much each of these channels will earn for your business. Strictly speaking, blindly investing in everything you see is just a mere waste of time and money.

If you want to take advantage of digital marketing, but running short of time, Digital Marketing Agencies can help solve your issues. But again, there are tens of thousands of agencies across the nation. How will you filter it out and arrive at the best? Confused again? Don’t be, that’s today’s topic of discussion. Let’s dive in!

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation
SERPSearch Engine Results Page
PPCPay Per Click Advertising
SMMSocial Media Marketing
CPACost Per Acquisition
CTRClick Through Rate
CROConversion Rate Optimisation
ROIReturn On Investment
UX & UIUser Experience and User Interface

Why do you have to work with a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Choosing the right channels depends on your target customers. For instance, if you are selling courses in digital marketing, then you are more likely to find your target audience on LinkedIn, but contrarily, if your target audience is in their early 20s, then Snapchat and Instagram are the channels for you.

Assistance from experts in aspects of technology will help you focus on other things that you are an expert at. This saves your time and money from hiring another employee.

Role of Marketing Agencies


Marketing Agencies are already equipped with experts in the field. Hence, they know in and out of digital marketing strategies. They implement techniques to enhance your online presence that attracts customers. Generally, the below services are offered by most of the agencies.

  3. SEO

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The first thing you need to understand is your target market. If in case you don’t at least the marketing firm should be able to research and determine tactics that fit you. Remember, there is no fit-for-all approach.


Google ads are one of the reliable ways to approach customers online at the right time. Why I said reliable? Because search marketing is shown to people who actually are in search of solutions online. For instance, how many of you have noticed the apparel you left on the cart on your favorite shopping sites are displayed as in-app ads? Probably every one of you, right? Yes, that’s the magic of google search ads.


Getting your blogs and write-ups high rank on a search engine does not only create brand awareness but also helps to capture potential customers. There are agencies, who devotedly do SEO but in most of the agencies, SEO is only a part of their entire process.

Hire An SEO Expert!


Ever heard of Pay-Per-Click Ads? Social media platforms are a perfect platform to show your ads and increase ROI. Social media allow you to set your ad displays to a specific community of people and can be filtered based on age, gender, location, profession, and so on.


Email marketing is one of the fundamentals of digital marketing and is still in trend, even after many Social Media platforms are popping up. Look for agencies who offer services like engaging and building with your list of audiences.


Video Ads are a great place to enhance your ROI. Video Ads can be targeted based on demographics, YouTube watchers’ online behavior, interests, and so on.


Statistics say about 90% of mobile searches lead to action, and at least 50% of them convert to sales. So, then mobile marketing involves the display of in-app ads, YouTube ads, and campaigns that encourage installing a particular app and so on.


Content marketing is the fuel for success. But many of you are under the notion that content marketing is just publishing a few blogs and articles every week. No, content marketing is more and much more complicated than that. Content Marketing is also a vast topic and the agency you choose must include sub-services such as SEO writing, web service creation, content analysis, social media promotions, and so on.


Last on the list is web designing. Even though not many of the agencies offer this, it is always good to choose the one with a web designing service. Jootoor Designs being one among them. Let me clear the confusion of why to choose an agency with this service.
It is because when one agency is handling from top to bottom of your digital marketing requirements, it also helps them to update web designs and functionalities as per marketing needs and necessities.

Now that you know what are the fundamentals a Digital Marketing Company has to offer, let us proceed to understand how to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency? What are the factors you should consider while hiring them?

Similar to finding the gloves that perfectly fit your hand!


Before blindly going in search of a digital agency, first list out your point of view and why do you need assistance with a digital marketing firm? What are the services you are looking for?

Is it SEO content? Or Paid ads and social media advertising? Or is it website optimization? Every firm has its dark points that they want to correct, and needs and requirements also change from business to business. So, be specific in what you need and what part of digital marketing you need improvisation on?

Furthermore, discuss with your in-house marketing team if they are capable of handling or do they need assistance from an outside firm. If they lack the required skills, then it is better to hire one who fulfills your requirements.

Consider Jootoor Designs for all your digital marketing solutions


There are thousands of agencies and consultants who work on digital marketing strategies. But check how they are performing themselves online. Scan their website on what services they offer and what they do not. By doing so, you will get an insight into their capabilities.

Check for reviews and testimonials. After all, Clients are the best Advocates!


After understanding what you need, the second question you need to ask yourself is how much you need? Do not get into consideration that one who overspends on marketing will get high returns, and the one who spends less does not produce a good product.

For example, if you already have a good-performing website, and the only thing you need to concentrate on at that moment is social media advertising, then spend only on that. So, determine how much you need and what you need!


You have competitors, and they have it too. And with ‘They’ I am referring to Digital Marketing Agencies. There are numerous agencies that do work and who claim to do the work. You get the difference, right?

Some agencies know things as much as you do. Can be too little or Can be too much. The rest is left to you. Do your homework; don’t fall for their kind words and beautiful website design. Do not forget that you are not investing in charity, but in your business!

Check the presence of agencies on Google and when on discussion, ask for their portfolios. Agree there may be start-ups too! But at the end of the day, their expertise does matter.


Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a part of everyone’s life these days. Almost everyone will have an account, at least on any one of these sites.

Posting images, sending out greetings, and videos of their business are an everyday work of many companies. Constantly updating profiles and engaging readers with content show your activity level on these channels.

Similarly, digital marketing agencies do it too! A lot of agencies specialize only in this stream. However, check for updates from the agency you have chosen before offering your business to them.


Budget is always what appears in your mind when you are planning service. When it comes to digital marketing, the term Cheap and Best do not apply. If you are going for the cheapest pricing agency, then expect to hurt your long-term business goals.

A good SEO specialist or an agency will always charge more. However, I don’t mean that someone who charges the highest is the best SEO specialist in the market. Interrogate, and choose wisely is all that I mean.


Digital Marketing Agencies would want to know in and out of your services and business. Similarly, when you are investing, it is your right to understand them too. Because you need to choose what suits you the best.

Consider a website that is lacking functionalities, but they are posing themselves as the top web designing agency? With all common sense, would you choose them? Warning here!

Also, check their social media handles and see how active they are. Once you have outsourced an agency stay in touch with them and keep a track of their progress.

Do not hesitate to question. Get things sorted out then and there. Because, your irresponsibility, directly influences your business progress.


So, done choosing your Digital Marketing Agency? What now? Keep calm and wait for the results. Rome was not built in a day!

Digital Marketing is a continuous process and so a good agency will come up with innovative ideas to keep your social presence at the top.

In Short

An in-house marketing team is hard to maintain, and that is the reason, why most companies opt for outsourcing a Digital Marketing Agency. If you want to become the Jack-of-all-trades, connect with Jootoor Designs today.

From social media handles and content marketing to website design and UX we take care of everything, that comes under Digital Marketing. It is a long time process that requires constant improvements and frequent attention.

Jootoor Designs invites you to form long-term bonds for every service you want.

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