How to Fix Outdated Content to Boost Your SEO Results

Try these tips from the Content Marketing Institute to spin your outdated content into SEO gold.
Outdated Content

To improve your SEO Strategy by updating your old content, you should create a checklist to use as a guide. This article provides a short tutorial that will help you optimize your content for increased reader participation, more site visits, and higher search engine rankings. Google places a premium on new content, with link building coming close.

Thus, you will be ranked on SERP results even if your content is subpar and uses obsolete keywords. Make any necessary structural adjustments to increase your chances of being selected as a featured snippet. Ensure that the content is up-to-date and accurate while also updating the keywords.

According to Google, original content has been the most important ranking factor in SEO. Even though the content is original and well-designed for the target audience, web admins still see a decline in page views. If you’ve been keeping up with Google’s recent algorithm updates, you may already know the cause of this drop.

  1. Simplify the content
  2. Rewriting your Meta description
  3. Improve your Keywords Research
  4. Reformat your headers
  5. Consider URL Cycling
  6. Try updating your Call to Action (CTA)
  7. Improve your click-through rate
  8. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes
  9. Show Google that your content is fresh
  10. Improve the freshness of your entire site
  11. Show value by removing broken links
  12. Link to newer, better resources

1. Simplify the content

Simplify the content

There is a common misconception among SEO bloggers that using trendy new words will boost their search engine rankings. Users’ needs should be at the forefront as you craft your content. Your content needs to provide details they won’t get from your rivals’ websites.

There is a direct correlation between the difficulty of your article’s language, structure, and phrases and the rate at which readers leave it. Search engines like Google value recently published content that significantly benefits their users.

In the end, if your content is helpful to Google’s users despite its flawed structure, Google will promote it. Make sure your content is well-researched and aimed at solving problems your audience faces.

2. Rewriting your Meta description

Rewriting your Meta description

Even though Google doesn’t use it as a significant signal for rankings, quality content continues to Click-through rates can be improved with proper use of Meta descriptions (CTR). The Meta description for your website should only be two or three lines long, but it should convey a lot of information to your readers.

Using Meta descriptions to advertise your content so that it can be viewed without being read entirely gives you a slight advantage over your rivals.

3. Improve your Keywords Research

Improve your Keywords Research

You will not see any results for those out-of-date keywords in your article. It’s high time you updated your keyword research and included some fresh, relevant, and original terms in your previously published paper.

Use specialized SEO software like Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to examine individual pages. The information gap on these sites can help you discover your rivals’ popular search terms in their writing.

4. Reformat your headers

Reformat your headers

Google is now more user-centric and considers how your content is organized. HTML headings (H1, H2, and H3) and tags should be used to create a simple structure for Google to crawl.

5. Consider URL Cycling

Consider URL Cycling

Using a method known as “URL cycling,” you can increase your content’s value by 20-30% simply by adding new material. To use it, you update the information in a previously published article that used to perform well but is now losing its edge.

You revise the piece while keeping the same Slug or Bread Crumbs as the previous iteration, redirecting to the old URL. Update your Google image console with new keywords and successful infographics. This method is handy for articles that feature backlinks to various websites.

6. Try updating your Call to Action (CTA)

Try updating your Call to Action

When the percentage of visitors who purchase on your affiliate site decreases over time, it’s a good indication that your users aren’t clicking the links you intend.

A copywriter can aid you create content that more accurately represents your brand and compels readers to take action right away. To make the most of a restricted budget, emphasize emotional, action-oriented words. To avoid confusion, you should replace the use of “my” and “I” with “your” and “ours.”

7. Improve your click-through rate

Improve your click-through rate

If you search on Google for any term, you’ll quickly realize that the most relevant results have all been published within the past few year. If more people click on your content from the search engine results page, Google will reward you with a higher ranking.

As a result, refreshing your content raises its attractiveness, which signals to Google that it is a superior resource worthy of higher rankings. Your CTR will generally improve, not just because of the date. You can also try drawing in readers with a catchy headline and intriguing description. This ensures that you continue to rank highly in Google’s index.

8. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes

Fix grammar and spelling mistakes

All of us can relate to that pressure. We always find at least one embarrassing spelling error when we reread something we wrote months or even years ago. Fix the mistakes instead of hoping for the best and ignoring the problem.
The former head of Google’s anti-spam team, Matt Cutts, has said that while Google doesn’t use spelling and grammar as one of its 200 ranking factors, it is still essential.

Bad grammar and spelling hurt the user experience, which directly and indirectly affects your search engine rankings. By fixing some minor issues (mostly typos), Ahrefs’ Tim Soulo could quadruple the traffic going to an old post.

9. Show Google that your content is fresh

Show Google that your content is fresh

It’s common knowledge that Google rewards sites with regularly updated content. Articles that have been published recently, particularly on topics that are constantly evolving, tend to perform better in search engine rankings.
So, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity if you only publish brand-new content. Your older content will gradually drop out of Google’s search results. You can bring that material back to life instead. In reality, increasing your traffic by 50% is as simple as updating your content once a week.

Publish your work at a later time, or save your changes in WordPress. You can expect an increase in organic search traffic once Google has finished recrawling your site. The traffic to Ahrefs’ website skyrocketed after the company switched to evergreen content from time-sensitive material.

The same is true of the content you create. Putting in the time and effort to keep it current will pay off in spades regarding Google rankings for your articles. It’s a simple way to show search engines that you regularly add new content, which can boost your rankings.

10. Improve the freshness of your entire site

Improve the freshness of your entire site

Recently updated websites have a distinct advantage in search engine rankings. If other factors remain constant, Google will prefer sites that regularly add new content. This is why, even for valuable articles, abandoned websites tend to drop in the rankings after a few years.

Your pages’ rankings could hit if Google sees that they haven’t been updated in a long time. You can quickly fix this by reviving this previously static content, dramatically increasing site visits. Because Google values new content, it will give your site as a whole a boost in the search engine results.
If you update a few more essential articles, Google will see that your site is still active. Whether or not it’s accurate, Google will take this as a signal that all of the articles on your site are more valuable, and your rankings for everything you’ve ever written will rise as a result.

11. Show value by removing broken links

Broken links are one of the utmost annoying aspects of working with outdated material. Unfortunately, many valuable sites you referenced in your first article no longer exist. The website might have been taken down, or its address might have changed.

Your Google search engine rankings will either suffer, or you’ll fall further down the page. The decent news is that fixing the broken links is easy. I have two free online tools that can help with this. To begin, there is Broken Link Checker. Just try to visit the site and enter your domain name. Select the option to “Find broken links.”

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12. Link to newer, better resources

Link to newer, better resources

Adding new links to more valuable resources is one way to improve upon previously published content. You can use experts, statistics, infographics, events, and breaking news to research your content, as stated by Crazy Egg. You can easily insert links to this new material into older posts as you go back over them.

Since these tools weren’t at your disposal when you originally penned the piece, they significantly enhance its original value. Plus, it boosts the perceived value of your content in Google’s eyes. Incorporating relevant external links into your content can help it rise in search engine rankings, making it all the more useful.

If you include links to the best content on the web, you can expect a boost in search engine rankings. People will start using your page as a primary source of information rather than just a collection of links to other sources.
Finally, you should include internal links within your content to direct readers to relevant sections of your site. You should include a link if you have recently written about this subject. You should also revise the current call to action to reflect the altered content better.

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Final Words

The primary reason many websites and blog owners see a drop in traffic to their most popular articles is that they are outdated. We all know that Google prefers newly published content when determining an article’s ranking. Some of your older, higher-traffic reports may be saved if you fix them up and give them an SEO facelift.

This article provides six suggestions that can be implemented immediately to increase traffic and discussion rate. The first thing to do is to expand your keyword research by adding the high volume, low traffic keywords that your opponents miss.

As a second option, you can alter the header’s formatting to enhance Google’s comprehension of your content. By cutting out irrelevant details, you can lower your content’s spam score and make it easier to read.

Similarly, if you want to reuse your old URLs, adding 20-30% new content with new keywords is recommended. You can hire a copywriter if you want more people to take action on your affiliate sites. They can also help you increase your click-through rate by writing targeted meta-descriptions. When you implement these strategies, you will see a dramatic improvement in your website’s search engine optimization.

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