How to Generate Leads in Google Local Service Ad

generating leads by google service ads


If you have a business that provides home services to your customers and wants to improve your business with the help of Google, then you must know the ways of generating leads from Google Local Service Ad.

Google local services ads are a paid service provided by Google. You may get connected with consumers looking for your services on Google by using local services advertisements. Customers in your neighborhood will see your advertisements, and you just pay if a lead comes in from that ad.

This post will show you how to generate leads in Google Local Service Ad to attract new customers and expand your business.

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What is Google Local Service Ads?

Local services ads from Google are excellent for getting local SEO services for a variety of businesses, such as carpenters, plumbers, housekeepers, electricians, and even services like lawyers and professionals who provide real estate services, childcare, and so on.

The services that are available in Google Local Ads may vary in different countries. If a person searches for a local service, one can see numerous trusted professionals in the usually sponsored search advertisements. Google’s Local Service Ads go further to match searchers with the correct service provider.

Google asks users to confirm their service area and the service they’re searching for when they click on a local advertiser’s list. If you match the job or service and the area, Google allows the searcher to evaluate your credentials, rating, and reviews before they can call you for the service. If you don’t match their need or their location, Google will direct them to a better local service ad.

How to generate leads in Google Local Service Ad?

To generate Google leads for your business, you must register your business with Google Local Service Ads. Google’s Local Service Ads are limited to certain businesses and markets. Check your business type and area to see whether Local Service Ads can reach your clients.

Local service ads may not yet be available in your area or for your industry, but that’s okay. To get notification while Google launches this service in your area or for your type of business, sign up. When you sign up for a Local Service Ads account, you will be told if you are eligible. Local service ads require a separate account from Google Ads Express or Google AdWords. The steps below will help you to generate leads in Google Local Service Ad.

Make a business profile:

A profile in Google Local Service Ads is distinct from that of the Google My Business account, which is linked to the Google Local listing. Using the business profile, the search engine would recommend the jobs are a match for you. As you agree to pay just for potential leads from your local service ads, you must be genuine about the services you can provide and the segment you want to expand. You can make the following changes to the business profile from time to time:

  • Your Budget for every week
  • Your Timings
  • Areas in which you provide services
  • Descriptions regarding the services

To show what’s special about your service, you can include highlights in your profile that would be visible in the local service ads, on the search engine result page, and on the page that shows the business details. Google suggests having up to five highlights.

Add your insurance and license information:

insurance and license information

To use Local Service Ads and get the Google Guarantee badge for jobs related to home services and the Google Screened badge for other professionals, you must show proof that you have a valid license and insurance. Ensure your documentation is up-to-date, and you should provide all the information relating to it. If your area of operation needs any other permissions, you can include them to make sure you’re following the rules.

Background check:

Google gives priority to its customers’ safety and wants to maintain the loyalty of its Google Local service ads. To ensure this, Google conducts background checks on employees and organizations before issuing badges. But there are no fees associated with the background checks.

Get the leads

When you’re done with your profile, you are all set to post ads for local services and start getting new leads. Potential clients might call you at the number that is visible on your Google local services ad or send you an email.
You can use the Local Services Ads app or desktop led inbox to look at leads, get in touch with prospects, and check on booked jobs. Calls and emails from potential consumers are “leads.” You’ll receive app notifications of new leads in both circumstances and will provide lead details in the app. The account’s email address will receive a link to view lead data in your desktop lead mailbox as well. You can also check your Local Services Ads account’s Leads section to view potential leads in the app and web inbox.
Leads aren’t jobs. Identify incoming leads. Upon choosing a lead, you may check its job type, location, and call recording. After verifying the leads, you can respond in three ways. Either text message or email the consumer to respond to the customer, or you can reject the job. If you say no, the consumer will be told, and the request will be deleted.

You can explain the rejection in your reply. Google provides you with a report on the performance of your ad. A Google Ads reporting template can help you understand the value of the money you spend on Google Local Services Ads.

The following are some of the important things you must know while learning how to generate leads in Google Local Service Ad.

Budgeting Your cost

The local service ads can be budgeted from the business profile. You can keep track of how much you spend on local service advertising by changing your average budget for each week. Like Google Ads, Google might spend slightly more or less than your weekly limit, but it will not go beyond a month’s maximum budget. Google Local Service Ads don’t charge per click but per lead. This means that the number of leads depends on your budget. To maximize your new local service ads, plan for minimum 20 leads every week.

Get the reviews

Users can provide business star ratings and reviews through Google Local Services Ads. High-rated and reviewed providers get more jobs. When you ask customers, you have a better chance of getting feedback.

However, quick response to leads and high-quality service are the keys to higher rankings. If you’re advertising directly with Google instead of with other partner affiliate networks, linking existing business profile reviews can encourage people to post evaluations. Request reviews using your Google link. Add a review. Customers who didn’t book the service using Local Services Ads can leave feedback and provide you with a star rating by clicking “Add a Review” on your business profile’s “Reviews” section.

More customer reviews can help your Google Local Services ads rank higher and help you get more leads by making your business more visible in Google Maps and local search results. To do this, you can talk to SEO companies like Jootoor Designs digital marketing agency, which is the best SEO company in Bangalore, for advice.

Payment method for Google Local Ads Service

Google Local Ads requires you to create a billing account for ad payments. If you have a Google Ads account, Local Services Ads will directly use your payment settings. If not, you can provide your bank or card details to get your payments done automatically.

The Advantages of learning Google Local Service Ad for Generating Leads:

Advantages of learning Google Local Service Ad
  • Attain top Google visibility.
  • Contact interested clients who are actively looking for the services you offer.
  • Use the easy tools provided to get started and build a unique profile.
  • Contact customers anytime with the mobile app (English only).
  • Build credibility by using Google Guarantee or Google Screened.
  • Pay only for relevant leads. Customers select you; that is, you hear from only those clients who selected your profile.


In the modern era, technologies help in promoting local business. Google being the number one search engine, provides various means of achieving it. Learning how to generate leads in Google Local Service Ads can help you take your local business to new heights.


Local services ads connect you with Google searchers. You must pay only if a local client approaches you using your ad.

Your budget is based on the leads you wish to generate. The actual cost of your ad will depend on your area, your market, and your competition.

Your ranking is determined by several criteria that help Google match customers with local businesses. For instance:

  • The nearness of your location to the client’s location
  • The reviews and feedback that you have gotten from the clients
  • How quickly you respond to customer questions.
  • If you have received severe or frequent grievances from customers, and so on.

The primary distinction is the payment mechanism. In Google Ads, you must pay per click, which means that the number of times Google users click on your ad is taken into account. In Google local service ads, however, the number of leads you receive is considered.

Those who fail the background check cannot join the Google program. Background screening partners can be reached by the company or its employees to fix problems or talk about background check results. A company must wait 30 days before they can re-apply to Google after fixing any problems and getting a final rejection. All subsequent re-applications must wait 180 days after a second denial.

You can enroll in Local Services Ads and become a Google Guaranteed firm after completing the verification process. The Google Assurance builds your online reputation by assuring customers that you have been screened and approved by Google. Google will refund up to the amount paid for Local Services Ads services, if a customer is displeased with your work, with a lifetime cap.

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