How to Increase B2B Sales with Content Marketing in 2020

Content Marketing

As the tough time of lockdown gets over gradually, and we move to the more relaxed phases of unlocking, every entrepreneur must know about the ways to boost B2B sales.

Amongst different tools that will achieve higher sales, content marketing is an effective tool. How will the strategy change become a great tool in achieving it during the coming months? 

It is better to get a quick look at the changes happening around before getting into the details of content marketing.

Changes expected in 2020 for B2B marketers

In the article “Predictions 2020: The CMO Role Must Expand And Evolve”, Forrester talks about the sea of sameness.

In this article, he says that an essential element of marketing strategy will be customer experience, referred to as CX.

In another article by Think With Google, it is mentioned that CMOs will be prioritizing to achieve digital maturity in 2020. 

Another prominent focus area will be consumer interaction. Harnessing data will be instrumental in making customer interaction personal, meaningful, and relevant.

A legend amongst marketing publications, Forbes also underlines the relevance of customer interaction, cultural relevance, trust-building and emotional connection in the article, “The 20 Most Important Pursuits Of Next Year’s Winning CMOs”.

Changes expected in 2020 for B2B marketers

b2b marketing

What is the most critical challenge in a B2B environment? Of course, it is the alignment between Sales and Marketing functions. 

Content marketing will fill the gap effectively in the coming year. We have seen a tremendous improvement in content marketing in recent times. It has matured, and the use of it has touched new heights.

Those who adopt content marketing have experienced several benefits such as higher output and better digital presence. 

It is important to note that it is not sufficient to adopt content marketing to reap big benefits, but it is equally important to involve in content creation and distribution as well.

Progressive organizations have done it with the help of their sales team. The salesforce helped in mapping content in every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Experts say that in the coming months, more sales organizations will participate in creating as well as distributing content.

Thus, a better synergy between the sales and marketing teams will be visible. Companies that have adopted content marketing already will see a remarkable increase in B2B sales during this year and later.

There was a survey conducted by LinkedIn and CMI (Content Marketing Institute) for 1000 B2B marketers in 2018. In spite of being two years old data, it still holds good. 

Looking at the statistics of 208 B2B marketers in the North American region, almost 60 percent of organizations who had better coordination between sales and content marketing increased content marketing budget.

On the contrary, only 35 percent of companies increased content marketing budget where the alignment between sales and content marketing was not up to the mark.

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Boost B2B sales using content marketing in the year 2020

The blog talks about seven important aspects to take B2B sales at higher planes.

Only quality content will give a boost to organic search results

You ask any digital media expert about the tricks to increase organic search results, his suggestion will be to develop quality content. 

As the search engines become more intelligent in developing advanced algorithms, they rank the website in a better manner. Three things will denote the standard of the content- quality, relevance, and recency.

Likes and shares are significant as well.  The content quality and a number of shares are related things actually. People share content more only when they find it reliable and meaningful.

Your website will get linked to high domain authority only when you produce quality content without fail. The originality of the content is also considered by search engines.  Gone are those days when keyword stuffing was the key to success. 

Nowadays, black hat practices are recognized immediately, and the website gets eliminated and blacklisted. 

Therefore, it is a wise idea to hire Content writing service bangalore to develop quality content. 

Use Gated Content to generate more qualified leads

It is very much possible to use gated content with a web form, some examples are research papers, eBooks, and white papers.

You can enhance the complexity of the webform by using adequate filters. 

For example, a few more questions can be added with the basic business card info. 

You will have to understand the content consumption pattern

In 2020, it is important to offer relevant content by understanding the pattern of its consumption. In short, the efforts need to be targeted and specific. 

Marketers will have to understand each subset of the audience. For each subset, there has to be sufficient content. Then only, customers will be engaged regardless of the stage of the buyer journey. 

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Use of content to reduce post-purchase dissatisfaction

In spite of doing a lot of research and comparison before buying a product, post-purchase dissatisfaction is inevitable. 

Most of the time, it is not because of the product but due to inappropriate post-purchase service. 

Experts say that nowadays, people do not bother about switching to another product because the cost of switching has come down. 

Therefore, it is all the more essential to retain the existing customers instead of winning new ones. Retaining a customer is a collective responsibility of account management staff, sales team, customer supports staff, and marketing team.

When they engage with the customer through meaningful and engaging content, trust gets established. People find the product valuable. 

To make the relationship livelier and warmer, you should share product-related information, new updates, and release. The customers are supposed to be updated about the services that support the purchase decision. 

When the engagement becomes constant with the help of new content, case studies supporting the product, by publishing leadership articles, and so on, the possibility of customer retention goes higher. It becomes easy to upsell products or services. 

It is a well-known fact that happy customers are the best advocates. They can market the product or service much better than an expensive advertising campaign.

Satisfied customers will come for a repeat purchase. Not just that, they will bring ten new customers as well by their recommendation.  

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Take online reputation at higher levels in 2020 by amplifying content

When people give reviews and remarks about the product or service, negative comments are bound to come. In the current era of online review, it becomes quite easy to say negative without revealing the identity.

However, it is not a good practice to hide or delete unfavorable comments, reviews, or remarks. 

The better approach is to answer the negative remark as soon as possible. Do social listening effectively, 

In 2020, it is essential to generate effective content to demonstrate thought leadership and command over the subject. 

Try to amplify the positive remarks as much as you can.  You have to distribute good customer feedback using all possible channels. 

When there is a ratio of 10:1 for positive and negative feedback, people do not bother it much. They consider the product or service overall good. When the online reputation becomes positive, people find the brand more trustworthy.

It is needless to mention that it will result in better sales over a period. 

Your sales and marketing team will get benefited by content

So far, you have been thinking that the relevance and use of the content are for the end-users only. Of course, it is but it will be helpful for the sales and marketing ecosystem as well. 

In 2020, content marketing will influence B2B sales greatly if you make use of it. A company that focuses on business considers each member of the sales team as an internal customer who achieves the sales targets. 

The internal customers could be an in-house sales team, channel partners, outsourced salesforce, resellers, and so on.  Even your customer support team and marketing team also falls into this category. 

It is quite obvious that each member of these teams will not have the same level of knowledge. Also, they may not be updated about the latest updates or offerings. 

The value propositions of the company are also not known to many of them. They do not know what competitive products or services are offered by the competition. 

It is the reason; prospective customers get different descriptions of the same product by different people they interact with.

It happens because of the communication gap. What is the fundamental reason behind it? It is due to a faulty content strategy. Not only the content is created in silos, but it is not being distributed well.

In the year 2020, companies need to focus on targeted content creation and distribution. Timely distribution is important. And you will have to do it across all channels.

In 2020, companies are required to work on content marketing metrics

Industry experts believe that the key differentiator in 2020 will be analytics.  Companies that have been making use of analytics will perform better. 

Why will be analytics so much important? It is because it will facilitate marketers to change marketing strategies quickly. It will also help B2 marketers to know about the content consumption patterns. 

What are the components of consumption metrics? They are page and video views, social media, content downloading, and so on. 

Assessment of content pieces can be done using shares, likes, pins, and retweets. Once this content consumption metrics are established; it becomes easy for people to design retargeting campaigns on separate platforms. 

When you get high-quality leads, they will convert into more sales qualified leads, and subsequently, more closures. 

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