How to rank in Organic Popular Products Listings in Mobile Search

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Google made a significant move of opening up its organic mobile shopping search results in unpaid listings for retail and product-related searches. Google amp up its eCommerce search with a new organic search feature called “Popular products”. The move has taken by Google amid the COVID-19 crisis that has triggered the global economic slump and makes most of the businesses to lose their viability. Consumers over worldwide now turn towards the internet for all the purposes of products and services due to the virus-related lockdown. You can develop the perfect optimization strategy for your business with technical SEO and various checklists.

What are Organic Popular Product Listings?

The organic Popular Product listing is a new feature introduced by Google to make shopping easier. It is similar to shopping ads the new ‘Popular Products’ section highlights various products based on organic traffic searches or search queries such as ‘winter coats’ and ‘denim jackets’. It helps you to shop for apparel, shoes, and similar fashion products using the listing. It includes the product grid of six products with the option to see ‘More Products’. Users can also able to use filters to refine the products shown and to pick style, department, and size they want.

How do Popular Products Listings work?

The popular product listing provides the user with detailed information about the product. Users can click on the product to learn more about the product on a Google-hosted product page that includes,

  • The images of the product
  • Links to the retailers of the specific product (Links show the name of the retailer, listed price and available colors, sizes and more)
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • The grid of ‘Browse similar products’ at the bottom

The users click on a specific retailer link and are taken directly to the product detail page for that product.

How to rank in Popular Products?

The Popular Products feature relies on product feeds and product schema that are the tools used for shopping campaigns and rich results.

Google Merchant Center

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This tool helps the retailers to upload the store and product data. It allows product visibility for both paid and organic results. There is no need to buy ads to use this tool. You have to create a product feed with all necessary product information and upload it to Merchant Center. Some of the product details that are needed for your feed include title, id, description, link, image link, price, brand, gtin, and also recommended to feed the availability details that indicate whether the item is in stock.

Schema markup

You can also add product schema to your product pages and should fill some of the properties like image, name, reviews, aggregate ratings, and offers. It is also recommended to include the brand, description, stock-keeping unit (SKU), and global identifier properties as well. You should optimize your product for Popular Products listings to rank higher.


How to optimize for Popular Products?

Some other important considerations may increase your rank to show up in the Popular Products section. It includes having keyword-rich product titles, reviews, pricing, description, and other options. To make your product visible higher in the Popular Products section you should consider hiring best digital marketing services they help you in digital marketing and design purposes as well.

Product titles

Just like the regular SEO, it is essential to have keyword-rich titles for your product that will help you rank higher in the Popular Products section. Keywords are terms that the users are searching for on Google when they want to buy something. You should target those keywords in your product title that have a high amount of searches and low competition. The practice of keyword stuffing into the title may harm your product’s ranking. You should be well aware of how to optimize your product title with keywords that help you to reach and connect with customers.

Product reviews

Most of the customers are reading the reviews before deciding to purchase the products. Reviews should give customers genuine product feedback from other shoppers. Your business needs integrity and credibility to sustain your loyal customers. The credibility is built by the positive reviews of the customers. The more positive customer reviews help your business to improve the rankings in the search engines. It is important to audit the process of how you are submitting a product review snapshot or the aggregated reviews across different retailers when the product can be available on multiple websites to Google.

Product pricing

Pricing is one of the most important factors to rank higher in the Popular Product listings. You should set the price of your product competitively that may help increase impressions and click-through rate (CTR) and most specifically for the brands that are competing with their own resellers. Pricing is the most essential thing that always helps to optimize for clicks. The price of your product should be cheaper than your competition as you get a great chance of ranking higher as per your click-through rate.


The product description is also important that plays a key role in rankings in the Popular Product listings. A well-thought keyword or key phrase rich description helps to find by more customers and it results in your product to rank higher in the Popular Products section. The long-tail phrases or keywords are not able to cover in your product title so that you can use the information on the description as they help you optimize your clicks.


Pricing is certainly an important factor and next to that you have to optimize many options of your product when you are competing against multiple larger retailers. It is important to have some additional colors, sizes, and many more that can help you set apart with the competition. You should consider displaying the features of the product in a detailed point that include keywords is a good idea to increase the conversions.


Google made a broader effort to enhance product search experiences as the competition increases from many other marketplaces as well as social platforms. The Popular Products section helps small retailers as it focuses on items the users search for and not the seller who sells them. You can optimize your product on Popular Products section by hiring the best Web development company who offer different services click on the given link to know the different services they offer.

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