How to Extract Text from Images: Best Tools and Methods

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Extract Text from Images

Extracting text from images or scanned documents has become a most common task for certain applications. There are different image to text conversion tools and methods available that lets you scan, recognize, and extract text from your existing images. No matter whether you require digitizing printed documents, fetching text from photos, or just aim to make scanned texts editable, this post will assist you greatly.

Keep reading to explore a few best images to text converters and methods that quickly make extraction for the text and provide simple guides for each.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Tools

OCR tools are primarily used for recognizing the text within images and turning it into actionable and selectable text format. In this context, we are shortlisted some of the best OCR tools available for your convenience:

Google Drive

This source offers an integrated OCR feature that assists you to grab text from the existing image files. It is indicated as the convenient option if you already proceeded with the Google services.


  • To start, add you image file to your Google Drive account
  • Simply right-click on the image file that you added and choose the “Open with” > “Google Docs”
  • The text extraction process will be done automatically by Google Docs and you will get the converted editable text

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is one of the super-fast note-taking applications that works as the best image to text converter along with OCR capabilities.


  • Start with adding image into this OneNote notebook
  • Choor “Copy Text from Picture” by making a right-click on the image
  • You will see that the newly extracted text of image will be entirely copied to your clipboard, all you need to paste it to your designated area of text editor

Online OCR Services

There are different online OCR-based services that offer a swift way to extract text from images without any hassle. Keep reading to explore the best image to text converters:

It is one of the best and easiest to navigate online OCR services that does not require any huge human intervention to convert an image to text. The great thing is that this online tool supports different image formats:


  • Move to and start with uploading your image
  • Choose output format from word, excel, text, or more and click Convert
  • Right after OCR process is completed, download the extracted text in your desired format


As the name reveals this is an online service that offers different file conversions, it offers free images to text converters that make text-extraction within no time.


  • Open browser and type “”
  • Navigate to its image to text converter and start uploading images into the designated area
  • Click Convert
  • And, download the converted or extracted text into your system storage


Get a free and reliable image to text converter from this OCR (Optical Character Recognition) online service. The batch processing enabled by this source, add multiple images or scanned documents and let this tool make text extraction from all at once.


  • Visit > > image to text
  • Add one or up to 20 image files at once and crop/rotate as your preference
  • Click Convert and wait for a while till this photo text extractor proceed with OCR conversion
  • At last, Copy or Download All converted files into your desired text format

Mobile OCR Apps

Mobile OCR applications are the best and convenient option for users who want to make a text extraction on a go:

Adobe Scan

This app with OCR not only assists you to make scans for documents, but also extract searchable and editable text.


  • At first, all you need to make installation for the Adobe scan on your mobile device
  • Launch the application and choose “Scan”
  • Now, it’s time to capture an image from which you need to make extraction of text
  • This OCR-based image to text converter app will automatically process extraction and provides the actionable text

Microsoft Office Lens

It is another full-fledged and powerful mobile scanning application that is packed with OCR features for text extraction.


  • Install MS Office Lens OCR app on your phone
  • Launch this application and make a selection for the “Scan” option
  • Then, simply take a photo from which you want to make text-extraction
  • Once the scanning is completely done, simply tap on the given “Edit” button in order to extract and edit the text

Desktop OCR Software

If your preference indulges with comprehensive OCR text extraction, then you ought to proceed with these desktop-based OCR software.

ABBYY FineReader

Get this top-of-the-line OCR software that lets you proceed with all possible OCR processing, even its support for multiple languages and advanced text extraction.


  • Make an installation for this desktop OCR tool on your PC
  • Launch this program and make a selection for the “Open Image” in order to choose your image file
  • Now, you just require to make a click on the “Recognize” button for extracting text
  • Finally, just make a couple of clicks to edit and save the newly recognized text


Readiris is another convenient and best OCR software for you that supports multiple images and output formats with certain editing options:


  • To start, you first have to install Readiris on your PC
  • Open this software and make a choice for the “Import” option to load your image
  • Then, make the selection for your preferred output format and also the recognition language
  • Very next, just click on the “Recognize” button for extracting and editing the text


Luckily, these tools and methods are at your disposal, no matter whether you want to extract text from images, printed documents, screenshots, handwritten notes, photos, and more. With these quick image to text converter assistance, you can easily copy and download the extracted text without any formatting distraction. Good Luck!

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