6 Innovative Logo Design Trends for 2022

Businesses are recognizable by their logos. Incorporate the trends below into your logo designs.
Logo Design Trends

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The Relevance of Brands Since the beginning of the notion of branding, there has been a logo. With the growth of online marketing, logos have become even more significant as the visual expression of a company. Logo design trends evolve with time, and we’ve seen a wide range of graphic design styles utilized in logo creation.

Several worldwide companies used the year 2021 to re-brand, establish leaner corporate identities and set the standard for future logo design trends. Here, we examine the most important logo design trends of 2021 and forecast the designs, logo color trends, and logo font trends that will define logo design in 2022.

On today’s blog, we’ll learn more about the biggest creative trends for 2022.

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What Logo Design Trends Are Huge Right Now?

Several large corporations have attempted to bring simplicity into their corporate identities this year. In 2021, Burger King, Peugeot, Renault, and Pfizer all rebranded with a cleaner, simpler style.

What is the cause for this widespread trend toward minimalism? Many firms want ultra-simple designs that may be utilized as an app or social icons. So, logos design trends that work well in the digital arena are a top concern.

Although digital logo design trends have pushed for simplicity, these new patterns must nevertheless be extremely flexible for print and packaging. Other branding logo trends are making their impact in different ways alongside the minimalist logo trend. Gradient logos have been popular for a long time, and they look great on packaging.

Golden ratio logos

We’ve also seen stencil logos develop as a sub-trend, giving usually standard type logo designs a whimsical hide-and-seek vibe.

In 2022, is there a logo design trend we’d like to see go away? In the lack of extra text, confusing abstract symbols that are overly ambiguous and bizarrely cryptic have been popular for app icon design.

However, as Google has proved, pictograms and ideograms are not necessarily user-friendly. Expect to see fewer logos that make you scratch your head. The reason being major corporations prioritize simplicity and clarity above abstraction in their brand identities.

The Most Important Logo Design Trends for 2022

The way major organizations approach their branding initiatives will continue to be shaped by digital developments in logo design. Consumers will increasingly connect with brands—often exclusively—in the digital world following the pandemic. The way a brand appears on retail signage is likely to be less important than how it operates as part of an app animation.

With this in consideration, the minimalist logo design trend and icon creation is only expected to continue through 2022. Abstract symbols will be replaced by instantly recognized monograms, and a combination of minimalism. Nostalgic branding will be one of the major logo trends, leading to a surge of bright logos that merge 90s character with digital simplicity.

What are some other logo design trends to keep an eye on? Tropical, juicy color will deliver a much-needed dopamine dosage for lackluster logos. According to worldwide design firm Pentagram, and we can also expect to see increased usage of serif and ligature type shaping the face of logo font trends in 2022.

Logo Design Process

The following are expected to be the most popular logo design trends in 2022:

Continue down to learn more about each logo design trend. Also, uncover templates and fonts to assist you in developing your own logos. Get advice on how to establish outstanding brand identities in 2022.

  • Juicy Color
  • Elegant Fluid Type
  • 90s Nostalgia
  • Simple Serif Type
  • Minimalist Monograms
  • Photo Overlay and Totemic Logos

Types of Logos and the Way to Use Them

Juicy Color Logo

Who says simplicity and vibrant color can’t coexist? The Juicy Color logo design trend is defined by a bold use of tropical, ultra-bright color in conjunction with otherwise conservative logo forms like basic serif type and minimal line logo designs.

While the 90s Nostalgia movement stresses comfort and familiarity, this logo design trend amps up the color dial for greater thrill and immediacy.

Is this someone to emulate? The National Gallery of Art’s re-imagined brand identity is a perfectly tuned blend of academic serif and fun-loving color. This creates a virtual visit to the gallery feel more like an approachable experience than a rising expedition.

A complementary palette of luscious, juicy colors with a tropical feel should be used instead of a total-neon palette (which is very 2020). Lime green, Pepto pink, mango orange, and sunny yellow are just a few examples.

Juicy Color logo

Elegant Fluid Logo Design Trend

Consider sweeping a calligraphy pen through oily water in a casual manner. You’ll have a good notion of the aesthetic of this logo design trend, however fancy. Elegant calligraphic type logos that are flowy and languid are becoming increasingly fashionable in the high-end retail industry.

The sheep emblem and type logo of English knitwear firm HERD is designed in a flowing manner. This kind of logos relates to the brand’s legacy and longevity.

Elegant Fluid Type

Despite a few independent labels in the high-end apparel industry that may have sparked the trend of logo designing, we can anticipate seeing it spread across a larger spectrum of industries in 2022. Such industries are notably those promoting environmental or traditional values.

The sole criteria are that the entire logo seems flowing, liquid, and ethereal. These logos may be created using ligature or unconnected fonts. The typefaces listed below provide a quick way to achieve the graceful flowing type style.

Elegant Fluid Logo Type

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90s Nostalgia Logo

This logo design trend, which is in line with a broader trend toward nostalgic marketing in branding and design, aims to provide customers with a sense of comfort and familiarity after a strange year.

Burger King sparked the trend this year when it unveiled a dramatic revamp based on the fast-food chain’s original 1990s logo. Designer Lisa Smith chose a leaner, more minimalist approach over an exact recreation of the previous style.

How to Launch a New Logo ?

The curving, cartoonish letterforms have been removed, but the vintage essence has remained. This makes the logo feel more accessible, ‘tasty,’ and paradoxically more contemporary than the previous version.

burger king logo

You may use 90s nostalgia in your logo designs in 2022 to make your branding more friendly and welcoming. Look for a mellow color scheme, chunky, cuddly fonts, and basic yet characterful drawn icons.

Retro Rooster logo

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Photo Overlay and Totemic Logos

As logos become more and more ubiquitous in the digital realm, they are no longer restricted to the small space provided by traditional business cards or letterhead.

Logos have greater potential to combine with other branded material as part of websites, videos, and applications. This makes them a more adaptable tool for digital designers.

The re-branding of Peugeot, a French automobile company, in 2021 is an example. The monochromatic shield design, a simpler, more ‘upmarket’ version of the company’s lion insignia, is utilized with greater freedom throughout the company’s digital platforms.

The shield becomes a stand-alone clickable button, and the ‘PEUGEOT’ font is twisted and flipped into various orientations to give landing pages a sense of movement and confidence.

Lions of our time

Combine a simple icon design with a photo that has a similar orientation to make your own logo overlay. Animal-based or figurative designs perform best, giving brand photos a mystical character.

Animal based logo

This logo design trend may give websites and videos more edge and energy, as well as integrate the brand more thoroughly into marketing campaign material.

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Serif Type Logo

The Simple Serif Typestyle is stylish and modern, and a fantastic basis for developing logos that will stand the test of time. It builds on an overall fondness for type-based patterns that have characterized logo design trends for the previous several years.

The simple serif font is an understated logo design approach that works well with Juicy. It generates attractive, pared-back logos with effortless flair. Subtle serif typefaces, sometimes known as the Little Black Dress of logo styles, provide an understated aesthetic for firms looking for timelessness and practicality in their designs.

A monochromatic serif type logo may make organizations appear more established and powerful when it comes to corporate branding. However, these plain typefaces also provide a calming counterpoint to strong, 90s-inspired color schemes. For a pleasant rather than pompous look, seek fonts with modest serifs and rounded open letterforms.

serif type logo

Minimalist Monograms Logo

Consider the broad sense of dismay, followed by open outrage, that surrounded the updated icon designs for Google Workspace in 2020. In summary, Google designed a succession of app icons that were confusingly identical to one another in an effort to achieve uniform basic branding.

Fortunately, you can reclaim your old ones.

Is this a case of simplicity gone wrong? While Google’s attempt was admirable, there’s much to be said about too abstract symbols’ ineptness on mobile screens. Icons for apps must be readily identifiable and distinguishable from others.

This is where the minimalist monogram comes in. Monograms and ‘lettermark’ logos are composed entirely of type, frequently offering the viewer a stylized rendition of the company’s name. Pentagram, a well-known design firm, has produced a monogram emblem for TradingView, an online financial platform.

The monogram is both absolutely simple and recognizably readable, being geometric, hefty, and slightly iconographic (the circle element blinks in motion to create a reference to ‘View’).

Even though monograms are among the most basic logo ideas, ensuring proper elegance is not always straightforward. Fortunately, these designs can provide some ideas for creating attractive, basic monograms that are easily recognizable and function well as app icons.

Embossed Monogram


Balance and simplicity are essential for a business logo that performs well in both print and digital mediums… so don’t be hesitant to include some fun!

Numerous branding design themes flow and go, but we’re starting to realize a logo design trend more toward timeless corporate logo designs, whether it’s a basic and elegant serif type logo or an ultra-minimal monogram.

That isn’t to say that there isn’t room for experimenting. The wave of fluid, aqueous type logos that made waves in high-end retail in 2021 is expected to bring seamless, sinuous beauty to brand identities around across platforms in 2022.

Post-pandemic, nostalgic logos with a reference to 1990s design will provide customers with a sense of familiarity and warmth. Also, combining logos with photographs or videos may make logo designs feel more effective and connected with larger marketing initiatives.

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