Jootoor Designs Supports Small Businesses & Meet Their Goals During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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Here at Jootoor Designs, we are committed to being a reliable software technology partner. We work on graphic designweb design, SEO, logo design, and more for companies of all shapes and sizes! Today we want to give a special highlight to the small businesses that we work with!

Here in India, small businesses drive local economies. The favorable business environment and fantastic staff allows small businesses like us to excel here in Bengaluru! Also, India has a culture of entrepreneurship that is unmatched around the world! In a 2017 survey, the Times of India found that 83% of all Indian citizens want to be an entrepreneur — the highest rate in the world! Our employees embody the solution minded aspects of the entrepreneurial spirit, all of which is recognized by our many satisfied clients.

One way that you can assist small businesses across India is to leave them a rating or review on their online platform of choice! If you are looking to support your local neighborhood dhaba, leave them a review on Yelp! Want to support your favorite restaurant? Leave them a review on Tripadvisor! If you’re trying to support your favorite B2B service provider like ourselves, leave them a review on Clutch — our preferred ratings and review platform!

Clutch is a small business’ best friend as it helps you to connect with other businesses as you look through directory pages.


We’re glad to be listed amongst the top firms on Clutch, with a stellar 4.6-star average! In a recent 5.0 star review, a graphic designer for a locality specific educational platform praised our web development work!

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We’re honored to work with small businesses across India and the world! Small businesses can also use this time to work on developing their digital backend. Now is the time to engage with your business and its IT infrastructure so that you can emerge from these tumultuous times stronger than ever. When you are ready to begin and take your business to the next level, please contact us and we are here for you!

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