Lakshadweep Vs Maldives: Which Island Would You Pick?

Lakshadweep Vs Maldives

Lakshadweep Vs Maldives

Many people have canceled their vacation plans to the idyllic island of the Maldives as a result of the intense dispute between Lakshadweep and the Maldives. More people are picking Lakshadweep over the Maldives during the holiday season, despite mounting demands for a boycott.

With subtle hinting, these are two well-known locations that stand out for their enchanted beauty. Thus, this is a helpful comparison between the two captivating islands in the middle of the ocean, Lakshadweep and the Maldives. For your next holiday, however, you will have to decide between luxury or cheap travel arrangements.

Best Places to Visit in Lakshadweep vs Maldives

While exploring this tropical paradise, consider which destinations are better to visit: Lakshadweep or the Maldives! Although Lakshadweep is made up of 36 islands, 300 of those islands have resorts and private beaches where visitors may enjoy themselves to the fullest.

We are here to talk about Lakshadweep holiday spots versus the Maldives! Let’s begin with Lakshadweep.

Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Here are some of the top locations that you shouldn’t miss when we begin our exploration of the island of Lakshadweep!

1. Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island is the one location that is worthwhile visiting while discussing the nicest beaches between Lakshadweep and the Maldives. An additional feature that puts the cherry on top of the island is the large number of lagoons. Many have been anticipating visiting this lovely island and enjoying a pleasant time spent there.

2. Kavaratti


Among the top destinations to visit in Lakshadweep compared to the Maldives, it is a natural marvel in every way. Here, you can engage in a variety of water sports and adventure activities to enjoy some time in the great outdoors.

Make sure to make the most of your trip to Lakshadweep by packing for a fun-filled day here. There’s something pure about this place that can’t be found anywhere else.

3. Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island

For those who love the outdoors, it is like a haven where they may unwind in Lakshadweep. There, the white sand beaches provide a mystical atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing with views and cocktails.

Additionally, if you are here to engage in water sports, don’t pass up the opportunity to experience the exhilarating activities of scuba diving and snorkeling.

Places to Visit in Maldives

Maldives is a well-known tropical island where guests can naturally enjoy their luxurious private resorts’ aquatic life. These are some of the top locations to visit in Lakshadweep compared to the Maldives while you’re there as well.

1. Mahe


It’s a stunning city with towering structures around and a well-known Islamic mosque. Additionally, as both Lakshadweep and the Maldives are well-known travel locations with stunning beaches, you cannot miss the nicest beaches in any place.

Here, you may also partake in exhilarating water sports that are daring! Prepare yourself then for an unparalleled amazing encounter.

2. Maafushi


Among the Kafu Atoll, it is yet another well-liked location. It is highly well-known for its immaculate beaches and Maafushi Prison, where the majority of visitors go to pass the time. Here, the abundance of water sports has drawn a lot of guests and created a wonderful environment for them.

Not only that, but take pleasure in your quiet time while strolling down the beach, tanning, or doing anything else. You should absolutely travel to this tranquil setting and enjoy some quality downtime.

3. Hithadhoo


Who could forget this breathtaking picture-perfect location, spanning 5.3 square miles and situated in Addu City? When visiting the Maldives, this stunning location is a must-see.

To ensure that you have the best possible time, make sure you have included this beauty in your schedule.

Best Time to Visit: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Searching for the top vacation spots between Lakshadweep and the Maldives? However, you need to learn more about the best time to visit the same. One of the main draws for people to visit these locations is their tropical climate. Additionally, you should schedule your trip based on whether you want to have an exciting or relaxing holiday.

The Lakshadweep islands have an average temperature of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, which is pretty pleasant there, whereas the Maldives have an average temperature between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius.

In comparison to Lakshadweep, the best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April, however for Lakshadweep, the best time to visit is from December to March! Additionally, you can engage in some of the most enjoyable adventure activities in Lakshadweep.

Therefore, plan your trip carefully to get the most out of your time off. This can be your chance to enjoy yourself to the fullest and have a great time.

Geography & Location: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Let’s begin by examining their respective geographic areas!


  • A collection of thirty-six coral islands known as Lakshadweep are located off the southwest coast of India in the Arabian Sea.
  • The islands are well-known for their varied marine life, lagoons, and coral atolls.
  • Lakshadweep’s capital city is Kavaratti, and the group of islands is roughly 32 square kilometers in size.


  • Over 1,000 coral islands make up the 26 atolls that make up the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
  • It is located southwest of Sri Lanka and India, occupying an area of around 298 square kilometers.
  • Malé, the capital of the Maldives, is situated on one of the atolls.

Means of Transport: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Since you can only bring bikes and bicycles for tourism, you would find it difficult to get around the Maldives. However, there is always the opportunity to hire them at any resort or guesthouse. The nicest part is that you can use them without charge and explore the island at your leisure.

Ferries and speedboats are the primary modes of transportation; they can also be used for tourism.

Since there is poor road connectivity in the Lakshadweep islands, ships are the most accessible mode of transportation for all people. Therefore, the ships, speedboats, and ferries can all be used as a means of transportation here.

Therefore, if you are a visitor, make sure you avoid any misunderstandings regarding the same and follow the routes with ease with assistance.

Visa: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

This is a crucial consideration while deciding between Lakshadweep and the Maldives for your vacation destination. Therefore, a 30-day visa is granted upon arrival to allow visitors to enjoy themselves, but there is no requirement to obtain a visa in advance to enter the Maldives.

In addition, a valid passport with a six-month validity period and an MRZ (machine reading zone) is needed for your treatment.

Indians also benefit greatly from not needing a visa. However, a visa is required for all foreign visitors to enter the captivating island. Furthermore, the duration of stay in India determines the validity of the visa, which ranges from 15 days to 6 months.

Thus, before visiting the location, make sure you have done your homework and study. With only one click, you can make your ideal vacation a reality! Move forward and compare the ease of access to Lakshadweep and the Maldives.

Average Budget: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Anyone looking to compare Lakshadweep with the Maldives should be aware of the typical budget needed for each location. Making the necessary preparations and researching the costs of traveling with you is necessary if you want to enjoy your trip without any hesitation.

So let’s see how much fun you can have on your trip, taking into account your subjective travel budget. However, these suggestions should help everyone choose between Lakshadweep and the Maldives for their vacation destinations.

Average Budget for Maldives Vacation

  • The average cost of a flight is approximately INR 30,000. To take advantage of the best discounts and bargains available, book your round-trip ticket for each couple at least 30 days in advance. Additionally, this is the average cost of the flights; nevertheless, you can receive some incredible savings to simultaneously reduce the cost of your vacation.
  • The usual cost of lodging: A double room in a deluxe hotel would typically run you between INR 7000 and INR 10,000 if you stay at any resort or guesthouse. Furthermore, where you choose to stay throughout your holiday is up to you. So, picking your lodging is entirely a personal decision.
  • The price of your daily meals will start at INR 1000 and vary based on the number of meals you eat and the kinds of food you consume.
  • The daily cost of sightseeing is INR 4500 and goes up depending on what you decide to do for your holiday.
  • Other expenses: INR 5000 is the starting point.

Thus, an average expenditure per pair would be approximately INR 17,500 OR 3790 MVR.

Average Budget for Lakshadweep Trip

Let’s examine the costs associated with your trip to Lakshadweep. Make sure you select the appropriate options for the vacation you require that is affordable.

  • The typical price of airfare: The round-trip airfare for a pair would be approximately INR 12,940. To take advantage of the best discounts and offers, book 30 days in advance.
  • The typical cost of lodging: You should budget between INR 2,000 and 7000. Additionally, you might select from a variety of villas, resorts, and guesthouses based on your budget.
  • The price for the day’s meals starts at INR 300 and goes up from there according on your personal preferences.
  • The average day cost of sightseeing would start at about INR 2000 and go up from there.
  • Other expenses for the day: INR 3000

Therefore, a couple’s average day’s expense in Lakshadweep would be about INR 7,300, which is less expensive than the Maldives. You can then decide the trip you want to take during the upcoming Christmas season and establish your budget.

Shopping: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

The Maldives offers many possibilities for shopping, including clothing, regional delicacies, cosmetics, home goods, and delectable Maldivian food. Therefore, the Male local market and Majeedhee Magu, which may satisfy all of your temporary shopping needs, are two of this tropical island’s most popular attractions.

While there aren’t many attractions for shoppers in Lakshadweep, Agatti Island, Kavaratti, and Minicoy Islands rank well in this regard. You can also bring fish biscuits, coconut oil, and powder if you’re here, as these are some of the main items that people buy from the marketplaces.

Therefore, the Maldives can be a fantastic spot to satisfy your shopping desires.

Currency: Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Maldivian Rufiyaa, or MVR, is the name of the money used in the Maldives. Since the Lakshadweep islands are a union territory, the primary source in this case is the Indian rupee.

For the currencies, the calculation would be 1 MVR = 4.63 INR.

Differences between Lakshadweep vs Maldives

1. Accessibility:

Thanks to flights from Mumbai and Kochi, Kerala is comparatively
more reachable for Indian travelers. However, because of the region’s ecological sensitivity, access restrictions are in place. With a wider range of international flights and no need for a visa for numerous nationalities, the Maldives is a popular travel destination on the planet.

2. Infrastructure for Tourism:

A wide range of budgets can be accommodated by the well-established tourist infrastructure in the Maldives. It is appropriate for different types of travelers, with everything from affordable guesthouses to opulent resorts.

Even with the steady expansion of its tourism infrastructure, Lakshadweep manages to hold onto its more rural character. Though space is limited, reservations must be made in advance.

3. Cultural Factors:

Lakshadweep is primarily a Muslim region with strong Indian cultural influences. Tourists can take part in local festivities, cuisine, and customs.

The cultures of the Maldives are distinct due to their impact from South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Traditional crafts, dancing, and music all showcase Maldivian culture.

4. Exercises and Outings:

There are many water sports available at both locations, but Lakshadweep’s dive sites are becoming more and more well-known, while the Maldives is known for its top-notch diving locations.

Lakshadweep offers chances to go island hopping and discover the customs of the locals, while the Maldives shines at offering upscale resort experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Lakshadweep islands are tranquil and serene. Indians can easily visit the untouched tropical paradise. Magical beauty on the island is affordable.

The scandal began when three Maldives Ministry of Youth Affairs deputy ministers, Maryam Shiuna, Malsha Shareef, and Mahzoom Majid, insulted India.

Tourism issues prevented Lakshadweep from attracting more visitors. However, they have been adding private villas, cruises, and other pure luxury for travelers.

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Travelers left Maldives for Lakshadweep due to boycotts. Comparing islands promotes luxury versus budget travel.

Lakshadweep and Maldives are attractions. Water sports, beaches, and outdoor activities are popular in Lakshadweep’s Minicoy, Kavaratti, and Kadmat Islands. Hithadhoo, Mahe, and Maafushi offer Maldives beauty and water sports.

See Lakshadweep December–March and the Maldives November–April. Compare Lakshadweep ship use to Maldives accessibility.

Maldives requires a 30-day visa, whereas Lakshadweep does not. Lakshadweep is cheaper for most.

Maldives’ retail and financial variety is rising. A study found differences in accessibility, tourism infrastructure, culture, and tasting activities between the cities.

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