Pastel Color Palette For Logo Designs

Know the combination of pastel colors and learn what suits best for your logo!

The trend for pastel colors is not only growing in the fashion world but also in the marketing world. The popularity of soft-colored, pastel logos is rising! muted pastel color palette are pleasing to the eye and have a soothing impact. A pastel logo design gives your company a bright, playful tone.

Colors have an immediate influence on our moods, did you know? It has been shown to be capable of simulating a wide spectrum of emotions. With this blog, I aim to add a little more color to your life.

Today, I will be talking about something that is both visually attractive and generally adored: the Pastel Colors Palette, which is a safe bet.

What are the industries that can make the best use of pastel colors?

Pastel hues are appropriate for enterprises in the wellness, photography, wedding, flower design, and cosmetics industries. They are popular among bloggers and bakery entrepreneurs, as well as event-based and child-oriented companies! Not only is that, pastel colors are apt even for brands that manufacture skin care products and Dessert shops.

Let me first define Pastel Colors.

Women will have accurate knowledge about colors, as they say, women have the tendency to recognize more colors when compared to men. Pastel colors are soft, subdued hues that are frequently linked with spring color schemes. Pastel colors include lilac, light blues, lemon yellow, and powdered pinks. Still don’t understand? Imagine Macarons and tiny eggs!

Experiment with a multi pastel color logos palette now, and we can’t wait to see all of your lovely creations. Jootoor Designs is all set to guide you in this colorful pastel logo-making journey. Call 91888 16888 TODAY!


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Pastel Color Combination

Looking for some pastel color ideas for your logo? Today I will be covering a few of them for you.


With a logo, don’t be afraid to use a variety of vibrant pastel hues! Look for complementary hues and choose no more than three to avoid overpowering the eye. Brit & Co, a lifestyle brand, have a colorful pastel logo that complements its vibrant brand.


Pastel logos don’t have to be bright and cheerful! You can go with a more muted pastel style that fits your business better. To create a unique pastel style, subdued tones can be combined with playful bursts of more vivid hues.



This entails selecting one pastel color and several tones, both light and dark, to generate contrast. Bermuda is famed for its pink sand and pastel-colored buildings, thus a pink pastel logo were a logical choice for Bermuda Tourism. The logo employs several shades of the same color to express exactly what you’ll find in Bermuda: a lot of pink!



It might be difficult to combine colors palette. You may create a dynamic pastel color palette unlike any other by sticking to two primary hues and adding a third as an accent. Consider the pastel pink, yellow, and green colors used by Olipop Soda to brand its distinct soda varieties. Truly relevant!



A little burst of pastel is an excellent way to liven up a brand. Soft hues contrast nicely with neutral backgrounds. For example, The Blue Robin, a prenatal yoga studio, made the best use of pastel pops in their logo design.



What first comes to your mind when you think of pink and purple? Yes, they are the colors representing women. In the infant sector, a highly feminine combination of soft pastel pink and purple makes for beautiful logos. This is also a fantastic color scheme for beauty and cosmetic companies!



The color combination of pink and turquoise is unmatched for logos. Seriously, any combination of those two colors will work. If yours is a dessert or an ice-cream brand, then make the best combination of this duo. People will surely understand what it represents? Strawberry and Pistachio flavored ice-creams! Your label shouts summertime fun!



Green, in whatever form, is associated with nature, and pastel green is no exception. It frequently seems calm and offers us a sense of appreciation for the environment around us in a logo design. It represents development and regeneration, making it suitable for a design that focuses on life’s journey.



The color blue evokes sentiments of tranquility, loyalty, and confidence in a company. The combination of soft pastel blue and white or mint-green creates a really beautiful logo. Pastel blue, like pastel pink, is an excellent choice for baby shower invitations and new baby announcements. It may be used in birthday cards or invites to reflect the innocence and purity of a newborn baby boy.



The colors of the warm pastel family go nicely together. If you’re having trouble coming up with the correct colors for your logo, start with a single object—like a peach—and work your way from there! A basic peach is loaded with hues and tones that complement each other wonderfully. Nature is a fantastic source of color inspiration; all you have to do is pay attention or contact Jootoor Designs for creative logo designs.


Pastel Colors Palette

light seasonal pastels
light seasonal pastels


pastel spring seasonpink blue pastels setrainbow pastels color

Create an apt logo in pastel colors today!

Pastel colors seem to remain in the design trends for many years. Bright colors can appear vivid or sticky at times, while pastel hues are almost always suitable. Use these color tips to start creating your own designs on a pastel background. For more color and logo design assistance, collaborate with Jootoor Designs today.

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by this pastel color palette discussion and allow us to create something genuinely beautiful for yourself and your company!

Jootoor Designs not only make your brand look colorful, but also assist in creating a brand that makes your business journey successful. They do so by offering the best Branding services in the industry! Now, you know what needs to be done next.

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