Brand Name

ALPS Mining Services PVT. LTD.

A minimalist and meaningful logo design is what a brand like Alps needs. They are in the mining business and want to go global in the future. We decided to blend the flavour of mining with a smart and classy brand image. The category obviously demands a logo that is bold, user-friendly, easy, and strong. We combined the miners’ tool, i.e., an axe, with the letter A (the first letter of the brand name) in a clever way. It went well on marketing materials, stationery, and any surface.

When you plan a business, you check and cross-check many possible aspects of it. You plan investments for minor and major categories. Let us remind you: branding is a primary and vital investment. So if you are starting a brand or business, be careful about branding.

ALPS Concept
ALPS Letterhead
ALPS Business Card
ALPS Mining Hat