shridevloak l


Our design presents two hands holding a lotus flower. The hands resemble to water-waves in its graphic form. Lotus stands for that flourish against odds, as lotus blooms in mud. It can be a person, a business or an idea. Lotus also symbolizes the opening of the mind. Unfolding of each of the 8 petals, signifies the 8 chakras. This magnificent flower is considered as the divine symbol of happiness, purity, innocence, awakening, faith and fortune. Our client, named Shridevlok believes in this ideology and holds these values high. Like the hands carefully hold the flower, Shridevlok protects the core values of the brand.

So when you need a significant, appropriate and classic Logo for your brand, do contact us. A professional Logo design not just helps your brand grow strong, over time it earns pride and prestige.

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