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RCB Logo Bengaluru

The Royal Challengers Bengaluru, or RCB for short, is a cricket team founded in 2008 in Bangalore, India. The team’s name reflects its origins: “Royal Challenge” is the name of the beverage company that established the team.

Royal challengers Bangalore logo

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

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Meaning and history

While Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) haven’t yet clinched the championship title, they’re a consistent force in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Established in 2008 shortly after the IPL’s inception, RCB has a strong track record, frequently finishing within the top five teams.

What is RCB?

Royal Challengers Bangalore, or RCB for short, is an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket team founded in 2008. Owned by the beverage giant United Spirits Limited, RCB has Sanjay Bangar at the helm as their head coach.


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The Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) logo reflects the “Royal” in their name with an ornate design. The team’s elegant color palette translates well across their three uniforms: the classic red and black, the alternative green and black, and even the unique blue kit introduced in 2021.

2008 — 2015

RCB Logo 2008

Unveiled in 2008, the Royal Challengers Bangalore’s first logo embodied grandeur. It featured a circular medallion with a wide gold outline. Within the center, a sophisticated gold monogram added a touch of elegance. The team’s name, written in black uppercase serif font, encircled the gold framing. Crowning the emblem was a majestic silver crest outlined in gold, showcasing a proud golden lion. To complete the royal theme, a striking silver, gold, and red crown sat atop the crest. This logo remained unchanged for the franchise’s first seven seasons.

2016 — 2019

In 2016, the Royal Challengers Bangalore underwent a logo refresh. The circular badge received a modern makeover, incorporating black into the color scheme. The redesign replaced the glossy silver crest with a prominent golden lion rampant, outlined in black for a bolder look. The previously used “RC” monogram was reworked, switching to a combination of white and gold with thicker lines for better legibility. Additionally, the entire team name inscription adopted a straighter and more modern serif typeface.

2020 — 2024

In 2020, the Royal Challengers Bangalore underwent a significant logo change. Ditching the familiar circular design, they adopted a bold new concept. The logo now features a vertically oriented black banner with a light gold lion rampant positioned proudly at the top. A striking gold arch separates the lion from the banner, which is underlined in red. Incorporated into the design is the city name “Bangalore” written in black capitals along the arch. Finally, the “Royal Challengers” inscription is set in two tiers of white serif capitals, adding a touch of elegance.


Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): FAQs

The RCB logo reflects the “Royal” part of the team’s name. It’s designed to be elegant and translates well to their uniforms, which come in classic red and black, alternative green and black, and even a unique blue kit introduced in 2021 (not 221).

The RCB logo has gone through three distinct phases:

  • 2008-2015: The original logo featured a circular medallion with a gold outline, a gold monogram in the center, and the team name written in black around the gold frame. It was topped with a silver crest showcasing a golden lion and a crown.
  • 2016-2019: This version kept the circular shape but adopted a more modern look. Black was added to the color scheme, the silver crest was replaced with a bolder black-outlined golden lion, and the monogram and team name font were updated for better readability.
  • 2020-Present: The most recent logo is a significant change. It ditches the circle for a vertically oriented black banner with a light gold lion on top. A gold arch separates the lion from the banner, which has “Bangalore” written in black and “Royal Challengers” in white across two tiers.
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