SEO Trends and Insights Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2023

SEO Trends and Insights Every Marketer Needs to Know

Although marketing and PR are constantly changing and evolving, SEO is considered to be their most consistently in-demand subgenre. Increasing the page rank of your stores or companies offering certain services by satisfying search engine algorithms remains incredibly necessary. So, the modern marketer simply needs to adjust to these realities.

However, following existing standards is not as difficult as predicting the features that will be in demand next year. And if you are a marketer or you are just interested in potential SEO trends, then do not despair — MasterBundles specialists have done a great job and have collected several insights that will help readers learn useful information.

In the post, you will see eleven trends, and most of them are continuations of current tendencies that must be taken into account and developed for your SEO strategy to be successful and give certain results. Let’s start!

Pay Maximum Attention TikTok SEO

When TikTok first appeared, few people were sure that this platform would become so popular and so embedded in the everyday life of the average user. However, already in 2019, this application surpassed Instagram as the #1 addon for sharing photo and video content. In 2021, TikTok already had 650+ million subscribers, and 60% of customers are from the Z generation, who tend to look for some data in this application, and not just in Google. The time spent on this platform is also amazing:

SEO Trends and Insights Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2023
SEO Trends and Insights Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2023
Global TikTok Overview January 2022 Data Report

So don’t ignore TikTok in your SEO strategy. Otherwise, you risk missing out on a lot of potential customers. Apply these tips:

  • Use hashtags to categorize your content to help your audience quickly find related posts and target words that are relevant to your brand.
  • Insert keywords in the description of the video;
    create video content that would be relevant to current trends – for example, let store representatives take part in TikTok challenges using branded products;
  • Create relevant content with valuable data — your videos should include not only ads but also niche information (tips, guides, reviews, comparisons) for those who are not yet familiar with your product.

Structuring Data Is Indispensable!

In general, structured data refers to information about a web page that has been tagged with RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, and other machine-readable codes. This may be completely invisible to customers, but this technique is designed specifically for search engines. It helps to understand what content is presented on a web page and how they are related to each other.

Data structuring will be a trend next year, so be sure to add data to your website code. If you do not do this, it`ll be difficult for the search engine to index the platform properly — thus, the chances that a client will stumble upon your brand when searching are reduced. You do not want to give away a potential audience to a company with similar products or services, do you?

Adaptation to Google`s Featured Products

Google recently tested the Featured Products again (it was first introduced on mobile devices in 2020) — and it seems that in 2023 it will be an integral part of the user experience on smartphones and PC/laptops. An organic panel with the top-selling products relevant to the query and their price on various platforms looks like this:

ruining shoes

All this leads to the fact that most likely users come not only to view goods but also to make purchases of the products they like right in the search engine results. Keep in mind that your products/services will be displayed next to similar ones, so it’s important not only to have GooglePay implemented but also to make sure that the visuals of your products look competitive compared to other stores.

Artificial Intelligence is a Real Hot Topic in Marketing

According to Salesforce, in 2018 only 29% of companies used AI marketing, while in 2020 this number increased to 84%. In 2023, this approach will probably become simply indispensable. There are different ways to implement this technology into marketing strategies, for example:

  • Chatbots that answer frequent questions from customers or provide access to certain data (order status, whether the payment was accepted, etc.);
  • Email automation;
  • Creation and promotion of personalized content on any scale.

A complete diagram of the current use of AI in marketing:

Machine Learning Diagram

Overall, AI is enabling companies to engage with their audiences more effectively by helping them make decisions based on data gathered from social media behavior, survey input, and web browsing history. Unlike traditional software, AI doesn’t just automate tasks or simplify manual work (although it can do both), but it can learn and improve itself as it works. This provides opportunities for additional growth for the business through increased efficiency and productivity.

Explore Deeper Analytics

It sounds too obvious, but never underestimate the importance of analytics. It was a trend five years ago, it is a trend now and it will be a trend in 2023, too! Professionals should use Google Analytics for getting information:

  • Determining the effectiveness of pages to mimic the most performing and update those that do not attract customers;
  • Tracking the search bar to get data about the most needed products and see if any products need to be added to the site;
  • Tracking mobile traffic to analyze engagement, bounces, and other nuances.

Sometimes the amount of data is simply impressive and it is quite difficult to process it. Therefore, it is imperative to use on-page SEO analysis tools that will simplify and speed up the process of collecting information.

Long Tail Keys Prioritization

Long Tail Keys Prioritization
Image Source: Search Engine Land

In this regard, Google’s VP of Search during the keynote speech at SMXNext pointed out that the use of long keywords and more precise queries is of great importance. According to the VP, “the search engine will become more exploratory” — Google will focus on more complex queries with an emphasis on long keywords. So marketers should prepare for this trend in 2023.

SEO-Optimized & Relevant Content Is Still the #1 Issue

In general, marketers can delve into the details and nuances all day long, but the bottom line is that we would not even have any information to analyze if we did not produce and publish content. And the trend remains the trend: the content should be as optimized and relevant as possible.

So, to achieve high positions in the search engine, you need not only choose stylish professional WordPress templates for your sites but also fill them with the best SEO-adapted content. It should be fresh & valuable, answer the consumer’s questions, or solve the problems that bother them. In addition, search engine algorithms like it when existing materials are fixed and supplemented — check out the materials on updating content, too.

Know Your Customer

SuperOffice recently asked 1900+ business professionals to share their priorities for the next five years. Pricing, Product, and User Experience were at the top, with the latter option receiving a record 45.9%.

top priority for businesses
Image Source: SuperOffice

Results like these are expected as business owners and especially their marketers want to know as much as possible about customer intent and user experience as we move into 2023. These two nuances should be in the first place when drawing up an Internet marketing strategy from the very beginning. And if you know who your customers are, what they want, and how they will search for your product/service, then you are more likely to win the SEO battle against your competing companies.

Voice Search Content Optimization

The next 2023 trend will allow us to stop missing out on much of the current SEO landscape — yes, we are talking about content optimization for voice search, which not every marketing strategy is implementing right now. This technique will not only increase your search engine rankings but also make your conversion rate better through improved user experience.

Don`t even think that voice search optimization is not as popular as text search. At the moment, in addition to smartphones and tablets with this built-in feature, customers often use other digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant — the degree of their use has grown significantly over the past 5 years. One of the largest surveys of 2020 showed that approximately 40.2% of US users use voice search daily.

voice search statistics stat
Image Source: Oberlo

It’s likely that in 2023 this figure will increase by a few more points. So marketers need to target keywords in the form of a question and keywords with a long tail. Optimization will also allow specialists to find questions that potential customers will have while searching for your products — be sure to add them along with the answers to your FAQ sector.

Adapting Websites for Mobile Devices

In addition to optimizing voice search, marketers need to think about improving the mobile experience. The number of sales through smartphones and tablets is growing steadily — just look at the statistics collected from 2016 to 2021:

mobile commerce sales 2016-2021
Image Source: Oberlo

For an SEO strategy to work well, mobile-friendliness must not be lost. You can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Tool to assess the current level. After analyzing the results, specialists should check that the site was created on adaptive code and framework and that it will automatically change its appearance when the client accesses the pages via a smartphone or tablet. It will not be superfluous to think about accelerating the loading of content through caching.

Quality Backlinks

And the latest trend for next year will be developing a perfect link-building strategy! This is still one of the key factors that will positively influence your site ranking through the search engine, so you should not even doubt the importance of adding backlinks. However, it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality, as Google places a lot of importance on the quality of the referring domain. Try to add links with useful and technically clean content. But links to spam and slow platforms should be avoided.

Our team hopes that the information about the likely trends and the most important points to pay attention to before the start of 2023 was useful. Remember the mentioned recommendations, apply them and also try Jootoor Designs digital services to increase your business effectiveness!

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