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Open’s neobanking platform offers everything from bulk payouts to automated accounting & all that’s in between – one account that covers it all


One of a kind online community for businesses
Easily connect, collaborate or crack a deal with other businesses

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Simple plans. Simple prices.

Pricing to match your needs – only pay for what you really need.

₹ 0Plan designed for Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • All-powerful Business Current Account
  • Simplified Payments
  • Smart Invoicing
  • Connect all Current Accounts in one place
  • Automated Accounting
  • Basic Accounting Reporting
  • Seamless Tally integration
  • Access to business loans
  • List your products or services on Open Hub
  • Awesome rewards with Open Circle
₹ 9,000 /yearPlan designed for Large Volumes
  • Everything under Free plan, plus:
  • Add unlimited teammates on Open
  • Quick Bulk Payouts
  • Founder One Card designed exclusively for entrepreneurs
  • Virtual & Expense Cards
  • Seamless Expense Management
  • Advanced Accounting Reports
  • International Payments
  • Simplified Payment Gateway
  • Exclusive Reward program
  • Efficient Email & Chat Support
  • Open Tally Plugin
  • Developer friendly APIs