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POWER OF A POSITIVE ONLINE IMAGE (Online Reputation Management)

The Reputation that you have is based on the trust and credibility that you have built with your efforts. With the power and expanse that the digital medium offers, as a brand your digital or the online reputation has the ability to make you or break you. Jootoor Designs ORM services Bangalore, works with clients across industries to build  strong and lasting impact in the market. When you are a brand, you and your products are interacting with customers on a daily basis. And it is only natural that not all customers will be happy. Digital media has given a very powerful platform to people to voice out their opinion when they want to express what they feel about a particular brand. With strategic online reputation management you can monitor your brand performance and counter any negative feedback in a constructive way. Jootoor Design is a leading ORM agency in Bangalore, that focuses in creating opportunities to promote the positives of your brand and highlight your strengths as opposed to your competitors.

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Building a resilient and progressive brand reputation

It is a dynamic market with scores of competitors fighting to win the customers. In the midst of such a crowded market space it may seem difficult to effectively build and retain your repute as the very best. Needless to point out that you cannot be the top of the ladder in every facet of the service that you offer at all times. There is bound to be a brand that will provide a service better than yours. But how you work around the challenges and negative comments to sustain your market superiority matters. Jootoor Designs works on a comprehensive plan that works not only on building a global brand that can sustain the ups and downs of the market but retain its positive image despite the variations.

ORM Services Bangalore, India

Whether positive or negative, online content will impact the performance of your business and you as a brand. We at Jootoor Designs, Bangalore work on innovative strategies to use the online platform to your advantage and convert the negatives into positives.

Our services are molded categorically to cater to your specific needs as a brand. We work in tandem with you to build a positive and influential online reputation for you. We are known for our strategic planning and implementation of our ORM services across industries that are devised to be extremely result oriented.


Connsidering how crucial the digital medium has become, Online reputation management plays a vital role in the success of a brand. Every brand should dedicate their attention to ORM if they want to maintain a positive vibe in the market and attract new customers while retaining the old ones.

The speed at which online content circulates globally is exponential. While this can definitely have a positive impact on your brand, the circulation of a negative comment or review can cost the brand dearly and impact its future plans as well.

ORM is not required only at the time when a negative review is impacting the business. Instead a regular monitoring of their brand online is required to curb any negative influence at the very stating point. Jootoor Designs, Bangalore, offers comprehensive service in Online reputation Management to brands with continuous monitoring and critical actions on any negative content that surfaces on the internet ensuring a 360 degree growth for the brand.


As a brand the foremost task would be to choose the right digital partner who offers you comprehensive services in Online Reputation Management. Jootoor Designs, a leading ORM service company in Bangalore, India, works cohesively with clients to understand the possible root cause of any negative online content and then strategize accordingly to nullify its impact on the brand.

Once the damage control has been planned and implemented the next crucial step would be to enhance the positive vibe of the brand in the market and this is best achieved by a systematic release of positive campaigns and content online. Accumulating and presenting testimonies of positive brand influence across the market is another impactful strategy that can help counter a negative influence.

Jootoor Designs ORM service agency, Bangalore, works on building the strengths of a brand by aggressively working on both damage control and implementing newer methods to build a resilient positive brand image.