Should you update your logo?

What in a logo

What in a logo?

Your business-logo represents your brand’s status. Amateur, professional, modern or outdated. So it is better to be careful with your logo before a wrong message about your brand, product or organization is conveyed.

A professional-logo talks about the product and your audience. Yes, a single icon can carry the hidden meanings, the core value of the brand, and the character of the organization. Think of the NBC logo. The subtle and colorful peacock in the logo represents pride of the brand and the six colors stand for six divisions of the brand.

How does a logo work?

A simple and minimalist logo creates a relationship between the brand and the individuals. A visually appealing logo easily registers in the mind of people. Try and think what you feel about some of the logos you see. Philips, Nike, Coco-cola, Toyota are some examples. For years these brand logos have earned trust, love, respect and loyalty.

As a brand you want to make some space in people’s busy bran. A recognizable logo starts the job. The more people remember and recognize your logo, the more stable your brand becomes. Think about apple, BMW, Volkswagen. It is difficult to forget or ignore the beautiful logos, right?

When to upgrade a logo?

  • There are some indicators that tell you when you should think of changing your logo. Designs developed a decade ago were modern and stylish then. But things change over time. Modern becomes outdated. To go with the time, you should look at your logo from time to time. And upgrade it.
  • Businesses evolve. Based on your strength and strategies your business grows, disrupts, and extends. So obviously the old logo does not reflect your brand anymore. This is an important turning when you must consider changing the logo.
  • Sometimes the audience you target, change. Due to rebranding, or change in product line the character of the brand changes. You should modify the brand logo or give it a facelift. And a professional logo designer can help you in this.

Frankly speaking there’s no rigid rule about when you should redesign your logo. But you must take a hard look at your logo and your senses will tell you if it’s the time.

The first impression matters. A logo is not the all of your business or organization, but it is the beginning of a positive deal. So you must understand the value of it when planning a business. The big and successful brands we see in the market today, spent time and money in developing an identity and promote it. And they continuously do it. It may take a few years before your brand becomes one of those, but start with consulting a professional logo design agency.

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