Surprise On Board for SEO IN 2020

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Surprises On Board for SEO IN 2020

We are just a week away from 2020, and SEO policies are looking for many surprises. Many of us might have already braced up themselves, but they’re a lot of surprises for you. We at Jootoor Designs, are ready to prepare you for 2020 through our voice search SEO company in Bangalore.

The most unprecedented thing about SEO for 2020 would be none other than Voice searches. Consider the following statistics that back our concern to steep growth of Voice search.

  • 31% of smartphone users spread worldwide use voice search once a week
  • 50% of online searches are expected to voice-based by 2020
  • 55% of U.S. households are expected to have a smart speaker by 2022

Surprises On Board for SEO IN 2020

Appearing on text searches would help survive the competition. The results achieved through voice searches would be a game-changer. Voice results through smartphone & desktop might help you land on the first page of google. Whereas future lies in the hand of smart speakers.

How to Dominate with SEO in 2020?

  1. Aim for Google Featured Snippet’s 
  2. Build Yourself a brand 
  3. Take the assistance of Amazon Polly on your website
  4. Optimise your website for mobile
  5. Study factors associated with Backlinko’s Voice Search

In the future when voice search takes over to manual search, people would hardly go for 2nd result search. In that time. If you aren’t the top position holder and appear on 1st result of voice results, there are various things that need your concern.

How to succeed in Google’s Voice Search?

Always aim for Google’s Featured Snippet

The moment we search for appropriate results on Google. Many times our queries are answered in the form of “Answer in Paragraph” or “List & Table”. This concise answers to our queries are none other than “Google Featured Snippets”. In general, these snippets are derived from the top 10 search results for the query generated.

As per research, about 40% of Google Home Results are contributed through featured snippets.

For Example, The moment we search for “How Do You Meditate”, the results we see comprises of complete information regarding meditation backed by images. The results can be so prominent that they can be backed by top results.

voice search

User is also provided with “YouTube Video’s” along with “People also ask for” section. Such featured snippets are very effective with respect to SEO purpose. It only provided the user with sufficient information to resolve his query. If the user is interested, he can follow up and learn more with clicking upon the link.

So there lie’s the prominent problem we are targeting. The user always relies upon the featured snippets and doesn’t need to click upon any of the results in the webpage. The user doesn’t even need to do his part of research upon various pages to ensure credibility of the answer.

Another prominent issue with smart speakers is that they don’t follow the same algorithm for results. The results obtained from “Google Home” vary significantly from the results obtained from “Alexa”.

Voice SEO will play a dominant role

Action Goals

  1. Diverge your focus to Long-tail-keywords. Try to forge content pieces with regards to questions for which answers your audience is looking for.
  2. Align your “Title tags” & “Headers” with the question associated with Keyword
  3. Answer to your question briefly. In general Google’s featured snippets lie between 4-60 words.

Definitely, these are good strategies for forging and creating new content. The secret lies in optimizing your old content. Your evergreen pieces and prominent blogs must be transformed in to answer your target audience query.

Well, if above help you get featured in snippets. The race is not over yet, the target is to lock it down. Efforts should be made to appear in each and every bullet listed below. Targeting only single snippet would make your position very volatile. A competitor can sway away your hard-earned position. So efforts should be such that, there leaves no room for competition.

Build Yourself a Brand

A significant amount of people lose their goals of success levels in SEO. Building yourself as a brand helps you build authority & trust for yourself. These both things play a crucial role in ranking your content by search engines.

As a brand owner, you always desire to have first page searches with your results. All the positivity with regards to your brand.

How do you Build Yourself a Brand?

Building yourself a trusted brand might be a little time consuming but defiantly a fruit-giving act. One must rather choose an Omnichannel approach for marketing themselves. Social platforms, Blogs & podcasts significantly add to your credibility. Google crawlers also attain more brand links for indexing. Which is a Win-Win situation?

One can also attain more links associated with themselves leading to enhancement of your brand. Social shares to your content and in-bound links generated through authority counting websites, help you significantly.

Action Goals

  1. Build and strengthen your relationships with your potential customers
  2. Reach out to influencers in your niche
  3. Call for experts talks to build yourself a brand more quickly

Install Amazon Polly on Your Website

Amazon PollyAmazon Polly is a speech recognition tool, helps your content read out loud. Many of us can find it as a WordPress Plug-in and very easy to integrate with our posts. Upon various user’s results, installation leads to enhanced dwell time by about 19%. At Jootoor Designs, we offer prominent SEO services for 2020.

Many users like to read their content, whereas many of us want to listen to our content. Amazon Polly, on the other hand, offers the user with the facility to read as well as listen to the content on the website. Your users will continue to listen to it’s engaging and answers to their queries.

Action Goals

  1. Optimise your content with the appropriate voice channel
  2. Try to incorporate short & practical solutions in the blog posts.

Optimise your website for Mobile

Do you still remember the earlier statistics we shared, of 31% of smartphone users spread worldwide use voice results at least once a week? Do you expect your webpage to be highlighted by google in spite of not being mobile friendly?

One can easily check, for their website possibility on successfully standing on Google mobile-friendly test. Here is an example.

Optimise your website for MobileIf your site fails to pass the test, all you need to do is to make certain adjustments. If you have CMS like WordPress to run your website, try for a new theme. The layout to the theme must be so that, it effectively reconfigures itself on varied screen sizes.

Action Goals

  1. Keep your paragraphs short( In general 2-3 sentences would do wonder)
  2. Break your text into a number of headers. A clear content offering efficient scanning
  3. Judicious use of Bullets and numbered.

If you are, facing any issue to munch out a Creative-SEO friendly content then try to outsource the work with prominent Jootoor Content Writing Services in Bangalore. While optimising content, care should be taken choosing a well researched 2500 words article compared to 500 words breeze articles.

A well-researched article can do significant wonders whereas small 500 words article insufficient to scratch the topic would fail to leave any impact. Content is very much like an Investment and if you do it right, you would be able to successfully recoup the money invested over the time.

Study factors associated with Backlinko’s Voice Search

Backlinko has been a prominent name in efforts associated with voice SEO. Recently under its recent research of about 10,000 Google Home Searches, it came under radar various prominent factors have been associated. At Jootoor Designs, we assist brands to grow through our SEO Services in Bangalore. Some of the factors which implicate on eh coveted spot are as follows:

Action Goals

  1. Page Speed: It takes about 4.6 seconds for an average voice search result page to load, which is 52% faster compared to an average page. 
  2. HTTPS over HTTP: HTTPS accounts in more than 70% google home results. 
  3. Social Engagement: On average, a voice search result holds around 1199 Facebook shares and about 44 tweets. 
  4. Word Count: On average, a voice search result holds around 2,312 words, which is slightly higher compared to that of Google which stands at 1,890 words. 
  5. Reading Difficulty: On the basis of results, an average voice result is written in the 9th-grade level.

Well, there are a varied number of information and studies to be considered in order to ace the SEO battle of 2020. Let’s conclude with the prominent takeaways from today’s blog and modify your voice SEO strategy.




Voice search is all the way braced up for the coming decade and would be a big deal for SEO in 2020. There is for sure of significant time consumption in rising ladders of ranking, but that would entail you with the “Right Keywords”. Along with it would create a need to optimise the prevalent content accordingly.

The team at Jootoor Designs is all braced up with its SEO Agency in Bangalore to welcome this revolutionising change. The time is today before it gets too late. Well, paving way for oneself is q treacherous task, rather than sliding oneself in the position with no significant competition.”

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