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Over the years, the meaning of logos and their target have become more important to businesses and the impression they hope to make with them. However, the element of surprise is hidden with the most aesthetically pleasing logos. The logos that tend to capture us, care mesmerizing and memorable.

When a logo is represented in a target audience, it is not just any kind of logo. It is the face of the company that conveys a message to those it is meant to reach. Compellingly, this message pushes the target audience to think of the product or services needed when shopping.

With all of the clever logos created all over the world, the best ones are always the ones with a hidden meaning embedded in the design. With surprise, the audience tend to like these designs because of the meaning or the business message. For many businesses, this is benefit that draws their target audience as well as those who may have never considered the product or service offered by that particular business.

Check Out the List of the Many Logos Below that Carry a Hidden Meaning

1) Bird


Bird logos are good examples of a logo sending messages with the design. The letter “B” is usually shaped like a flying bird. This is a good way to attract many new consumers as well as the target audience.

2) Cafe Click

cafe clickWith this logo pertaining to casual environment of the use of PC in a shop, the cursor symbols are represented on a cup of coffee.

3) Amazon

AmazonThe famous logo is a logo that has become extremely popular and represents its hidden meaning perfectly. This e-commerce mega giant is telling its audience, that everything from A to Z is sold. The message that captures the target audience joins the two letters, giving the consumer relief that they can find anything they need. Karl Lagerfeld, a famous graphic designer, once said that, “Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English- but are great in remembering signs.” Amazon has created the perfect logo for business branding and showing others how to brand.

4) Circus of Magazine

Circus of magazinesAnother unique logo design, is the circus of magazines design. This design earned a fast and adored reputation because of its brand as an online magazine marketplace. Unique business logos, such as the circus of magazines logo, tend to work well, depending on the audience.

5) Sonny Vaio

SONY VAIOStanding out from all the others, Sonny Vaio, cleverly attracts the right target audience with the “VA.” Known as Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer, the “IO” in Vaio stands for binary code 1 and 0. Your unique flare can happen perfectly if you are wanting to give your startup a boost.

6) La Tour De France

La-Tour-De-FranceThe great meaning behind this logo involves the sun being formed behind the letter “O,” looks like a cycle wheel.

7) Continental

CONTINENTALCleverness continues with the Continental logo and the tire shape of the “C” and the “O.” The hidden meaning of the letters is hidden in a very smart way. Logos that are created in this way are meant to make an impression.

8) Formula 1

One of the greatest logo examples is the Formula 1 logo. The number 1 is hidden in the white space between the letter “F” and “THE.” For a unique logo like Formula 1, you can always go to the online logo maker, to make your own logo.

9) NBC

NBCThe well known broadcasting logo of NBC was created in a smart and beautiful way, with the peacock. After the logo was created, NBC became more known with the slogan that ran with it, that said “proud as a peacock.” The slogan, which ran in 1980 was one that captured the attention of the viewers, bringing in more viewership because of the the logo and slogan.

10) Goodwill

The Goodwill logo is one that carries a caring and beautiful hidden meaning with the letter “g,” is created with a smile. This carries the meaning that customers always leave happy.

11) Backspace

The backspace logo was created in such a way that it makes those who see it want to erase the mistake and correct it. Even though this logo is one that is simple, it stands out because of its uniqueness.

12) Barcode

This logo is one that is different from others, because the barcode looks like it is on the wine mug. The description of the company is given with the darkening of the word, “Bar.” With this logo, the audience is given a strong message of what the company hopes to deliver.

13) City Direct

Business travel is the message given in this logo, with an airplane shape in the white space. The airplane brings the intrigue of this logo together, by connecting the letters, “C” and “D.”

14) Half

This logo have become popular because of the way it has been designed. Like the name of the company, the logo is cut in half.

15) Iron Duck

Shaped like a clothing hanger, the Iron Duck is a logo worth appreciating.

16) Yoga Australia

Created in a very smart way, the map of Australia is noticeable with the bend of the woman’s hand, hip, and leg. This logo has grown to be one of the most famous around the world.

17) Elefont

The letter “E” stands out with logo, because the elephant trunk looks like the letter “E.” This also lets the audience know the company name.

18) Families

The families logo is represented with an interesting take on family, with the letters, “i, l, and i,” representing the man, wife, and child. This logo, brings a strong emphasis on family. With a logo like this one, you can have a strong drive towards your small business.

19) FedEx

Acknowledged as a great logo with a hidden meaning, the letters “E” and “x” has an arrow in the negative space. Speed and precision is what is supposed to be represented in this logo.

20) Killed Productions

To represent smoking as being bad for your health, the Killed Productions logo, expresses how smoking can make you sick or kill you. The seriousness of the health risks of smoking is represented with the letter “l.” This letter shows a dying or sick person, which brings much intrigue to this logo.

21) Mosleep

Treating people with a sleeping disorder, Mosleep is a doctor’s organization. The letter “M,” shows the shape of the bed, which gives the audience a vision of what the business stands for.

22) Twins

The number 2 appears in this logo, as it appears as the letter “N.” This logo shows the strong bond of twins, which is why it is popular.

23) Mr. Cutts

Forming a face with glasses, the scissors in this logo, fits the business and what it represents perfectly.

24) Pencil

The letters “i” and “l” is a smart way of representing a pencil. Smartly, the element of Illusion portrayed sends the message that is supposed to be sent.

25) Push the Bottle

From inside of the bottle of this logo, it looks like a hand is pushing a button.

26) Sushi

An impressive and creative logo, the letter “H,” is used in a way that makes it look like the chopsticks are picking up sushi.

27) Wine Searcher

A bottle of wine is shown in this logo in the shape of eyeglasses that look like binoculars, making it an intriguing logo for those who are interested in pursuing their love of wine.

28) Airtime

Along with the color capturing the audience, the hands in the clock is also captivating, because it represents the company and what services the company offers very well.

29) Catch Me!

This logo is truly unique because of the falling man is crying for help. It is a logo that truly stands out and is completely memboralbe.

30) Zip

One of the best logos that shows creativity with a hidden meaning, is the Zip logo. The zebra-shape of this logo gives the audience the vision of how it makes zips.

31) Black Cat

The letter “C” of this logo gives a different kind of feel with the cat’s eyes that are in it.

32) Bee

To make the logo stand out, the designer shows the flare of creativity by placing a swarm of bees around the letter “B.”

33) Web Girls

Making a girly logo look beautiful in the most unique way, this logo, is presented to the audience with the cursor and the dot above it, making this logo pleasant to look at.

34) Invisible Agent

The tie in the hidden in the middle of this logo, makes it a very clever creation.

35) Night Golf

The designer of this company was smart with the creation of the golf ball being shaped like the moon in relation to the name of the company.

36) Found Customer

With a missing puzzle part representing a human, the designer really set this logo out from others. The company name is represented, with the company providing the illuision of a customer being found.

37) Book Cover Cafe

The logo gives book lovers a relaxing vision of what the company provides, with the book being placed in the form of a coffee mug.

38) Bird Love

Love is expressed in this logo with the letter “B” and “L” being shaped into a heart.

39) Moon

With the letters being shaped like the moon, the audience are able to see different stages of the moon in this logo.

40) Boxsit

There are different angles of a chair, which also turns into a box. With this logo, the target will see the different dimensions of a box.

41) Cloud Corner

This unique logo represents the company name and brings a different perspective of how a different meaning to a logo can intrigue an audience.

42) Code Fish

Providing many computer tools, Code Fish is justified because of the tools used on the computer.

43) Crowd

With raised hands in the background, this logo was created to present a crowd of people and togetherness.

44) Doghouse Brewing

Customers that are targeted with this logo, is supposed to be made to feel that they are put in the “doghouse.”

45) Ocular Ink

This logo stands out magnificently, because of the drop of ink and the pair of glasses, which represents the company very well.

46) Wiesinger Music

Giving the shape of the piano keys, the designer created a visual of company, by using the initials to say what the company provided.

47) Fly

The message of flying is given with the letter “F” in this logo, being in the shape of an airplane.

48) Dolphin House

With the very bare minimum design, this logo sends a message in a big way, with the dolphin’s flipper in the box.

49) Coffee Night

The crescent moon of the logo formed in the foam of the cup, speaks the name of the company and tells the audience what the company will bring.

50) Egg

With a logo like Egg, creativity can become a very easy quality to bring. This logo was created with the two letter “g’s,” being in the shape of eggs, which tells the audience what kind of company it is.


A website, used to make the audience crave the most delicious food, this site takes photos of various types of food. So, to get the audience more intrigued by photos, the logo has the shape of a lens, that looks like a plate. Unique designs like this continue To broaden the minds of business owners.

52) Handy Dog

The name of the company is explained through the logo, with a hand forming the silhouette of a dog. This is a logo that explains that the company comes with a handy group of people.

53) Wine Forest

This logo is mixed with meaning and uniqueness, with wine bottles being shaped with the image of trees or a forest.

54) X-Mas

A different look at a Christmas logo, this logo brings something more up to date, with a Christmas tree inside of the letter “X.” This is a logo that will catch the attention of anyone.

55) King Fish

The name Kingfish is represented with the four fish being in the crown.

56) Uptown

This logo is represented with the rooftop houses with the shape of arrows pointing Upwards.

57) Coffee Cup

An appreciated logo, fumes make up the coffee house letters. A cup design make up the CUP letters.

58) VinoPiano

The designer created this logo in a very beautiful and elegant way, with a piano being hidden between the image of wine glasses.

59) French Bakery

Standing out from the crowd, the letter “F,” is shaped like a loaf of bread. This logo is one of many that brings a new understanding to creativity.

60) Next

The letters “E” and “X” were used in a creative way to form an arrow inside of the logo. This is a great design technique to follow if you are wanting to create something simple and sleek.

61) Seeds

Sprouting little seeds make up this logo and makes it stand out from others.

62) Pause

The Pause Fitness World logo was created in a way where the letter “u” in the word Pause was incomplete. This logo gives its target audience a visual of how there is no pause when getting shape.

63) Portrait Photos

A simple logo, the silhouette of a man can be found inside of the camera.

64) Steps

This logo is made different from other logos, with the letter “E” being made into stairs.

65) Freedom

With a different take on the word freedom, the letter “M” is moved a little away from the rest of the word. To make the logo even more beautiful, the part of the letter “M,” is a flying bird. The logo gives a take on what freedom means to the designer and the audience.

66) Infinite Love

Infinite love is brought into the meaning of the this logo, with two joining hearts.

67) Drop

The letter “O,” is dropped to make this logo more recognizable by the target audience.

68) DoDo Grill Restaurant

With the grill being shaped into a meat skewer, this logo continues to inspire other logo
designs with the company name “DoDo,” being created into a skewer shape.

69) Martini House

Created in an extravagant way, the Martini House logo provides the focus of a house with two Martini glasses surrounding the outside of it. This logo provides a strong, yet Intriguing look.

70) DG Fishing

The hidden fish in the logo between the letters “D” and “G” gives the audience visual of what kind of company this is along with the name.

71) Cloved

This company provides a cloud service and the unique design of this logo makes the company interesting for its audience.

72) Unlock

The visual of the company comes with letter “U” as unlocked.

73) Octopus Caffe

This logo has a coffee cup in the shape of an octopus. A unique and different design like this one can be created with drag and drop features.

74) Golf

One of the best logo examples, the golf logo uses golf clubs to bring the name together.

75) Cinema Cafe

A very unique look, the Cinema Cafe captures the attention of their audience with the beautifully put together film reel being molded into a cup of coffee.

76) Light Bureau

The yellow dot in this logo is what makes it stand out. It represents the light, while the rest of the logo is dark.

77) Cisco

With an interesting look on networking, many are left intrigued by the meaning of this logo, until the Golden Gate Bridge is pointed out in the lines as a reason why this logo Is different from others.

78) Baskin Robbins

Fun and joy is given in this ice cream logo, while the 31 flavors of ice-cream is promoted to the ice-cream lovers. The number 31 is playfully added to the logo, Between the letters “B” and “R.” The Baskin Robbins logo is a great example of how a fun logo can be capture a target audience.

79) Eighty 20

This logo has become one of the most admired logos in the world, with the blue representing the number 1 and the grey representing the number 0. A thought provoking logo, like this one can be created by hiring a graphic designer who will push the limits.

80) London Symphony Orchestra

Elegance was the inspiration behind creating the initials of this logo. The design of this logo is much like the music that is created; beautifully.

81) AG Low

In the shape of a floor plan of a home, this company has creatively found a way to depict their construction services by using its initials as a floorplan of a home.

82) New Man

With a different look at fashion, this French clothing company uses its logo to express to the target audience that it uses an innovative way to explore fashion. The logo further intrigues the audience by creating the logo in such a way where it can be read the same in an upside and downside way.

83) LG

This global brand has become known not with just their service, but the guarantee placed in the logo of them priding themselves to make every customer happy. With the smiling face of a customer being placed inside of the initials of the logo, this is one logo that pushes the promise of no one ever being unhappy with the LG products.

84) Unilever

This logo uses a very unique way to tell consumers what products are made by its company. The products made are placed inside of the letter “U.” This creative logo gives a fun understanding that the company tries to appeal to everyone.

These logo examples are cleverly put together in their own unique way. They all Have their hidden meaning for bringing in an audience who will have true appreciation of their product or service. Once you hire the right graphic designer, you are taking a step towards perfecting your business and all you hope to accomplish in it.

Wrapping It Up

Having a great logo for your business is something that is aesthetically pleasing. For many there is a love, appreciation, and respect for a business who provides an audience with a well created logo. Whether using the white space or creating the logo in a way where the letters create a beautiful symbol, logos that are well thought out by a business, will always find a sincere success with its meaning and who it reaches. However, the hidden meaning of the logo lies behind the design of the work.

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