The Importance of Having a Real Estate Logo For Your Real Estate Firm

real estate modern logos

The logo of a real estate business is its first impression on customers, and first impressions matter! The logo of any business or company is one of the most crucial and indivisible component.

A real estate business is a type that comes under a referral-based business. And these businesses require branding, to develop a company and play the long game. Its goal is; or should be; to create a marketable brand that people can like and trust.

The logo of a business plays an important part in serving as a visual reminder of a brand. A great logo depicts a business is the same way, and vice versa.

Mostly, creating a logo gets overlooked by real estate agents who use their respective broker’s logo instead of developing their own. But creating a logo is vital for long term referral marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about some facts and figures

  1. A realtor business is a referral-based business.
  2. About 10% of the population is moving each year.
  3. Most of the customers of a realtor business can refer them to at least one person/family that is moving.
  4. Our brain processes images much faster than words or text.
  5. Most of the information that we gather is transmitted to our brains in visual form.

So, can you guess where this is going? LOGOS, of course.

It represents a company’s appearance for people from just a look. They also are a form of advertisement!

A simple yet relatable graphic is more powerful than anything verbal or in text.

What to consider while designing a company’s logo?

Actually, there is no need to make a logo complicated. It can be something straightforward as initials of a company or simple with some basic shapes, figures, or images.

A real estate firm or realtor has to consider the below-mentioned points while creating a logo:

  • Shape of the logo
  • Choice of color
  • Images (if any) and their relation to the company
  • Initials or the name of the company
  • Motto, slogan, taglines of the company
  • Choice of font and style for text

Keeping these in mind is essential for designing a memorable logo.

What are/may be the advantages of having a Real Estate logo Designs?

  1. As explained earlier, a logo is a company’s first impression; that can turn people into potential customers and then customers
  2. A logo can help create a sense of belongingness in employees and also be something that they can take pride in
  3. It can help build the credibility of a company with customers
  4. It can be an alternative to using the company’s name while dealing with customers. In short, names can easily be forgotten but graphics are notable and are harder to forget.

real estate modern logos

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