The top 8 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2021

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When you start a business, your foremost goal should be on how to get those first sets of the audience to knock on your business door. For this, you may rely on the traditional form of advertising, for instance, newspaper ads, coupon mailers, or even those big boards on the roadside. No doubt, these kinds of promotions will drive the audience your way, and this kind of strategy surely going to bring a trickle of business in. But today’s digital market is not a small world, and reaching out to that enormous audience is not possible by relying only on the traditional ways of marketing.

This is where the real advantage of Digital Marketing comes in. It is not only cost-effective but measurable too. Digital Marketing helps you establish your business at the International level and assists you to understand the mindset of the global audiences. You can even track the responses of the people immediately, and based upon that modify your business strategy. Creating a better brand name will earn you loyal customers. Moreover, the money you invest here is by far less than you spend on traditional advertising methods. While these are just a few examples of Digital Marketing benefits, there are still many. But, today let us purely concentrate more on the most popular Digital Marketing tools.

This technical world is ever-changing, and it is a must for any one in Digital Marketing to keep them updated on the new tools. Hence, it is always recommended to use the best tools because we don’t want you to get discouraged if the results are not on par with your expectations. You can achieve your business targets only by utilizing the right tools, which make your campaigns easier and manageable. Keep reading to learn more, and do not forget to connect with Jootoor Designs for incredible and professional Digital Marketing services.


Digital Marketing tools

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Cost: Free

Can you imagine your life without Google these days? We bet you cannot! Google Analytics is the tool that tops the list of the Digital Marketing World. Not only it is reliable, but free too! It allows you to keep track of the organic traffic on your website.

Setting up an account on Google Analytics Account is as simple as your create an account on Gmail. Most importantly, remember to add a simple piece of code to your website, which performs the rest of the functions. Owing to, it helps you to determine the traffic your site is getting, where it is coming from, and where the most is getting diverted to.

With the help of the report generated by the Google Analytics tool, you can plan your campaigns and strategies.

Information about your SEO campaign like

  • Who visits your website
  • Time spent on site pages
  • Pages they visit on your site
  • How they find your website
  • And more

As for PPC, you can see important metrics like:

  • Clicks
  • Average position
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Conversion rate
  • And more

2. Google Trends

Google Trends

Cost: Free

The next on our list is again a product from Google. Oh.. Google is a lifesaver these days.. isn’t it! Google Trends is a tool if you are looking for something on the content marketing side. It lets you analyze the keyword performance, by giving you a report on how much traffic a keyword is gaining on Google.

This tool helps you learn which keywords are topping the list in your business circle and what industry people are searching for. Secondly, it mentions the best time a keyword performs on google. This information you can utilize and plan your writing. Better keywords mean more attraction for your website.

3. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

It is one more complimentary tool from Google that helps you fix issues responsible for slowing down your web application. In fact almost 83% of internet users expect a page to load within 3 sec or sometimes even less. For us humans, just 3 sec is just a negligible time, but in the world of the internet, a second is practically an eternity.

Furthermore, page speed is an important factor to drive traffic to your website. Hence, it is necessary to measure it. Just copy and paste your URL on the PageSpeed Insights tool, your page speed is displayed on a rank scale between 0 and 100 within a blink of an eye. This tool also displays suggestions on optimizing your page.

4. Ahrefs


Cost: $99 – $999 per month

When brainstorming keywords, Ahrefs has been considered the gold standard. It is one of those fantastic tools available that help you to make competitive analysis, and also analyze whether your content is up to snuff for search.

Ahrefs has many built-in SEO features like:

  • Search traffic estimations
  • Keyword research
  • Link prospects
  • Search Engine results in history analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • And more

The last feature i.e., Competitive Analysis gives you an insight into your competitor’s backlinks. This way it will help you understand which pages of competitors are performing well and which are taking a back seat.

5. Buffer


This tool allows tracking the performance of the account and managing the content on social media. In short, Buffer is a comprehensive management tool for social media platforms.

Consequently, it has a calendar feature, with which you can create your posts in advance and schedule a specific time. This way new posts appear through your social media accounts, even when you are working on something else.

Another feature of this tool, which is vital is that it gives a report on Return On Investment (ROI) and Conversion Rates.

 6. Trello


This is one of the familiar Content Management Tools used by most professionals. With this tool, you can easily keep track of various content assignments.

If there are multiple people working on a single content project, then this would be an amazing tool to use. In particular, it helps you record the status of where each piece of content stands. You can organize content using cards and create columns to show different stages of the content like “Needs Written” or “Published”.

7. Google Adwords

Google Adwords

This tool works on a pay-per-click model. It is one of the popular advertising tools from Google that helps you promote your business on Google Search Engine result’s Page.

Google Adwords hosts Google Keyword Planner, with which you can research which keywords to include in your content. Finally, after the proper utilization of this tool, more prospects are driven to your website.

8. MailChimp


Cost: $ 307

Every one of us knows that email marketing is one of the basic strategies of digital marketing. This tool is all at your assistance which automates and orchestrates marketing campaigns.

MailChimp is an excellent option for email drip campaigns. Additionally, it also offers integration with other SaaS companies. Ultimately, it helps you engage with your target audience efficiently and effectively.

If you are anticipating the best Digital Marketing assistance, then Jootoor Designs has an answer for all your marketing needs. Right from designing a Website design and providing you SEO optimized content, to branding, logo designing, and promoting your business on social media platforms, we do it all.

We at Jootoor designs track if your website is driving traffic and also integrate Customer Relationship Management platforms with your business which helps you track your sales performance. On the positive side, these tools can be of great help to track leads in real-time, which in turn influence your marketing strategies.

In essence, corporate, big or small, in today’s world depend on Digital Marketing tools and services to drive sales. It may sound dramatic, yet it is a fact. Hence, in this changing world of media marketing and technology, we recommend you make the best utilization of these tools and also, keep yourself updated regularly.

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